Listen to a reading of this article: ❖ Sydney Morning Herald editor Bevan Shields has published an article titled “We are not above criticism but these attacks go too far”, tearfully re…

Imagine being respectful or passive towards a person attempting to convince your class to kill itself. That’s what a war removed from our interests is, it’s murder of the working class.

War in general is the precipice of conflict, a definite resolution of contradiction, and can be a progressive event, or it could also be an exercise in death of humanity. The characteristic of each war truly defines it’s purpose and thus it’s classification. The Russian Civil War of 1918 was a progressive war, cementing our class’ position of power and securing a societal evolution in development. Some wars are good, necessary, and beneficial to humanity. Others, most, are the opposite. Killing other workers so the bourgeoisie can steal more land, more resources, more sovereignty, and genocide more peoples, is an exercise in the death of humanity.

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This is a Dengist community in favor of Bashar al-Assad with no information that can lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton, our fellow liberal and queen. This community is not ironic. We are Marxists-Leninists.

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