I’m setting up a game with friends, and it’s reminded me of all the great times I’ve had with the game, and I wanna know about those times for y’all.


I never really got DnD because we would do stuff until we got into a fight where I would Eldritch Blast until the fight was won or lost.


I’ve only played DnD a few times, but it was pretty fun! I was admittedly judgmental at first, and it took years for my friends to convince me lol. My friends play online now, and with strangers sometimes. Doesn’t sound as fun IMO. How about you? Do you prefer in person, or doesn’t it matter?

PLA #1 (Heck)
  • setting up DnD game with friends
  • tell them I can’t Dm this one, and they’ll have to find someone else (no DMs in the group)
  • they come back with someone, cool cool
  • guy wants to do a dark theme, cool cool
  • I make a simple paladin, as usual
  • friends decide to go dwarf bard, human mage, and tiefling warlock, I can work with this
  • talking to DM about my character’s backstory, he suggests my character be a member of a long running clergy family. I agree that it would be a fun character to play.
  • he then tells me that my family was killed by a red tiefling, in front of my guy. oof.
  • the tiefling used magics predominately thought to be warlock-ish
  • Gwyn is playing a red tiefling warlock. double oof.
  • guess i have to kill my best friend’s character in our first fucking session. triple oof.
PLA #1 (Heck)
  • we gather around the mouth of a cave, I play Genthon an Orkish Cleric.
  • we suspect only a few feet ahead of us is a band of thugs, whom the party had been tracking for a few hours
  • Ked, the Human Fighter, suggests we run in screaming. The party agrees, seeing no reason to be cautious.
  • Ked and Handrake, an Orkish Barbarian, lead the charge. With their boisterous battle cries, they stamped forwards unstoppably.
  • We enter into a very dark chamber of the cave, not enough light for even dark vision to see.
  • Cranberry, the Kobald Wizzard casts balls of light into the chamber. Illuminating a reptile most foul, a reptile awoken by the boisterous warcries of two idiotic creatures who at this moment regret their confidence.
  • We face a dragon sitting atop a hoard of plenty, she speaks in common “who art thou, if not moths to fire? doth thou invade my chamber in opposition to my everlasting glory, or doth thou mistake the wind for song?”
  • The party Panics, until Handrake speaks up. “Hello there, oh great one. We are a party of adventurers, who came to slay some thugs. Forgive us, we thought we tracked them here.”
  • DM asks for a persuasion roll, with an 11 Handrake failed.
  • The dragon speaks again “Thugs? Doth thou mean servants of my glory?”
  • Out from the shadow came three human bandits, ready for combat. “Ye shouldn’t 'ave come here” shouts one of them, his clothes tattered, gripping tightly a rusted short sword.
  • I drew my sword, the party followed suit. We could tell combat was inevitable and weren’t willing to beat around the proverbial bush.
  • Ked mained the dragon, taking large swipes at her. He could hold his own for the time being, so the rest of us duelled with the bandits.
  • The bandit I was fighting plunged his rusted dagger into my breast, doing more damage than I could take. I collapsed upon the floor, lifeless.
  • Handrake bashed his bandit’s head in, Cranberry cast fireball and incinerated his, also dealing heavy damage to the dragon.
  • The party fought bravely as the dragon filled the chamber with ignited breath, however, Cranberry joined me in purgatory, his fat melted off of his small bones.
  • Soon, all that remained was Ked, as Handrake’s life was stomped out of his body. His lifeless corpse laying upon the stone floor, mangled beyond repair.
  • Ked considered fleeing, leaving his compatriots behind. But, he couldn’t do it, he swore an oath to the party and that oath he would keep this day.
  • Ked perished, gripping his sword tightly, cursing the dragon, cursing the cruelty of the world. On this day, the lot of us were killed and in that cave our remains remain.
PLA #1 (Heck)

That game was a fun one, we had been playing for about a month of Fridays (more like 20 or so sessions weekly, but whatever) and were to the point that the party was a second family. My character, Genthon, came from the highlands of the continent of Rowings and came from a religious cult before meeting Handrake and setting off for a two Ork adventure. Ked came from a farming background on the coast of 7 eyes - named for a mythical beast that used to patrol the waters there. He joined the party for business, that being the quest that united the party. Cranberry was also from the coast of 7 eyes, but he hailed from the caves on the outskirts of the territory, and being a Kobald he didn’t normally interact with other lifeforms until being hired for the quest. Our fifth member was Alaina Viceroy, a Human noblewoman fighter. She died fighting cave spiders, rest her soul. the BBEG of that game was a king who convinced people that a god spoke through him, and used that to manipulate people into accepting his tyranny. DM told us after we wiped that the BBEG was actually going to be a really easy fight, the man was ancient and not long for the world at that point, and would likely die from a strong wind. Seriously, only had about 20 hit points, and we were already to the point that we were doing 30+ easy. I can only imagine how amazed we would have been if we survived long enough to fight him, we probably would have keeled over laughing from it.

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