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“Now granted everyone has a different experience”

I wasn’t really speaking for anyone else, and granted it was a little dramatically embellished. But I stand by what I said. It really can feel like being a zombie sometimes.

Ask them to post Hog. I want to bring that meme back.

“also, the idea trans-affirming surgery and hormones is also absolutely horrifying to me for some reason”

So you’re saying that the idea of having your body changed to something you can’t identify with or recognize as your own horrified you? That’s fair enough.

But stretch your empathy a little, bring that horror back to the forefront. Now imagine it dialed up to 11 and present in the background of your every waking moment. Think about what it might be like to look at your reflection and see a rotting meat prison that isn’t you. And you might have some concept of the horror into which trans people are born.

Now granted everyone has a different experience and I’m sure for many it’s better or even worse. But I know personally, I do a fuck load of disassociation.

Anyways, I hope you made your post in good faith. But going for shock value in your edit comes across pretty transphobic.

Have you noticed how many Hollywood people are sex offenders? They probably think that shit is normal. Or worse, want to further normalize it.

It’s “advanced” 10000% markup glue though. It costs more so it’s clearly better.

TFW you try to starve out an exporter while being an importer.

Obama be like, “Only one Nobel peace prize? You have forced me to go THERMONUCLEAR! (On middle eastern children.)”

As a 9/11 enjoyer, I would like to thank r/dankmemes for validating me. It’s nice to see Trans positive memes.

Cops be like
"Ah its good to be home after a hard day murdering minorities, raping teens, and setting babies on fire. Wait, why isn't my family treating me like a triumphant Emperor and slavishly seeing to my every whim? You have forced me to go THERMONUCLEAR!"

Hideo Kojima has forced Norman Reedus to go THERMONUCLEAR!

We’ve found the one person in existence with worse social skills then me, and I’m loving ittm lmao!

You ate the last of my chicken tendies? You have forced me to go THERMONUCLEAR!

Ya how weird to think the people being robbed hate you. Truly puzzling 🤔

“Disclaimer: The Kissinger Death Tontine in no way endorses the incredibly cool crime of pushing an elderly war criminal down the stairs.”


At this point I think everyone knows trickle down economics doesn’t work. But they’re pretending it does because they have a raging piss fetish.

Name 1 country better than Cuba. Spoiler its not possible.

They’re mad cause she’s black in the new cartoon lol. I dunno I haven’t seen it and don’t care to, so perhaps it’s actually a shit show. But let’s just say the rabid anger at the show feels suspicious.

Imagine the narcissism required to believe yourself more revolutionary than Marx.

For ancaps it’s even worse then people thinking they’ll be the survivor. Ancaps carry the burden of believing themselves to be exceptional. They probably think that if they were bitten they’d get Superpowers like Wesker from Resident Evil.

Pepperidge farms remembers Black Water

That’s great, and I’m happy nothing wrong was done in this particular situation. However my wider point still holds merit I think. Having random users giving preemptive warnings is probably not a trend that should be encouraged.

Feel free to report whatever you want. But as you don’t seem to be a mod or admin, I’d like to ask you to refrain from issuing “warnings”.

So that seems like a bad time but it’s wild that the meme implies this is worse then pedophilia.

I loled as i immediately thought of the Peter Jackson King Kong movie.

As expected of SSBMUIKayle, the most educated liberal on reddit.

Trump trading cards may be 99$ but Magic cards are 1000$ so move over MTG.

What is everyone’s preferred method of escapism?
Personally I've gotten embarrassingly deep into fanfic and CYOAs in the last couple years. What are you doing to stave off crushing existential dread?

Feels good to be validated about Crypto.
You all see this stuff about the FTX and Binance fraud? Love to smuggly tell crypto idiots I told you so lol.

Hakim continues to knock it out of the park. This time covering the corruption, hypocrisy, and failing of capitalist media.

Who’s hoping for a sequel this year?
Happy 9/11 everyone 💖

Serial killers
Serial killers overwhelmingly target minorities and the poor, this is why they are tolerated and tacitly encouraged by the bourgeoisie. As a visceral and immediate threat they distract the lower classes while being no danger to the elite. I believe that the vast majority of serial killers are known to the authorities but are allowed to operate until they become too inconvenient (such as the one in Toronto who police knowingly ignored for almost a decade until they finally killed someone connected.) In addition I believe that serial killersc are an existential threat to the common people and allowing them to live once caught displays disgusting cowardice and represents a moral failing on behalf of our society. Likely the reason that perpetrating dozens of rapes/tortures/murders/etc of the most heinous kind, is not an automatic execution is because our elites behave this way regularly on their private gatherings (as was covered up in the Jeffrey Epstein debacle.) Anyway what do you all think on the topic? If you're wondering it was that post about the two guys killing the kid that set me off. Might make some more rants on other topics lol.

What if climate change is happening because…
Kamala told winter not to come.

The mark on Gorbachev’s head.
Is it a burn from a hot pizza slice falling on him?

Is Canada an illegitimate fascist state? Consider the following.
The cover-up of Canada's history of slavery https://www.cbc.ca/radio/ideas/canada-s-slavery-secret-the-whitewashing-of-200-years-of-enslavement-1.4726313 Canadian police borderline collaborating with a serial killer https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/13/world/canada/toronto-serial-killer-bruce-mcarthur.html The continuing genocide of Native Americans in Canada https://www.aljazeera.com/features/longform/2021/11/29/hunted-how-indigenous-women-are-disappearing-in-canada https://globalnews.ca/news/7920118/indigenous-women-sterilization-senate-report/ False flag terrorist attacks on civilians, by the RCMP, at the behest of corporations https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/rcmp-bombed-oil-site-in-dirty-tricks-campaign-1.188599