Lavenderism / Kamichakra
Our Doctrine And Beliefs
Our Doctrine: Basic Beliefs: 1) Belief in the kami. Kami can refer to spirits of objects, forest spirits, water spirits, nature, sky, and cosmos related spirits as well as various types deities and gods. This means paganism and animism. 2) Belief in Chakras. 3) Belief in Ancestor Worship and offerings to the ancestors, preferably through joss paper, incense, and water. Lavenderism begins with the ancestors, because they provide protection against curses, hexes, and malicious spirits. Other beliefs 4) Belief in Marxism-Leninism and the inevitable protracted people’s war (AKA Revolution). 5) Spells and magic 6) The Dao 7) Foreign gods 8) Foreign magic systems 9) Belief in a combined system of Karma. 10) Connection with nature. 11) Belief in vibrational metaphysics and the possibility of manifestation. ---------------------------- The Cosmology Of Lavenderism Within Lavenderism/Kamichakra, there is the upper world and lower world with the physical world being in between them. It will be described from top to bottom for convenience and to make it easier to explain. Tian is the sky realm, where celestial gods walk on clouds and fly in the eternal blue sky. Many deities are believed to be the king of this realm such as Buddha, The Tengri, or Brahman, but whoever you believe is the ruler of this realm is specific to your practice. This realm is full of pure positive energy and is home to celestial gods as well as spirits who have ascended to this level. The physical world comes closer to this level through positivity and positive actions and events. Ife is the land of the living, our universe and the multiverse as well. It is everything physical. The physical world is made of energy like the other realms, but it is condensed into physical form and we cannot as easily create like we could when we were spirits in the other lands. This realm is space and the cosmos, and here are nature deities, space deities, and Jagannath, who is lord of the universe. Yomi aka Hell is the land of the dead beneath us. It is illuminated by a blue sad sun that keeps the realm in a state of eternal twilight, where it’s not exactly either day or night. This realm is flat with various layers where different kinds of spirits roam, and to the sides are an infinite void where R’hllor builds onto hell from the edges. Various spirits clean and purify this realm of its negative energy, and animal spirits fight wars in this land. It’s complete chaos outside of the center, where the memories of the dead are combined to form a world for them to inhabit. Who you believe is the ruler of hell depends on your practice, but in this case other deities may be angered by your choice. Beneath hell, there is a pit of punishment where the goat of woods punishes souls for bad actions. This part of hell serves only the function of punishment before reincarnation, and has no other importance. ------------------------------------------- What Is An Animal-Man? An Animal Man is a person who is an incarnation of an animal spirit from the underworld or from some other plane of existence. These people tend to have unique spiritual connections and abilities depending on which animal they incarnated from. For example I’m a deer-man due to being Smoking Deer, but Fox-men, Bear-men, Cat-men all exist and carry the abilities of their totem spirit. The difference between an animal-man and a person with a totem is spiritualism and being the incarnation of animal spirits. They can also use different forms such as Stag, Panda, Brown Bear or Hound. A female, trans, or non-binary can also be an animal-man or animal-woman if they prefer the term. Alternatively, they can say they are animal spirits. They can also use the feminine terms relating to an animal such as doe-woman. If you think the term animal-man sounds a bit strange or silly, it can be incorporated into your spirit name. Names such as Red Panda, Waterfall Dove, Honey Doe, Nagareru Fox, Lovely Peacock and Wind Lamb all indicate totems while they are also spirit names that can be used for anything else. Our totemism is different from that of Native Americans and it should be pointed out that the whole group does not have the same totem. Instead, each person has their own totem spirit that guides them. ----------------------------------------- Aligning your Chakras and Awaken Kundalini There are many different religions that believe in Chakras, from Hinduism to various new age beliefs. You must also be aware of Kunalini and awaken it. Kundalini is spiritual energy dormant in your coccyx that is coiled up like a snake. You must be aware of Kundalini and release it so you can achieve enlightment and class consciousness. The Coccyx is also home to the first Chakra. The first chakra is for the acquisition of a healthy body. The first chakra represents basic survival and basic human needs. The second chakra is in the pubic energy, and is about controlling sexual desire and becoming desirable to the opposite sex. The third chakra is in the abdominal area, and is about becoming intelligent at studies and talents. The fourth chakra is three points across the chest, and is about acquiring nobleness and fame. The fifth chakra is the throat chakra, and it is about getting people to listen to you and to and gaining higher ranks and offices. The sixth chakra is the third eye. The third eye allows you to see energies and supernatural things, and allows you to gain the earthly possessions you want. The seventh chakra is the crown. The crown is the last step to enlightenment and class consciousness. It also allows you to have an out of body experience. You may also feel elevated in your body.

