Strengthen Your Soul Flame
If anyone is attracted to Lavenderism, it is because the color of their soul is Lavender. For this reason it is difficult to concisely or accurately pinpoint exactly what kind of spiritual practices Lavenderism has. However, increasing your soul flame is one of the most important things you can do. Once your soul is on fire, you begin to get into spirituality and your life is improved by it. You will retain these benefits even if you one day decide to leave Lavenderism, but you may sometimes feel maintenance is necessary to keep your flame strong. Increasing your flame is done in various ways such as: Meditation Chanting and/or listening to mantras and/or chants Listening to natural sounds such as rain, wind, or fire Spending time in nature Walking barefoot on the earth Spending time around gemstones, bones, or other sacred objects Praying or giving offerings to the gods Practicing ancestor worship or hero veneration Consuming spiritually beneficial foods such as honey, turmeric, fruits, and vegetables Reading political theory Living by your purpose or passion in life Astral projecting or visiting the dream world Spending time around portals such as shrines, trees, or sacred sites These are not the only ways and some of them may be different for you personally. The soul flame is metaphysical and should not be perceived as an actual fire or combustion that can be extinguished with water or other liquids. When your soul flame is strong you can also change your appearance on the astral planes as well as form places in the dream world. A strong soul flame also allows you to conduct a lot of spiritual work without needing to rest as much, and those who increase their flame to high levels do not get drained as easily from working with spirits and ghosts. Your soul flame is your spiritual energy that comes from your higher soul and it is what allows you to engage in spirituality, manifest, and achieve consciousness as well as presence. Non-Lavenderists have a soul flame as well but depending on why they incarnated in the land of the living or what religion they are practicing they are most likely working with it in different ways.

Western Media On French Protests
You would think the liberal news would just censor the news about protests in France, but that would not be insidious enough. They portray the protests as scary, violent, and causing destruction of property. They did the same thing with Black Lives Matter because they could not argue or counter their message with propaganda. Compare this to reporting in communist nations where interviewers go and find the one person willing to betray their country and advocate western systems. Protests of 10 people in China, Korea DPR, or Cuba get boosted by Western media as champions of democracy while the French protests going on right now to stop that regime from raising the retirement age are being villainized. It’s clear that class interests of the regime are the single factor that determines coverage. Even basic morality or human rights are not accounted for by the western media. Overt CIA propaganda website Voice of America has even pushed the narrative of burning cars and burning buildings with 0 mention of the intense violent crackdown by the French authorities on protestors. Despite western regimes claiming they give their people the right to protest, any dissent in society is met with batons or the taking of political prisoners for decades, if they are not killed in jail the first night. There was never any place in society for our class and any belief is a delusion. Only through the destruction of bourgeois dictatorship will the masses ever have the ability to participate in the governing process.

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Esperanto Chant To Invoke The Gods
Most of the gods will have chants associated with them for invoking them, but if you do not have one yet specific for you, you can just use one of the Esperanto basic calling chants. The three of them are: Sacred is ___, They are here. - sankta estas ___, ili estas ĉi tie (Any gender) Sacred is ___, He is here. - sankta estas ___, lie estas ĉi tie (Masculine) Sacred is ___, She is here. - sankta estas ___, ŝi estas ĉi tie. (Feminine) Try using these for the god you have a certain amount of affinity for already. I translated them into Esperanto but really you can use any language. Chant them for a few minutes at a time if you have no experience with this stuff, then gradually increase until you talk to the gods.

Remove Repressed Anger From Your Body
For this meditation, visualize your body and all of the chakras. Then imagine yourself opening a compartment under your root chakra to remove leftover negative emotions. You will pull out a fuzzy substance similar to dust or fluff that will most likely be orange in color. As you move along the chakras, clearing out negative energy like clothing from a laundry machine, you will realize they come in various different colors and represent very different types of trauma you may have experienced. Once you’ve taken the fluffy repressed anger out of your body, discard it by throwing it to burn in your soul flame or put on a mantra or frequency to turn it into something more positive. You will feel new emptiness in your astral body when doing this, but it regenerates the removed mass over time. You may eventually discover more repressed anger you could not remove before, but repeating the process is just as simple as doing it the first time. You should give yourself some time to adjust after this. To regenerate your astral body you can also listen to certain meditations of the energies you would like to influence your astral body. You can also just meditate.

