لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا الله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ الله

Unity, Freedom, Socialism!

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How many times will we have to tell people that we aren’t liberals

You should read this, it was written by CriticalResist8.

I’ll see straight up racism and there’ll be some smug piece of shit who will respond with “based”.

Yeah, based on me stomping your face in.

Liberals, if you talk about human nature one more time, I’ll shove my foot so far up your ass, you won’t be able to walk for a month.

Yeah but the people don’t have freedom to be homeless! /s

Has anyone noticed fascism is becoming more accepted in online spaces?

“No more Godzilla movies”

Now that is what people should be more concerned about

Anime no longer existing wouldn’t be the WORST thing in the world, what the hell is he talking about?

basically just porn but with pizza

Because conservative USonians are just NPCs with only one response. These guys are the worst mmorpg characters.

Garfield And Friends is fun

I’ve also been watching some Godzilla movies.

It’s almost pitiful, Islam overcomes any type of magic.

Next thing you know, those NAFO idiots start praising satan on twitter lol

“You will all regret having ever laughed at us.” Yeah right, I will take a shit in your mouth you frail little piece of shit.

Yes he is included in the divine comedy

I can’t check, I forgot which post it was sadly

They might be mistaking evolution for darwinism

I am convinced that all of the countries part of NATO are controlled by shaytan and that Iblis (their leader) controls the United States.

I’ve visited Japan twice.

It is a very nice place, but it does not erase any of it’s flaws.

I remember a comment saying “the dinosaurs never existed” on r/Islam

It had nothing to do with religious stuff, just conspiracy nonsense

Xi Jinping Just Used The Restroom. What Could This Mean?
Recently during a meeting held by the See See Pee, Xi Jinping announced that he had to use the restroom because he needed to take a piss. But why? Urinating has nothing to do with communist ideology. Our professional china experts have analysed this detail by detail, the truth is shocking. Turns out this is a secret cryptic message that reveals plans to awaken Marxzilla: the king of the communists. These noobs are really trying to destroy our great freedumb loving country. Well, we can’t let this happen, so our brave patriot soldiers have created the ultimate killing machine: Mechawashington. There’s no way they can take us down. We will genocide anyone who doesn’t submit to us because we’re superior in every way possible!

I see some Muslims like the guy who typed the second comment, this anti-dinosaur stuff is frustrating.

Thoughts on Godzilla (1954)?
i don’t know what to put here the title is self explanatory

The US and it’s puppets shall be obliterated. The “land of the free” will cease to exist.

How would you feel about an islamic community here?
I know there’s a lot of atheist users on this site, some are also very critical of religious stuff so I’m just asking so nobody gets offended.

This is the Malacca Straits Mosque. It was built using a mix of Middle Eastern & Malay craftsmanship, it looks like a floating structure when the water level is high. Its structure has two intersecting archways lead to the main entrance & stained glass

In China, mosques are called Qīng Zhēn Sì (清真寺, Temples of the Pure Truth). Other names include Huí Huí Sì (回回寺 Hui people's temple), Lǐ Bài Sì (礼拜寺 Temple of worship), Zhēn Jiào Sì (真教寺 Temple of the True Teaching) or Qīng Jìng Sì (清净寺 "Pure and clean temple") (From:

I feel like I get mad way too easily
I should definitely sort my anger issues out

Went for Friday prayers today
Just sharing with you guys :)

It's fine if you agree with the message (I do too) but Pol Pot should be here, not Stalin.

Have you guys visited any countries?
I've only visited two. - Saudi Arabia (For Haji, the Islamic Pilgrimage) - Japan (I've visited two times actually, it's nice but not a big fan of it's history and government.) How about you guys?

What is Monster Zero?
Monster Zero is the reason we cannot live on the surface, but must forever live underground like this...

This isn't even a dating show, this is literally just 'how fast can you press the funny button'.