The Beast Of Bones
Once upon a time, The Moon God and The Flowermaker gave birth to a monster. They had forgotten the rules about procreation between gods, and The Flowermaker gave birth to a pale four legged creature with sharp teeth but no eyes. It escaped the hut of the village and began digging up old corpses to eat them. He ate all the skeletons in the ground, and the beast went on to eat people as well. When the god of the moon realized there was a monster running around the world eating people and bones, he sent a ray of burning moonlight through his mouth and burned it alive. The beast howled as it was set on pale lunar fire, and when the villagers of the world were done with eating its body, they realized the bones in its stomach were infused with the magic of the moon and the life force of the monster. Over time, the people realized that bones were infused with magical properties by this event, and for that reason bones are purchased online by magicians and witches who use them to cast a spell.

Newsletter 12/06/2022 - How To Be Egalitarian
All over the world you hear people feel the need to place themselves above others. “I was born in Somalia, I'm better than you! I’m a Discord moderator, I'm better than you! I’m a Trotskyite so I'm better than you!” When we consider that every living being in existence boils down to a consciousness, there is nothing for us to be identified with. If your consciousness was put inside of another person, you would then be described with the egoic labels of that person instead for that lifetime. When we take the egalitarian approach, we are providing equal respect to the masses without favoritism. We are also not putting ourselves on any ideological or superficial pedestal above the masses. From this approach, we are able to be more genuine and we can more successfully live by socialist ideals. We must uphold egalitarianism in our lives to have good relationships with people. By building relationships we can also become better revolutionaries with more potential to organize and come together to end capitalism, slavery and exploitation. Egalitarianism is the only way to defend from toxic egoic energies and from becoming narcissists.

The Owls Have Returned To Hell
The Owls have a long and complicated history. They were once one of the warring kingdoms of hell, but by pulling strings they were brought to the higher realms to serve as assistants, scholars and bureaucrats of The Great Spirit. After a conspiracy to discover secrets of the universe they were not meant to have, they were all exiled to the land of the living. With the recent death of The Woman Of Mirror who blocks the entrance and exit of the spirit world, they were able to fight their way back inside. It is unlikely that a war will start over owl lands from thousands of years ago, but now that their presence has returned to hell those of the owl totem will be more connected to spirituality and have deeper dreams. The majority of owls in hell right now are nomadic due to being previously displaced from their old kingdom in the forests of hell. Many have adopted the ways of the tigers and fly around the endless flower fields of the steppes of elysium. If you see more owls in dreams this is also possibly the reason why.

The Thieves' Mantra
The thieves' mantra is “Tu mercia est du aken.” It translates roughly to “Your goods are mine” and is associated with The Spider of Locks, the goddess of thieves. Use this mantra in a place of business to energetically drain them of their wealth and bring it onto yourself. Be careful not to use this in any place you care about or they may end up closing down or you may end up with the money of a loved one. To rob a bank with this mantra, take some yellow citrines and put them into your pockets before walking into a bank, business, or a rich person’s house that you want to energetically steal the finances of. Go into the bathroom or some place where they can’t hear you and say the mantra to steal their wealth energy. You may also submerge the citrines in water or leave them out at night to absorb moonlight so you have more energy inside of them to help you steal.

Honey Water
Honey is the most basic ingredient in any love potion because it is sweet. Honey by itself is very versatile though and can sweeten your life, your personality, or your circumstances. For this spell, take a bottle of water and add a small amount of honey. Keep in mind honey has a lot of sugar so it’s not a good idea to pour a huge amount at once. Honey tends to clump at the bottom of a drink, so it’s best if you do this in a water bottle where you can close the cap and shake it. If you did this right and didn’t add too much honey, it will barely affect the taste and you end up with slightly sweet water. This will also help you if you are craving sweet things or to replace soda and other sugary drinks. The energies of honey can manifest differently in anyone’s life, but it’s very likely to give you more interest in romance, improved mood, improved sentimentality, and energies of romance.