The Ancient Library
One of the most ancient libraries was one that fell from the first city of Theocra. The gods from before the beginning of time had written many books in Theocraese but the library held every book in existence. They also created many mantras in Theocraese / Theocran that have to be channeled into the land of the living that need to work. The Theocran library during the fall had caused many Theocran books to be spread across the underworld, and they were all carefully restored and put into a single ancient library. Unfortunately, one day the goddess Nui was kidnapped and her husband showed his anger as the god of war. The kidnapper god held her hostage inside of the ancient library because he thought the khan would not be willing to use violence and risk damaging the ancient Theocran books, but he was wrong. He dropped chemical weapons down onto the Khan’s men, and poisoned rivers with nerve gas. The Khan was so determined to kill the other god that in his rage he ignored the nerve gas poured onto his face as he climbed, and with red eyes and anger that could be felt from a mile away, he grabbed the head of the new god and crushed it in a single hand. However, the chemicals caused a fire and the Theocran books began burning. The celestial maiden who was in charge of keeping the library safe attempted to put out the fire, but she was not able to stop the huge and raging fire that burned the library. The books burned and fell on top of her and the huge ancient library tower came falling down to ashes with the celestial maiden inside. However, once she rose from the ashes of the burned ancient library she began reciting sacred books word for word, including page numbers. Like a walking audiobook, she began walking around the Steppes of Elysium reading back books like a recording. In the end, she preserved the library orally and was known as The Library Woman. The Library Woman can be called upon for those who want to discuss philosophy, research, hear the latest issue of a magazine, or get a refresher on Quotes From Chairman Mao. She instructs men in all languages, even those that are spoken in the astral planes and the lost language of Theocra. The spirits of the hell who need to document certain books are able to recreate any desired text by having the library maiden blow on a blank book of empty pages.

The Imposter Maiden
Once upon a time, there was an old lonely man who was living alone in a rural house in the United Kingdom. He was barely doing anything when a beautiful celestial maiden appeared at his door. She was dressed in a maid outfit, and she explained that the heavens had sent her and she was his new spirit guide and maid. This was not the usual modus operandi of the divine, but the man was lonely so he allowed the maiden inside of his house. He spent the day reading the newspaper while the maiden cleaned the house, but he noticed that the maiden almost seemed a bit flirtatious with him. He was an older man and she appeared to be in her twenties, so the man felt uncomfortable and found it weird. The woman kept flirting, and eventually managed to seduce the man and get him under her spell. She prepared some tea for the man before their first night in bed, and they began to sleep. The man talked to ancestors and saw himself walking into bright lights. He was stopped by the Flowermaker before entering the land of the dead, and was told that he had overdosed on Fentanyl, which surprised the man greatly. The Flowermaker injected the man with flumazenil to treat the overdose of benzos that the man was suffering from. The man then knew immediately that the celestial maiden had poisoned him with tea. He woke up back in the bed with the side effects of lightheadedness, but he was quick and shot the woman with a harpoon launcher while she was looting his home. He shot a harpoon through her left wing which caused her to scream loudly. She revealed a mouth of sharp teeth and the webbed feet of a duck, and it became obvious this was not truly a celestial maiden. The monster began to flee on foot unable to fly, leaving a trail of blood from the manor into the garden and the forest. The sight of the beast left the man scared, and from that day on he laid bear traps and barbed wire fences to prevent any more monsters from trying to enter his life.

How To Channel Mantras
The easiest way to do this is to meditate and take note of any sounds or phrases of power that are being transmitted into your mind from the outside. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish it comes out differently, but it will most likely resemble existing light language or mantras of other faiths. When meditating with the intention of this, your mind is able to connect to these energies and translate them into mantras. Write them down to avoid losing them and return to the later. The easiest ones to channel are the ones connected to deities you work with on a regular basis. Other chants like mantras of enlightenment are trickier to find because they come from within. Your ancestors may also have some things for you to chant that are tailored to you specifically which will be more effective than the things you just find online.

