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Haven’t had trouble with Moderna yet, on my 4th booster so far. I have had trouble with vaccines in the past, so my strategy is 30min before the shot to take an anti inflammatory pain killer of some kind, ibuprofen if I have it and can. Then eating extra healthy for a few days and avoiding fatty or generally unhealthy meals as well. It seems to help me at least, then extra spicy on food if I can.

When everything in life is circle consisting entirely of a simplistic idealist dualistic view of life and liberal economics.

Following a consistent schedule is big, do as much as you can the same every day. Then when lack of sleep or shit sleep messes things up continue on per usual much as possible, don’t take a nap.

For me I have to cut off food around 3PM or so, if I eat any later than that I’ve noticed its much harder for me to sleep. Also cut back or eliminate caffeine if you haven’t.

I dabbled in it for a time on Duolingo a long time ago, but I’ve since forgotten most of it, and I don’t like how gamified that app is now. Having a degree of fluency in Spanish made the learning curve very tolerable.

Pretty sure investigators have other means to get that information, depending how bad they want to make an example out of KF. KF for a while had its purpose of being digital blackshirts, but when they swatted that senator and the whole business in Ireland they just took it too far.

A little bit won’t hurt, I like to keep about a month of supplies on hand in case of severe weather like tornadoes or getting snowed in, or some other more personal and attainable ‘doomsday’ like economic hardship and injury.

I’d suggest getting things you’d eat and are reasonably easy to make, maybe some water/way to purify it. Beyond that maybe get some things to prepare for emergencies you’d see around you, floods, droughts, etc.

I personally wouldn’t go full doomsday prep the bunkers for 5 yrs, since if whatever happens is that bad you need people and connections more than you need supplies, assuming its even survivable.

Possibly. Going to be looking at this particularly sub lemmy some more, so it wasn’t common knowledge for me.

I’ve been trying to read more on it, the whole understanding something to stop it, problem is most of the books on fascism easily found that go over development of it/history are terminally liberal academics who go over details, make lists, but make a lot of material analysis errors and ultimately wouldn’t know fascism if stood before them and bit their heads clean off.

That’s the internet for you. I unfortunately don’t do much coding more 3d rendering and things, I dabbled in modding and got some of this treatment myself, projects are done for one’s own sake first then others.

People will always find things to dislike, there may be sound reasoning or not, it takes time to filter it well to not be a pushover that crumples to all criticism in a vain attempt to be loved, nor go the full other direction and be a grumpy unchanging god complex sort.

Its good to have more reddit alternatives with a low barrier to entry like Lemmy, I appreciate it. I think there’s still some confusion in the userbase at large over the whole federation concept though.

Almost everyone is familiar with Tolkein-esque orcs in the west and what they represent, so here is a caricature that denies the human character of a group of RL people. Propaganda 101.

Kitty is real mad, this is c/bossfights material.

Usually no, like full attention on what I’m reading. At most maybe some ambient stuff.

Seems like a neat idea, to try to play a game from each year.

More users more trolls, that’s how it goes. I saw a few Lemmy recommendations for tech on various reddit subs, so that’s where the demographics are coming from.

Upside is unlike reddit more chances for instigation without eating 15 banhammer accounts. Then again, tech types tend to be exclusively petite-bourgeois (if not outright bourgeois), but who’s to say we can’t rustle up a few class traitors with enough effort?

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Trick is to instead of put dishes in the sink, you bring dishes to the sink to wash. Eat then wash. No dish build up. Downside, you might catch yourself doing this at someone else’s house you’re a guest at and piss them off.

Back when I was in high school in the stone ages of the early 00s it was already running into trouble, and by the time I was in college for anything major-specific it was too broad or (as I said) oversimplifying concepts, so a bit of a risk, few lecturers by professors to the class on such things went students pointed it out. Anything research or even grad lvl it was totally and utterly useless. Still makes me roll eyes on some pages in the current year.

I don’t want to self-dox by specifying area, we’ll broadly say something in the life sciences that’s both highly specialized yet very interdepartmental. Idk the case for other specialties or areas, I’d imagine they’d have similar issues, perhaps not as terrible as the 2010s but still not good. For most laypeople, the intended audience of encyclopedias, this is probably acceptable. For true in-depth knowledge, there are no shortcuts.

Thought of another good one, for non-technical surface-level knowledge Wikipedia isn’t that great about foreign film information.

Few years ago quite a few CN films had bad propaganda-vandalism going on, notably Kalil Blues (thankfully been fixed, beautiful movie). Some wiki entries were as if whoever wrote them had never seen the film in the first place. Said films were so that regardless of language barrier anyone on 21st earth could shut off subtitles, maybe even picture in more dramatic cases, and tell what was written on the Wiki was not what the film was about. Did we watch the same movie?

You’d think the baseline for an encyclopedia would be at least that, but most people I know of for emergency purposes simply truncate the arts and media sections all together. It’s gotten better over the last few years there was well (controlling edits I’d suspect) or at least having entries in the first place.

Another more mundane film example would be a lot of Cantinflas’ films on the English wiki aren’t quite correct (last time I checked was a year ago, was curious about one of the actors) on events within the movie or famous lines/dialogue. Could be a case of randos altering according to memory alone, which we can all admit has its shortfalls.

I thought this was old hat, even when I was in school we were also told not to use Wikipedia as a source since nearly anyone can edit it and their credentials could be suspect, therefore the information could be as well.

Some areas have gotten a lot more scrutiny and are better than they used to be but are still bad (ex history and politics as others mentioned).

Science stuff on there is still rather superficial and over-simplifies a whole lot (issue that was there say 10yrs ago), but its a lot more branched out than it used to be.

For internet doomsday scenarios wikipedia is a nice rough reference rather than a definitive guide, it was never meant for the latter as an encyclopedia. It’d be a poor call to teach off it alone vs dedicated websites or various textbooks and so on.

Cats and dogs have the same tactic. Imo the best is when they start looking cute as they’re actively doing something naughty, like taking food off a human plate while they’re turned away. My aunt’s dog is a legend at it.

I try to avoid the sun when I can, sunscreen or long sleeves (assuming it isn’t like 1234 degrees outside).

I use moisturizing lotion on dry spots, use a more generic one for less trouble spots. A nice lil towel (or loofah as others said, I wish they sold the squash loofahs on a stick around here) with a little texture too it but not too much helps for showering, gets all the stuff in your pores out. Imo hot showers are drying, so I’d try to avoid doing that a lot. Extra moisturizers for the season if you live in a place with harsh summers/winters.

Because we do. Nice to have a break from the boring western standard and all its brain worms.

Pretty much this, and get to see all the theory discussion without risk of catching a ban or having to put up an email to access parts of the site.

Also really nice is the useful tech discussion without the HORRIBLE terminally bourgie lib user base places like reddit or hackernews have.