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The official activitypub term is “group”, but yes we just call them communities here. That’s why its also /c/

Thanks, glad you like it so far.

Liberapay is simpler, automatically splits payment between devs, and has no fees (other than the payment processor). They’re even funded by their own model.

Opencollective isn’t as good because you have to submit invoices to get paid.

Patreon is absolutely the worst because it’s not made for teams, and they take a big cut for essentially just running a wordpress for you with payment buttons.

For sure. I think all three of those ones we list are transparent, and really the main cost is just our labor time. Server / infrastructure / devops costs are minimal.

We did have a plan to rework that entire onboarding site this month, but then this whole thing happened. I’ll make sure that’s in there.

Thank you! We’re just glad we can make something ppl find useful in some way.

Here’s our donation page, and there are many other ways to contribute to lemmy too: helping code, writing apps and clients for it, doing translations, and helping ppl get instances set up. Together, as a federation, we can beat reddit and all these US tech giants.

Top quality prequelmemes shitposting.

He could influence the fedichlorians… to produce… memes

The fediverse is a pathway to powers, some consider, unnatural

No probs!

You’re all good. The izzyondroid repo will likely get updates before anything else.

This instance, like most instances, would prefer most content come organically, rather than just being a mirror of whatever reddit has.

Link me a post of yours over there.

When our open source grant from NLNet runs out at the end of this year, we will have to switch to full community funding, probably via yearly funding drives. Currently we only have two full-time devs, @nutomic@lemmy.ml and I, but could potentially add more to our little worker coop as we grow.

If you’d like to help us out, here’s our donation page: https://join-lemmy.org/donate

Liberapay is much preferred, but the other ones work too. I’m sincerely grateful to everyone who has or is contributed, it really does make us feel like we’re working on something worthwhile.

Same, same. If I follow 3 high-volume posters on mastodon or twitter, there goes my entire day.

I prefer to follow topics / communities, not people / celebrities.

Glad to have you! Tell the apollo dev we’d be happy to have them make an app for Lemmy!

I created our android app, jerboa, and there’s also an open source one in development for iOS called mlem

A lot of these western “humanitarian / rights” orgs, came out of the cold war, as part of an active effort to carry out regime change against socialist states and stop the spread of communism. Amnesty international for example was co-founded by someone who worked for british intelligence, and its other founder had close links to the FBI, and even had a hand in the FBI killing of Fred Hampton.


I trust what Muslim and global south countries, as well as the Uyghur people themselves have to say about their treatment, and not these western “human-rights-complex” orgs hailing from countries who have done nothing but bomb the middle east for 60+ years.

Thank you for your correct opinion.

Great work! Thanks for making this. ❤

Thanks! Glad you’re liking it.

No probs.

The onion does some high quality vegan shitposting.

Kbin instances should probably be listed on kbin’s onboarding site.

At no point did I support a genocide, I just agree with most of the world, including the Islamic world, that disagrees that a genocide is taking place.

White supremacists are convinced there’s a white genocide going on. If you were to disagree, does that make you a genocide denier?

Also you should consider the source. The US dropped an average of 60 bombs a day, every day on the middle east, during the Obama era, and western media was 100% complicit. Are these trustworthy sources to tell you what their enemies are up to?

I appreciate your response, and I understand that seeing that content on western-controlled media platforms like reddit, can be very jarring.

I maintiain many megathreads on these topics, but I’m convinced they’d be met with a negative reaction. People just do not tolerate anything positive being said about China. They’ve been inundated with a constant flow of anti-China atrocity propaganda from the western media giants, every single day, for years, in a way that warps their perspective, in the same way that some of my older family members have been made increasingly more racist by fox news.

It took me many years of being lied to consistently, growing up in the US during its wars on Iraq and the peoples of the middle east, to question the source, and subject everything that comes from these platforms with a high degree of scrutiny, especially when the US is the one doing the demonizing.

We could add an explicit no orientalism to rule 1 I suppose, although to me its pretty clear that orientalism falls under racism.

Libgen, scihub, and z-lib are some of the most important projects on the net today. They’re our library of alexandria, and western publishers are doing their best to burn them down.

I miss the era when the web was just this

Same. It’s getting worse over time too, I can hardly hear anything anyone is saying in restaurants and bars anymore.

I felt my inner boomer grow stronger after writing that.

Your glass is issue closed

Now I only have to answer ~300 replies and private messages until I can get back to coding!

Reminder to all: Be respectful when disagreeing.
Rule #2 is possibly our most important one: > Be respectful. Everyone should feel welcome here. Learn to disagree without being rude or disrespectful. It can be difficult sometimes, since western social media *thrives* on collective outrage, and they knowingly ingrain this into us for years. But please do adhere to this rule, and it will make this place much more enjoyable. We will not hesitate to issue temp bans (usually a day or two) for those who make everyone's experience unpleasant.Hit the report button if you see this behavior. Thanks!

What’s your preferred / favorite pour-over method?
I've been using the the [osmotic flow](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Az01iNS1xnQ) / slow method, but I'm interested to see what other people like.

I usually don't get too salty about these things, but that seemed uncalled for, especially since I'm on their side.

Programming help wanted: AI-determined letter positions.
On desktop, I use the [AI-designed Halmak Keyboard](https://youtube.com/watch?v=pZ40gmfDFfQ), and its had great results. Rather than manually picking letter positions, Halmak was designed by an evolutionary algorithm, based on a given set of criteria, and sample text. I designed the original english thumb-key layout manually, with trial-and-error, and based essentially on 3 criteria: - Letter frequency - Alternating thumbs - Thumbs come from the bottom corners, so lower and edge tiles are easier than higher. But I did not take into account things like digrams / trigrams, and I don't know enough about evolutionary algorithms to do it. Would anyone be interested in tackling this problem?

I've been working on this for a few days, let me know what you think. I should have it up on f-droid shortly, but here's the release on github if anyone wants to help test it.

Seems really neat, basically the next.js but for rust. Based on sycamore, a web-ui library for rust. Looks like it does well in the framework benchmarks too. https://krausest.github.io/js-framework-benchmark/2023/table_chrome_110.0.5481.77.html

Mostly bugfixes. [Changelog](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/blob/main/RELEASES.md#lemmy-v0172-release-2023-02-22)