Newsletter 03/21/2023 - Is Reincarnation A Punishment?
Many dharmic religions view reincarnation as a punishment or something like a reward depending on your actions in the previous life. Most of them see all existence as suffering though and the goal is to break out of incarnation into the land of the living. I find this hard to believe though because even human behavior shows us doing things that are not enjoyable for reasons that are not instantly beneficial or unclear to most. It should be noted that the soul is not forced to remain here and can leave whenever they want. If a soul wants to go back to the spirit world they can kill off their human vessel. This is how people die in accidents or other ways. If a human vessel kills itself from suicide or drug overdose, that is when we see the soul of the person regretting it and taking those emotions with them. In fact, many abortions and miscarriages happen because the soul of the baby who was going to grow up did not want to comply with that lifetime and abandoned it at the last minute. When someone is murdered, the arguments you hear in the afterlife are usually “Why did you kill my character? I was going to accomplish so much in that lifetime/ I wasn’t ready to give it up yet.” Your metaphysical self may really like its current incarnation if it spent a lot of time refining them, but it is known that everything is temporary so the souls usually know they will one day need to give them up. Most eventually get good enough at incarnating that they can bring memories to the next life or just incarnate with the third eye already open. It is possible for the soul of a person to be punished if they did something heinous, but that happens in the punishment pits of hell and not in the form of an entire reincarnation. That would be a waste of available slots on the planet. The reason you see so many people being born in the third world is because on the soul level those parts of the world resonate with them. That is why China, India, and Nigeria have such high populations while the more remote regions like Namibia and Canada have so few people inhabiting them. As the souls who come to the Earth cannot connect spiritually to those geographic locations, less of them choose to be born there which causes the populations to decline even further. It is no coincidence that regions with a history of spirituality are the most populated.

Newsletter 03/20/2023 - Shadow Self And Throat Chakra
For the longest time I was working with the ancestors thinking I needed to be closer to the gods or something like that to ascend further, but I was finally guided towards an invocation of the shadow self. Society is so conservative and boomers make it so hard to express yourself in society. Society works better when people ignore the shadow self and lose individuality, but this is not what is good for the individual. So many inner desires are suppressed in modern times because your economic gains can be limited by piercings, hair color, or other changes to your personal appearance like tattoos. Other primal emotions like anger, lust, or hatred are also difficult to express in a society where we are all so housebroken. It’s true these are low vibrational emotions, but suppression of sentiments causes energies to cling to you which makes them come back even stronger. Also, being too happy or too unhappy all the time blocks self expression. Being too nice or too mean also does it. You need balance. You need to stop being a conformist and look into genuine self expression to open the throat chakra. This will also get people to listen to you.

The God Making Machine
The Israeli government has been working on machines to turn people into gods that I will eventually get into (It’s disturbing) but the CIA has had this technology for decades. It’s been used on various people with side effects of killing them in the process, turning them into monsters or mutated abominations, or in specific cases turning them into cult leaders who would go on to become very infamous. When they succeeded, they lost control and actually created new gods or sent them to the land of the dead never to be seen again. One example of this is when they kidnapped a high ranking cult member only for him to ascend into The Thetan God. There have also been cases of employees, journalists or activists who break into these facilities to expose or sabotage these things only to unwittingly activate the machines and end up becoming gods or being rejected by it, which sends them to a random location either in the land of the living or the underworld, sometimes with altered appearance or being physically reverted to a younger age. Many of the attempts to create a god by the US or Israeli governments were due to the suspected knowledge that the USSR possessed regarding supernatural phenomena and psionic powers. However, the operation was eventually bastardized as the elites wanted to consume the flesh of the gods for purposes of immortality and remaining young forever. Others wanted the spiritual power that came from this kind of activity. This misguided activity eventually resulted in all who operated it to begin going insane due to exposure to supernatural phenomena that could not be explained by the rigid worldviews of those who served the American regime. The machine eventually stopped turning off when it was supposed to. A dark entity had opened the door from their side. The black hooded goat was able to use the machine as a portal and came to the land of the living. He used the powers of darkness to separate the souls of the scientists from their bodies which killed them. The machine became unstable and it opened a vortex which sucked in furniture and a lot of files relating to the project and how the machine was created, which may be found in the underworld. However for various reasons you can see in the paragraphs above, replicating a god making machine is a very bad idea.

