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My only criticism of the deprogram is their unwillingness to fully voice their support for anti-imperialist causes and AES. They approach China and Russia for example in the most pragmatic way, which allows any liberal leaning viewers to think “both sides bad” instead of digging any deeper into anything.

It was fine until “I hear that those asiatic hordes live lives that are almost comparable to the glorious garden of Europe! sometimes better! can you believe it!”

Imagine being so bad at fencing that even your best fencers get killed at the world cup.

At that point it wouldn’t be “Anime” as we know it. I use the term to refer to the exploitative industry and subculture that it fosters, not the art. And no, I don’t value cultural expression over the material conditions of the workers who are exploited to make them, or the eradication of the toxic subculture that results from it.

Yes, I make no mention of the art style, when I hear Anime I think of the industry, not the art.

Edit: If you see what the image in the post actually talk about, it is referring to the way the current industry operates, and how nobody would be willing to make anime the way its produced now under socialism, which I 100% believe will be the case.

What do you mean by “conventional meanings” of indigenous, isn’t there just the one?

I made no mention of art style, you brought that up. I simply mean the anime industry and it’s problematic practices and tropes is inherently flawed in many ways, and if it were to be banned or dismantled, it would be a good thing. And just because China does it that doesn’t make it suddenly ok, the root issue still remains.

I know that a lot of comrades like Anime, and there isn’t anything wrong with that, but it would clearly be a good thing for it to go, or at least change drastically to the point that all that remains is the art style, nothing more.

I assume the implication is that Anime as it exists today would no longer exist. We can make up an idealized vision of Anime as simply an “art style” but the reality is that it’s a multi million dollar industry that exploits it’s workers and is used to push overwhelmingly problematic content. If it ceased to exist this is a net gain.

I’d recommend Khrushchev Lied by Grover Furr, its a good start for clearing up a lot of the myths made up after Stalin’s death, and I believe it does touch on Beria too.

I’ve had to work in skyscrapers, and I can tell you that its pretty quick to acclimatize to. I had the same phobia but it went away like in a week.

Beria was known to be a womanizer and had many relationships, but his enemies obviously used this to smear him and eventually it was inevitable that the rape accusations would come. Not unlike Ho Chi Minh or Castro, who both had similar lifestyles.

The silent downvotes worry me, this is factually a true statement, what gives.

Victims of sexual abuse, plain and simple

Also doing some simple math makes this look completely ridiculous, according to these figures 3.5% of people in Uzbekistan are slaves, that’s higher than some actual slave states during the colonial era.

Oddly enough they are probably the most pro-EU/US of the central Asian nations, they even host US military bases. Strange choice to put here.

Seeing the Soviet and US soldiers celebrating together makes me sad, in another world we could have all been comrades…

I actually have this, I’m a non-native speaker with little to no hint of an accent for someone from my part of the world, and online in voice chat nobody ever believes I’m from where I’m from.

Factually correct, good job reactionaries.

Also the picture at the bottom is south Sakhalin, which was occupied by Imperial Japan before and during WW2, and it was objectively much worse off under the Japanese than it had ever been under Russia, its telling that they don’t show before pictures

Oh ffs now I feel bad for arguing against this guess and probably stopping some people from getting keys, haha.

Man, with hindsight this https://lemmygrad.ml/comment/366018 was such a fucking clever comment.

Yes. If I’m wrong pls someone help pool together whatever else might be important.

Just in case anyone needs catching up, the clues we got so far are thus:

The alt was created in 2023

The alt has not posted in a while

Mainly posted in comradeship/freechat

Finally, I cannot believe we have been so bad at this game up till now.

They couldn’t fully privatize and follow the western model because they know that it would mean the complete destruction of the country, so they have to maintain quite a lot of state ownership in order to keep their economy ticking.

Yeah I feel the same, the last thing we need is literal targets on our backs. If feds are trying to track us or build a registry then this is the sort of thing that can give you away instantly. The same way we can spot piece of shit Nazis in Ukraine, they’ll be able to spot us too.

