I can hear this meme

BTW, the puffer in that video was dying. It’s absolutely not cute.


Oh dang, I hadn’t seen the video until now. That’s pretty sadistic.


Yeah. Fish don’t normally make sound and don’t chomp down on carrots. It was drowning (but in reverse) and they just stuck a carrot in its mouth, and it bit down reflexively as opposed to wanting to eat it (it can’t even swallow outside of water because fish use water flow to do that). I found it sad, not cute, and people who think this vid is cute pisses me off.

Bonus rant because I love fish and they’re treated like objects by ignorant owners way too often: people are notorious for sticking fish in tanks that are too small, because if the tank was actually big enough for the number of fish in it, it would look too barren and not Instagram worthy. Glass tanks aren’t even that good a way to keep many species of fish fish because they tend to not like being too exposed and things being able to see them (not all are bothered by it, but many species are). More opaque containers or ponds are better (or just don’t have pet fish if you aren’t sure you can raise them in a healthy and enriching way, as with any pet). That’s another thing, give your fish some damn hiding spots! Large thickets of aquatic plants are best since they’re natural, but you can also use tunnels, upturned pots, those little plastic castles or pirate ships, anything is better than nothing! I know why you don’t, because, again, fish that hide aren’t good for pictures, but that’s their natural behaviour damnit! If you want an animal that constantly comes out to see you, get a dog. Finally, there are exactly zero species of fish that don’t need an active recirculation pump and filter. No, not even goldfish or betta fish. Get a damn filter and don’t forget to clean it/change the media regularly. Finally finally, don’t get your irresponsible toddler a fish unless you’re also okay with being an irresponsible fish hatchling’s pet.

carrot good, eat many carrot

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