Why The Masses Resist Socialism
Using buzzwords such as comrades or communism turns off most people in America since they have been so thoroughly indoctrinated into neoliberalism. These people understand class struggle because they see it happening every day, but they have mental barriers that stop them from learning about communist ideology let alone adopting it. In the beginning of learning a forbidden ideology it feels very dirty, until you realize this is the correct way. It’s a completely different dynamic but it’s kind of like worshiping demons. You are scared in the beginning since it goes against everything you are taught by society, but it eventually becomes normal for you and you realize there is a mountain of lies trying to stop you from doing it. Breaking down the barriers to communism takes people through a mental process like that. If you want to introduce the masses into something so radical, take them little by little. Ask questions about the economic system. Ask questions about how workers are treated. You will also need to talk about social issues and other things as well since the politics of this country are based on them, but lead these into questions about the political system. Western journalists would bring up issues and then ask “What does this mean about the political system?” and “What can be done to improve the democracy of this nation?” There's no reason communists cannot ask the same questions. What can be done to improve the political systems of the western world?

The Flowermaker’s Disciples
Those who serve the Flowermaker in the underworld usually spend their time in his traveling drug dens. His section of luxurious tents in hell have hookah with all kinds of substances. Some substances that the Flowermaker uses and provides to his followers do not even exist in our world yet due to a lack of discovery or further required research. Other substances used by the flowermaker once existed in our world but stopped being manufactured like certain kinds of cough syrup or quaaludes. Those who follow him are not only limited to drug usage though. As the god of intense, self destructive pleasure he can be associated with other activities related to the sanguine mind such as driving fast, sex, gambling, or other things that we cannot normally engage in due to the endangerment of our physical bodies. Psychoactive plants tend to sprout wherever the Flowermaker steps, which causes the locations of his encampment to leave behind fields of poppies and other substances, which his followers may stay behind and care for in the underworld. Those who follow him while still alive tend to find themselves in altered states of mind without needing to use any physical substance. This can be useful but you will want to make sure that you can handle it if it happens at work. You may also manifest into your life things like laughing gas, raw cacao, or other useful things to alter your state of mind.

Newsletter 03/15/2022 - Sensing Your Own Energy
The most sure way of knowing what kind of energy you have is to manifest something, because once this happens you receive the item you manifested and it will be surrounded by your energies, since that’s what created it. Whether it is anxious, dark, ominous, or other things that’s your energy. This isn’t what you would expect but most powerful energies feel dark to us by default since it’s all relative. You may block your own manifestations if your energy is dark and you’re not expecting it. Figuring out your own energy may also help you to realize why you get people scared of you, or why the lights flicker when you walk into a room. Your deities cannot really change your energy since it comes from inside of you, but soul transformations and other arcane rituals can change it. If you want to change your energies, you can try an exercise where you meditate and imagine a cloud around you and shifting your energies. You can use a dark cloud for darker energies, a lavender cloud for energies of Lavenderism, or a bright light for those who want to radiate light energies. For some people these things radiate so strongly that others know that they are not normal humans.

Burn Negative Energy In Your Soul Flame
Fire burns to sustain itself, and it does not care if you throw gasoline, wood, or unwanted garbage. In order for this to work, you should make sure your soul flame is up and can handle the energies that you are going to dump into it. Your soul flame is not directly attached to your physical body but it’s at the edges of your energy field. Guide your internal trauma and energies that are holding you back such as sadness and guide them into your soul flame. They will feed the fire and you may feel a weight in your chest as your soul is temporarily imbalanced. You can mitigate this by invoking a spirit guide, praying, or listening to mantras to help gain balance between your soul and body. You may be concerned about manifesting negativity by doing this, but the soul flame is just the soul flame that empowers you. Whatever is thrown into it becomes a part of the fire. However throwing junk into your soul flame can cause a huge spiritual shift that most would not be ready for. Take some time afterwards to meditate and connect with energies that will help you. Your ancestors and gods will also help to deal with these things.