I’d go with something innocuous, like a star, or a set of stars. That way any feds trying to track you will have a much harder time.

I was very surprised myself when Parasite, an overtly anti-capitalist film, won best picture a few years back. I was hopeful that maybe we’d see more along those lines but alas.

Alright, something needs to be done about the alt hunt
Its been months and we have seen almost no guesses being made. Is there any way we can start some kind of community action to actually catch it? At this point I don't even care about winning, I'm just really confused as to who the alt is. Because if it really is this difficult I don't see anyone guessing right unless there's a hint.

Where’s that one with an Indian woman instead

Balls to the walls stealth action games with a plot so convoluted and bizarre that neither a short comment like mine nor the thousands of explanations online can do it justice. Ideologically all over the place but pretty fun.

This one resonates with me in particular:

"As revolutionaries, we don’t have the right to say we are tired of explaining. We must never stop explaining. We know that when the people understand, they cannot help but follow us.”

-Thomas Sankara

Well, clearly Satan is Xi Jinping, which means he serves nobody but the great proletarian dictatorship in the People’s Republic of China and the struggle against global imperialism.

Favorite Quotes by Socialist Figures?
Was curious if there were any quotes that we'd like to share. It's pretty hard to find anything from Stalin for example that isn't blatantly made up to demonize him.

I don’t think it would be a great idea naming your kid “Vilen” if you live in an English speaking place, lol.

They’re not entirely wrong, if I remember correctly Mariupol saw several Nazi scum get starved and eliminated, and ended up with the city being completely de-nazified.

And Russia is a state that has a proud history of deleting Nazis, so kudos to them for recognizing that.

But on the other hand Mexico is still a much bigger nation than Cuba. The US has spectacularly failed to deal with Toyota pickup insurgents in west Asia, and a socialist Mexico would be a much more significant regional power. Mexico would have a much better shot regardless, deserts, mountains and rivers, they have natural defenses too.

Vuvuzela 200 Gorillion dead no iphon

And yet, Cuba did it, and it survives despite that.

Israel AND Palestine??? LMAOOO

gone too soon

Lib channel that Hakim ripped into not so long ago, now they're starting to doubt themselves, lol.

How to explain to Liberals that class isn’t some income percentile?
I've been having trouble explaining to liberal co-workers that there isn't really an "Upper" or "Lower" working class. They insist that class as a relation to means of production is outdated and it makes more sense to measure it by income. What's the most effective way to explain to them why this doesn't work?

Just got deported
After 4 years living in the imperial core, due to personal reasons, I was unable to renew my visa, and now I've been sent back to my global south home country. Have to build a new life for myself here but its tough to get over something like that.

False Flag? Local media around where I am is convinced this is a Russian provocation, what do we know for sure?

A few days ago this suddenly popped up out of the blue, thoughts? I think more countries should tell the Dutch to go fuck themselves, if you ask me.

The attitude from the wider western world on the thousands upon thousands of stolen cultural artifacts in this museum is beyond disgusting. I have seen no end of Brits online claiming that they're doing the world a favor by hoarding these items for "safekeeping" because the developing countries they were stolen from are not responsible enough to safeguard their own culture. With the death of the queen, the discussion around the monarchy and its stolen jewels also follows these imperialist talking points. "We stole these jewels from others who stole them as well, so we have every right to keep them." is the go to line. Who made them the keepers of the world's treasures? What gives them the right? Ask any of these questions and they instinctively will point to the destruction of cultural artefacts in Afghanistan and Iraq by terrorists and looters, WHO ARE ONLY THERE BECAUSE OF WESTERN MEDDLING IN THE FIRST PLACE. How do we deal with these types?

Reminder that there is a housing shortage in the Netherlands.

Beyond Ba’ased
cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/274726 > A friend sent me this on discord and I think it fits well on here. > video link: [here](https://files.catbox.moe/l8qnei.mp4)

Beyond Ba’ased
A friend sent me this on discord and I think it fits well on here. video link: [here](https://files.catbox.moe/l8qnei.mp4)