Saw some suss content relating to leftists supporting Russia uncritically on the GenZedong Reddit page today. The whole argument as far as I could tell was a bit of a strawman . Is anyone moderating the page anymore? I thought I was on normal Reddit for a second.


Yeah just before it got quarantined the content was golden. I have a theory that I’ve shared with friends of mine that a much better internet is possible but unfortunately that part of the internet is largely hidden from us (you can access it if you’re willing to dig but it’s not going to be promoted in anyway by tech company algorithms). What remains is utter banality.

KiG V2

What like how Lemmygrad is decent (if a bit undeveloped and not crazy populated) but what’s the chances you would’ve found this place if you didn’t happen to read a comment advertising it right before GZD was hamburgered?

I found Lemmygrad through pure luck one day while looking for interesting Lemmy instances since I hate reddit. This was probably a good 6 months before the subreddit quarantine and at the time Lemmygrad was just called a “backup for GenZedong” with basically no activity.

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This is a Dengist community in favor of Bashar al-Assad with no information that can lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton, our fellow liberal and queen. This community is not ironic. We are Marxists-Leninists.

If you haven’t already found it, this GitHub page is an excellent collection of sources about socialism, imperialism, and other relevant topics, made by @dessalines and others.

We have a Matrix homeserver and a private Matrix room. See this thread for more information.


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