Soul Fragmentation Meditation
The spiritual understanding of dissociation is called soul fragmentation. This is when a part of your energy field breaks off and begins acting independently. This can be caused by dissociating or severe trauma, including trauma in childhood. Everyone tends to dissociate to some degree but it becomes disruptive after a certain point. Traditionally you would seek out a shaman to go into the spirit world and find the lost pieces of your soul. This isn’t what we’re doing but it has a similar intention. For this, you will want to sit with yourself and visualize your energy field. Think about where the holes are, and the size of them. They should not be too large for the average person, but they can be larger for those with DID or other conditions. Imagine them being filled with energy and regenerating, or being pulled from the universe into your energy field. You will feel a lot more grounded when the holes in your energy field become fixed, but you should do this a few times to make sure your soul is fixed well.

Why Is Western Resistance Dominated By Anarchism?
Let’s face it. Most people in this country do not really care about economic issues. Politics in this country has always been about social problems while the elites always dealt with their corrupt tax policies behind the scenes, so the average person in America does not understand how their government works on an economic level. I grew up under the regime and the propaganda classes basically said that the government creates a safe environment for businesses da da da, but that’s not what they do. They bail out the corporations of the elites who have purchased their government and then use structural violence of the police and other systems like prices of medicine and food which causes people to die of starvation and of treatable diseases. Anarchists understand the world in similar ways to comrades. They understand that class struggle results in violence against the workers. However it seems they just don’t care about the economic system or view this as more social. If you listen to them about certain things they aren’t wrong, but their policies would fail because they are not based on economics which is the basis of all politics. We can turn the world into a liberal utopia where drug use and graffiti are everywhere (Which doesn’t sound bad at all.) but then people would starve since the bourgeois class is still able to hoard all the wealth and exploit us all. It seems silly for a leftist movement to continue economic policies that have turned the country into a dystopian hellscape. It is very likely that people just identify as anarchist to avoid the social stigma and very real danger of being a communist revolutionary in America. Or maybe they really have an opposition to the authoritarianism that would be required to build socialism? The US is a society where police and other authorities have abused the citizenry and the masses for a while, so it is logical to think the cultural bias against police has formed an aversion to any kind of authoritarian ideology. If you live here the police will bully you and mistreat you with any excuse they can. And then they wonder why everyone gives them dirty looks and calls them pigs. Only blue lives matter, reactionaries care about the pork. But regardless when you spend your entire life trying not to get hit with a baton, it is very difficult to imagine a police in a socialist society actually doing their job in a way that doesn’t threaten the average person. While their ideology is flaws and seems to be watered down to the point of being more of a social movement than a political one, it is important to understand why westerners are choosing this, especially middle class ones that do not feel the brutal effects of class struggle. This is not to say we should just follow anarchists as this is tailism. We must educate these people and show them dialectical materialism. These people cried about Ukraine and believed western propaganda about it being this innocent state, but when you’re following dialectical materialism, there is no room for emotional manipulation by the media to believe whatever the regime wants. We must use communist theory as a tool that we use to clean up misguided ideas or idealism.

Sigil Of the New Gods

Newsletter 03/08/2023 - Can Certain Music Lower Your Vibrations?
Music itself cannot lower your vibrations, and people tend to think this way due to societal perceptions of music. Regardless of the genre of music you like, difficult and negative emotions tend to be expressed. To answer this question, we have to actually unpack where this idea comes from. It is said that the lyrics of the music are going to lower their vibrations, but more than often the lyrics are overlooked by the person listening because they just want to listen to music. Some of the songs that they play on the radio have underlying sad messages that you will never notice unless you intentionally look into it. Self expression being limited in the name of high vibrations is actually damaging to the throat chakra, so any benefits you get in the short term will be mitigated by the lack of self expression that you imposed onto yourself. Additionally, that kind of music is usually therapeutic for people with those emotions. While it technically can lower your vibrations under certain circumstances just don’t even worry about it, because being paranoid about this stuff also lowers your vibrations worse than if you just did nothing. Art cannot be sanitized to get rid of negative emotions or things because then it would not be art. The world is full of things that lower vibrations but we just need to deal with it.

