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Yeah just before it got quarantined the content was golden. I have a theory that I’ve shared with friends of mine that a much better internet is possible but unfortunately that part of the internet is largely hidden from us (you can access it if you’re willing to dig but it’s not going to be promoted in anyway by tech company algorithms). What remains is utter banality.

What’s up with the GenZedong Reddit page?
Saw some suss content relating to leftists supporting Russia uncritically on the GenZedong Reddit page today. The whole argument as far as I could tell was a bit of a strawman . Is anyone moderating the page anymore? I thought I was on normal Reddit for a second.

Who is Ho-Fung Hung? Gordon Chang for DSA?
I’m sure that many of you are probably going to roll your eyes but I currently have a Jacobin subscription. I suppose it’s indicative of my political progression but I’m wondering now whether Jacobin’s label as a “left wing” magazine is entirely deserving. This includes their latest issue on Nationalism. Their take on China comes courtesy of Ho-Fung Hung who regurgitates well worn propaganda about China and of course predicts its imminent collapse. Who is this guy? He seems quite popular on the US left.

This article is incoherent. In fact it seems to be doing exactly what it purports the state to be doing. Sowing discord.

This is a vital discussion. I wrestle with this addiction myself. For me it’s just the novelty and a mashup of many of the things talked about in this chat. Alienation, insecurity, trauma etc. The problem though, is that once you’re addicted you find new reasons to engage in the behavior. Ultimately it never feels fulfilling though. Sometimes I think the internet is too much for most people to handle responsibly.