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Our Doctrine: Basic Beliefs:…

Newsletter 01/25/2022 - Why Do We End Up In Toxic Relationships?

There are many people who fall into patterns of toxic relationships and maybe even abuse. This tends to happen with women, but men can also end up in toxic relationships and this can apply even to toxic work environments and situations. …

Newsletter 01/23/2022 - Copyright And Other Capitalistic Ideas

While searching for a certain product online that is used within spiritual circles, I heard so much about those scary counterfeit products sold on Aliexpress. Westerners were completely outraged because the cards were on a different cardstock, and because they apparently were not being sold by the c…

Insanity Of The Moon

The moon is the god of insanity, spirituality, and supernatural power. The tarot of the moon reflects this, because it means illusions and confusion with anxiety. Those who get too close to the moon in search for power can be touched by him, and become insane from their practices. …

Newsletter 01/21/2022 - Dealing With Tarot, Oracle, And Other Divination

This is meant for tarot, but it can actually apply to other forms of divination such as pendulum usage, oracle, dice, or whatever traditional things you use to get answers. …

Newsletter 01/20/2022 - Using Vinegar To Purify

Vinegar is an acidic ingredient in cooking with a harsh smell. It can be used for conditioning of hair, cleaning the floor, cooking fish without heat, and killing bacteria. These properties all make vinegar good for self purification. Putting vinegar in your hair as a conditioner cleanses negative e…

Newsletter 1/19/2022 - Exorcisms, When, Why, And How?

Before I can have an honest discussion with you about exorcisms there are two problems we must know and address in our practice. The first is that exorcisms were historically used as methods of curing a person who at the time, had a mental condition that philosophers did not have the capacity to dia…

Newsletter 1/16/2022 - Controlling A Conversation

A controlled conversation is exactly that, a conversation you are intending to control. It can be a persuasion, interrogation, job interview or any situation where you are attempting to manipulate someone through conversation. There are four strategies I would like to go over in this conversation. …

Newsletter 01/14/2022 - How To Use A Mantra

Mantras themselves have great power because they are holy words, but if we just say them without any feeling we will quickly just find ourselves bored. When we say these words, we should be trying to become the mantra. This can mean one of two things. If we are saying a mantra that represents what w…

Why "Free Tibet" Is An Advocation Of Theocracy And Slavery

China annexed Tibet in 1949 and since then political forces in that region have been attempting to return the previous order of the Dalai Lama. What these people don’t know, or what they choose to ignore is that pre-1949 Tibet was a theocratic society that had two classes. The monks were the governm…

Newsletter 01/12/2022 - Manifesting The Perfect Lover

When people think of their perfect lover, they tend to think of all the things they want. They ask the goddess of love for a man with tanned skin, blonde hair, abs, a fit body from meditation and who is a foreigner so you can get married to them and leave the country. People tend to forget that in o…

Mental Illness And Reincarnation

Schizophrenia in Latin literally means “Shattered Mind” because even in the Roman empire it was known that mental illnesses exist. Fortunately understandings of mental and psychiatric conditions have improved to the point we have more accurate understandings of what causes them and why a person may …

Newsletter 01/20/2022 - Dreams Of A Long Journey

I dreamt that I was about to accomplish my lifelong goal last night. My goal in this case would be to escape America in order to claim refugee status somewhere safer, more peaceful, or in general just somewhere I would be able to have a peaceful life. …

Newsletter 01/08/2022 - The Government And COVID

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, the government and the CDC have been focusing towards a single goal this entire time. The focus of the pandemic has been on the markets instead of making attempts to contain and manage the disease. In the beginning, westerners were even saying that authorita…

Lavenderism / Kamichakra

    Lavenderism (A.K.A. Kamichakra) is a new religious movement and political protest religion. It is an animistic, shamanistic syncretic pagan religion based off of eastern philosophy and communism. It involves ancestor worship, magic, rituals, and class consciousness. Official Subreddit of the New Religious Movement.

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