Dye Your Hair With Turmeric
Dying your hair with turmeric is a powerful spell, because turmeric will prevent baldness, help hair, and the absorption of it through your scalp can help to decalcify the third eye as well as work against depression and other earthly diseases that plague the land of the living. For this to work, find something to mix with the turmeric because we all know that powder isn’t going to stay on your head by itself. Honey has natural hair growth properties but conditioner or even water can be used. Keep in mind boiling the turmeric makes the dye permanent. Mix this until you have a yellow paste that you can apply on your scalp. You can do this daily and put it on right before showering if you do not care for the change in hair color, or you can leave it on for a while if you want to lighten your dark hair. If you do this with hair that is light you will have hair that is as yellow as a traffic light telling cars to slow down. This is a very unique look and many probably don’t want neon yellow as their hair color. You can add other ingredients such as cinnamon, lemon, or other things for extra benefits but do your research on them. Turmeric turns red with baking soda or fabric softener, but it does not seem wise at all to use those in your hair. If you do not boil it, the color will wash out in a couple of weeks. If you boil it your hair will stay neon. If you see circles or other visual patterns when you are washing it out, that is a sign that your third eye was affected by the turmeric.

Jerusalem Is The Capital Of Palestine
Today is your daily reminder that Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine. No other nation in the world exists that can claim Jerusalem as its capital, or even any city in occupied Palestine. A certain puppet state of western imperialists has no validity and therefore has no capital. Recognizing any city as belonging to the illegitimate state would imply the state exists. In fact anyone who speaks about this nation as if it exists is just roleplaying. It’s like Taiwan.

The Great Insect War
The Bug Kingdom of Hell has some of the largest and most extensive castles in all of the underworld. For the longest time this was attributed to the fact that their kingdom had never gone to war for as long as people could remember, but when the Owls were expelled from the heavens and forced to survive among the kingdoms, they used their knowledge as leverage. Owls met with Smoking Deer of the deer kingdom and The Crowned Bear of the bear kingdom, and shared with them evidence that the insects had been growing wealthy by embezzling funds and covertly stealing from the other kingdoms with their high skill of intrigue. At first they were met with shock, but the owls crunched the numbers and proved that this was the case. The deer and bears immediately prepared for war with the insect kingdom for repayment of their funds. The insect kingdom was soon set on fire with the bears pillaging, raiding, and taking the attractive insects as hostage for husbands and wives of the bears who had captured them. The deer used rams and siege equipment to break into the treasury of the insects, and pillaged as much gold as they could carry. None of the animals did as much as the owls, though. The owls flew to the second floor and began occupying it, as well as the balcony. To the insects this appeared as a ridiculous strategy, but the owls were connected to the heavens from their time working in the celestial bureaucracy, and they called down celestial maidens to join them in the siege of the insect castle. They flew down from the sky in a large wooden boat and crashed directly into the side of the fortress. They rushed into the fortress and began fighting alongside the owls, but the insects had destroyed the stairs and had begun throwing furniture and hot oil down to prevent the advance of the owls further up the castle. Many of the owls burned but it only slowed them slightly. They soon made it up some floors and took many insects hostage, but the integrity of the fortress began to fail.The lower levels began collapsing from the damage and the many towers and floors above them also began to crumble. The entire building began to collapse and many of the owls, celestial maidens, and insects died. When the great spirit sensed the death of so many of his maidens at once, he looked to the land of the dead and was shocked to see what the owls had caused to happen. He decided the owls had to be returned to their position but reprimanded for causing so much death and destruction, so they ascended back up to the sky realm. He created an enormous new hive for the surviving insects in the sunless sea away from any other kingdom, and left the ruins of the old castle as a gravesite for those who had died. The Bug Kingdom was also renamed to the hive because all surviving members of their dynasty had died in the castle. This was the single greatest calamity that the kingdoms of hell had ever gotten themselves into, and many consider it the work of the owl spirits.


    Lavenderism is a reformed new religious movement and/or form of spirituality. It is based on philosophy, activism, self improvement and the worship (or veneration) of innumerable spirits and gods, though many are initially unimportant. It also includes magical practices that can benefit those who are able to wield them.

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