Rust Programming
People who REALLY like the features of Rust and think it can do everything really well, would you rather competing languages adopt similar features or just have everything converge to using Rust?

Something I’m genuinely curious about with people who really like Rust, and want it to be used for everything. If you had a say, which way of the programming ecosystem developing would you personally prefer, and why? Like, if Go or C++ started developing features similar to Rust, like a borrow check…

Anyone had experience programming complex GUIs in Rust?

Has anyone here ever tried using Rust’s Qt or GTK bindings, or another library, to make a complex GUI beyond a few simple forms or dialog boxes? I keep hearing that the language’s architecture makes it really hard to do any sort of advanced GUI development on it, but what’s the actual experience lik…

Are there any other programming languages that use a similar memory architecture?

Is Rust the first language to feature this borrow checker, memory safe without garbage collection concept? What other languages are there that accomplish the same things memory wise?..

new crates from an aspiring-Rustacean: owasp-headers and tower-default-headers

I’ve been trying to skill up in terms of using Rust for developing web services, and it occurred to me that there weren’t any crates available for conveniently adding OWASP’s best-practice HTTP headers to outgoing responses by default …

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rustfmt is too verbose!

This has been a major frustration of mine ever since I discovered the tool, and while I’ve thus far been willing to swallow my disgust for its preferences in favor of the benefits of an autoformatter, moments like this shake my faith. This is what rustfmt wants to do: …

pict-rs 0.3 betas rolling out

Hey all! I’m the developer of pict-rs, the image host API used by lemmy. I’m here to officially announce the availability of the pict-rs 0.3 beta releases. As I type this, v0.3.0-beta.3 is currently building and should be published to dockerhub shortly. Here’s what’s new …

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RUSTFLAGS — A space-separated list of custom flags to pass to all compiler invocations that Cargo performs. In contrast with cargo rustc, this is useful for passing a flag to all compiler instances. See build.rustflags for some more ways to set flags. This string is split by whitespace. …

A simple note taking application written in Rust and GTK4. …

Rust Programming
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