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  • The biggest issue is that the French army, much like any other western army, has no experience in fighting peers. The only two countries in the world which have that are Russia and Ukraine. French officers themselves admitted that the russian army is not the main (arguably only) reference when it comes to peer-to-peer combat operations.

    French troops would not fare any better than the élite, nato-equipped ukrainian brigades that smashed their heads against the Surovikin line.

    I will say this tho - i never thought i would live to see german tanks burn on russian soil again, and i am sort of excited to see the french being beaten out of russia again

  • i mean this is like the americans entering vietnam. You expect to fight a ragtag militia, and instead you find a competent fighting force forged in generations upon generations of hardship.

    I’m no longer a soldier but if i were, Gaza is literally the last place i would want to enter. Urban hellscape, the bombings created makeshift shelters everywhere, and you have an enemy who’s been preparing to fight you for decades and has a literal network of underground tunnels. There is literally no way to win this, the only way is to flatten the place from the air. Which is what israel is doing.

  • two things make me hopeful that something bigger is brewing:

    1. The IDF ws undeniably taken by surprise. How did they miss something this big? Either Hamas got some massive outside support in terms of counter-intelligence, which means there are state actors that are actively involved, or the zionist intelligence apparatus is far weaker than we are led to believe. Which by extension leads to the question of how battle-ready the IDF actually is. Perhaps there are weaknesses to be exploited we are not yet aware of? There are reports of entire reserve units refusing to deploy near Gaza. Perhaps the morale and motivation of the average IDF soldier is lower than we think? At the end of the day they are conscripts, willing to shell palestinian civilians from afar but much less enthusiastic at the ideas of walking into the narrow streets of Gaza.

    2. Hamas has limited resources. Black market weapons and smuggling only get you so far, and with a very battered population of slightly more than half a million, a full-on frontal attack looks very unreasonable. Right now it looks like Hamas is sacrificing everything to fight an unwinnable war, and that just can’t be the case unless the plan was to resist for decades only to commit a state-suicide. Couple this with the reports of a “tense” situation on the lebanese border, the warnings of retaliation by Egypt if Gaza is invaded, the quick endorsement that came from Saudi Arabia… Plus the ominous messages on resistance channels claiming stuff like “the worst is yet to come” and “this is just the beginning”. This can’t be it, there has to be a plan besides “let’s all run into israeli cities with our ak’s”