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I’m ignorant on this subject. How are upper chambers elected usually?

Not surprised in the slightest, of course this was their endgame. They will make good fuel for the dying imperial machine.

One swoletarian would be enough to knock out this bourgeois asshole! Remember: without their money, they’re nothing.

They post a lot of random unrelated shit on the TrueAnon sub, really sus

I just did it and from the get go I’m seeing a lot more variety and no “lib cringe” type posts. A lot of topics are getting lost in the noise because I hadn’t seen them before, and I always scroll maybe the last 5 pages of topics every morning

Awesome! I second the motion of scanning them.

Is there any way to see users by number of posts? I can’t believe they have 3k posts already, must easily be in the top 10

Realpolitik makes strange bedfellows

Damn. Is there a better alternative for collaborating with a team? The issue is that at this point it’s almost a requisite for programmers to have a “github portfolio” with tons of commits.

Based as fuck. We got a certified professional Marxist in charge of the world’s largest economy

3.5mm plugs are literally 1950s technology, the manufacturing cost is virtually zero, instead now they’re including up to four cameras on some phones which are way more expensive and complex to install, take up more space and might be used less often than a headphone jack, so I don’t buy it. This is capitalists we’re talking about. The idea is that you’ll buy an overpriced adapter or more expensive wireless headphones instead. And you’ll replace those headphones more often because the BT Audio codecs will keep getting better (to achieve the same lossless sound quality as a wired pair) and the battery will die out.

My only pair of headphones is wired, I’m not rich so I only replace them when they break. These have a really flat response which is what I was looking for, and they were only $80 back then (still the most expensive pair I’ve ever bought, but way cheaper than wireless solutions).

Thanks. Finally someone said it. Since there’s no “lib cringe weekend” rule here it’s “lib cringe everyday” instead. We’re on our own website now, we should put all of that in its own board

They already did, even if it’s simple logic that poor people in the global south consume the bare minimum therefore their carbon footprint is insignificant, the media has brainwashed the masses to the point where they can’t reason that and instead go for “oh my god we are so many we must reduce the population but first start with the third world please”

Motherfucker says all the quiet parts out loud, leaving it really clear for the NATO apologist libs, in case they had any doubt. This guy is craving for WW3 and is cocksure the US can win.