I’ve been considering creating a Mastodon account. Any recommendations about what instance would be good for signing up? And suggestions which accounts to “subscribe”/“follow” (how is it called on Mastodon?)?


Like already stated, anticapitalist.party is a good instance (I’m on there). A lot of comrades are also on radical.town, but I think it’s more closed off atm; it’s the reason I chose anticapitalist.party (also because the community was smaller).

I’ve been slacking on checking it the past week or two, but if you get on I can link some good people to follow. I don’t follow many as some like to post a lot and super busy timelines aren’t my thing.


I think @pimento@lemmygrad.ml might be able to get you an invite to anticapitalist.party . I don’t use masto too much tho so I can’t help too much with accts to follow.

A casual chat.