light design dark design

EDIT: SVG files linked below:

dark sticker

light sticker

This seems to be the unpopular opinion, but I actually think it’s important that we frame it as ditching corporate spaces, and I think this will get the most users on board with everything (not even just Lemmy, the whole Fediverse as well.)

I agree on ditching corporate spaces, but I also think that we shouldnt only compare Lemmy to Reddit. People can join Lemmy from all kinds of different platforms.

Yes of course but the corporate platform to which it is most comparable is Reddit

The thing is that Reddit is only well known in the United States. In most other countries it is very obscure.

You would be surprised how much it caught up in the non US/West EU techie circles, in the last 3-4 years. I was surprised to see a lot of my Instagram friends in India engaging and paying attention to it, even if they did not make a huge chunk of audience percentage.

Thats true, but techie circles are a pretty small minority of the population, and I would hate to limit Lemmy to that group.

Often it is this vocal minority that brings these platforms as sources in drawing room conversations. Instagram is one week old Reddit, mainstream subreddits are propaganda with recycled news, media outlets cite Reddit occasionally… one well oiled loop machine.

Lemmy if grew on that scale, will bring with itself the toxic userbase that exists on Reddit, and work required to prevent that. If it does not grow, it will stay niche. If it acts like a more quality discussion place than a news aggregator, it can work out like Hacker News. Hacker News exclusively caters to technology categories, nothing more.

I will sound a bit different, but this reddit narrative should only be temporary. In the end it is about growth, showing people the way and being a bit more reasonable than Lemmy being just a reddit alternative, when we have many of them. Lemmy is really special compared to others, and most Lemmurs know why.

I agree! We should try to change the narrative towards a more constructive angle, talking about what makes lemmy unique.

This sticker was made shortly after I joined lemmy and wanted to start some kind of guerilla ad campaign where lemmy users could print out stickers and posters and market lemmy in their city or area. But life happened and other things became a little bit more important for the time being so I just decided to release the best sticker design

Hey no need to feel bad, I am not discouraging you from doing awesome work. But I really am trying to help Lemmy get big, and I am trying to assist the admins and fellow users with my experience.

I am sick and tired of the racism, bigotry and bias that exists on corporate platforms with no regard for privacy and/or anonymity.


Love it!

I like them! Do you have ones that don’t have Reddit in them tho? I think it’s more valuable when people join Lemmy for its features and community and not just because it’s not Reddit.

I could certainly do a version without mentioning reddit. Do you maybe have an idea for an alternative slogan?

Not really, that’s mostly why I asked. It wouldn’t look as good without a slogan on top, but I also have no idea what to replace it with

How about a simple but ambiguous directive: “Use the Link” (“Use the link, Luke” would be going to far! haha)

Let’s see more ideas. The more the better.

“Come to discuss”

that’s really nice :)


They look great <3


Looks cool! I printed QR codes containing my instance’s url and spread them sneakily around the city I live in. Sadly it didn’t lead to an influx of new users. Those kinds of stickers on the other hand… might as well do something similar to those.

I did that time ago with Wire app. Bad that in that time I was not the same.

I like them :)

This is awesome! Are there any SVGs available or is there only bitmaps?

SVGs are available but they are on my other computer. Will attach the files to this post and ping you tommorrow ;)

Uploaded the SVG files!

dark sticker

light sticker

Does lemmy already have merch? A T-short with such print would look nice :)


Cool !

My suggestion for an alternate top text: “Join the Party”

I absolutely love them, look really good!


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