The Origin Of Private Property
Once upon a time, a very evil giant descended from the sky along with a giant city made of lovecraftian black stone. It was under control by an evil scaled and horned god who ate the citizens in exchange for ruling over them. He was known as He Who Eats People, and inside the city of black stone the people were influenced by his evil energies. The citizens of the black stone city began committing evil acts and forming evil ideologies such as misogyny and capitalism. Many also became evil magicians, and their dark magic created scary black clouds in the sky that blocked sunlight and made it rain black tar all over the world. He Who Eats People was an evil king, and he would enslave the minds of his followers to make them go to war so he could take over the entire world. He eventually made it all over the world and spread ideas of land ownership and feudalism, except to the Native Americans and some African tribes who were spared as he could not occupy their lands. Linh, the goddess of the sun, saw what was happening when she noticed that the Earth had turned black from dark clouds, and she met with R'hllor to produce a daughter who could save humanity from the giant black city of stone. She gave birth to a flaming woman who came out of the sun and immediately broke the magic of half the city. She landed in the East where she was worshiped as the maiden made of light, and the black stone turned clear and white in her presence. The Maiden Made Of Light immediately knew as a goddess herself that He Who Eats People was a weak and incompetent god who simply used the energies of the sacred black stone to create an illusion of power. She used her powers to turn the entire world into a paradise, and this blocked the evil god of black stone from absorbing negative energy. The people turned against him, and the city of stone was completely destroyed. The black stone became Black Tourmaline, and the white stone became Selenite. All of the black tar turned to pure water and became lakes. Once the people were no longer under his spell, He Who Eats People was covered in flammable wood and tar and cooked alive. Those who ate his flesh would become materialistic people. The Maiden Made of Light allowed the world to be restored to its natural state, but many people had become so convinced of property ownership and other materialistic ideologies that they continued the rules of He Who Eats People. They accept homelessness and other injustices in society because their ancestors sacrificed their people to the snake god for similar comfort. They are cursed to follow capitalistic ideologies until they break the ancestral bonds they have towards He Who Eats People.

The Woman Of Mirror Has Been Defeated
The Zebras of hell have fought with the woman of mirror for many days and nights, and now the barriers to spirituality no longer exist. The war between these two saw many of the spirits of hell using chemical weapons and bombs on each other. This temporary surge of energy has sent a shockwave as warlords fight over control of the wooded areas of hell that used to be under control of the woman of mirror. They are unlikely to last very long and will eventually be assimilated or destroyed by the warring kingdoms of hell, but their presence causes shifts in energy in the land of the living as well. We will see political struggle in the world to mirror these events in hell. The mirror’s daughter the madrugad has ascended to take the position of her mother, and a piece of mirror broke off of her and grew to become the next Madrugad, to also take her place if she suffers the same fate. We must pray to The Jade Chairman the god of the class struggle so he and his army of 30,000 dead comrades can go and pacify the militant guerilla groups of hell and restore peace to the spirit world.

Newsletter 11/26/2022 - Why Movies Misrepresent Celebrities
I wasn’t going to say anything but some of you might practice celebrity worship. For those who do, it is important that biopics and Hollywood interpretations of celebrity lives are not used as reference, because very often these depictions are distorted. In the case of Marilyn Monroe’s portrayal in Blonde, her character is even desecrated. Others tend to completely fabricate historical events just for drama that can be created on screens. In these cases they are exploiting dead celebrities just for views. It is also taboo to venerate celebrities who are still alive. Whitney Houston and Tupac Shakur are okay but do not worship Beyonce or Lil Wayne. The reason is because living beings can eventually do something to tarnish their legacy, and this kind of thing can create obsession and it leads to erotomania and stalking. Also keep in mind that you should only be emulating positive traits these people had. There are quite a few things done by a few of them that were questionable although it would be disrespectful to get into it right now.

The Dream Eating Man
There was once a girl who suffered with nightmares and distressing dreams, so she was approached by a handsome blonde man in a suit who carried a cane, and introduced himself as the dream eating man. He made a deal with a girl that he would eat her dreams, in exchange for doing something for him. She laid down on her pillow and woke up the next morning with no dream, and saw the blonde man eating a bunch of stars from a bowl. Looking in the bowl, she saw the images that bothered her every night as well as the scary faces that jumped out at her during sleep. The dream eating man took out a contract from his pocket, and gave it to the girl so she could read the terms and conditions of his service. The man was allowed to ask anything of the woman no matter how large. He asked the girl for her hand in marriage, and a golden ring formed around her finger from the air. She refused, and the dream eating man smirked. “All was present in the terms and conditions.” He said. “You’re coming with me back to hell, whether you want to or not.” His henchmen tied the girl in rope and carried her down a well and into the land of the dead. He kept her in his home, where she discovered many other women who were killed by having their thoughts all consumed from their living minds, causing them all to become mindless zombies. The woman was held hostage for a month in hell, until she eventually found a dagger and stabbed out the golden eyes of the dream eating man so he would never be able to use his powers on any other woman again. She ran in her dress all the way to the land of the living, and vowed to never again be fooled by another spirit.

Newsletter 11/21/2022 - Practicing Lavenderism Away From Your Shrine
If you are ever abroad and don’t have your shrine for offerings and stuff, you can just pour ancestor offerings into the earth, and pray to the gods as you normally would without the shrine or altar. If you’re on vacation you are most likely fine until you return anyway, but when you feel the need to do this stuff that’s an alternative. If you’re living in the car or away, you can also do the libations on whatever ground is near you. Even the sink can work in cases of no nearby dirt. Don’t worry about having a bunch of statues and shrine objects if you aren’t in a situation to maintain it.

Lavenderism / Kamichakra

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