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It means that rich western countries need to be the first to reduce emissions. Right now they are mainly lecturing developing countries without taking real action.

It would be a pretty complex change, probably better to start with something smaller first. Anyway its always good to have more contributors :)

I dont know if the slur filter for lemmy.ml is posted publicly anywhere, but its just insults which no one would use in normal conversation. Also, each instance can define their own filter, or disable it completely.

Yes that migrating the urls would be possible. Just needs someone to implement it, as always ;)

Go to https:://your-domain.com/api/v3/post/list and see what it says. Most likely a problem with the backend, but the google links dont work for me.

I think she is talking about this functionality which already exists. It is not very intuitive though.

let res = my_collection
.map(|x| method_that_returns_result(x))
.collect::<Result<Vec<T>, Error>>()?;

So it turns a Vec<Result, Error> into Result<Vec<T>, Error>, and you can turn it into Vec<T> simply with ?. Otherwise you would probably need a for loop.

And you want to ban people just because they have a different opinion. To me that sounds much more dangerous.

If its baseless then why does everyone make such a big deal of it? Just ignore the community and move on.

Yhe purpose of rules and moderation is that everyone behaves well, eithoit personal insults etc. Not to decide what is true or false (thats what discussions are for).

If its really misinformation like you say, it should be no problem to debunk it with actual arguments. And if you dont like the community, you can personally block it.

Coronavirus cases: 326 million (many of those mild, or happened during first wave) Vaccines: 9.630 million doses globally

So they are completely different orders of magnitude.

And how many of those medications are sold per year? Probably not a lot. In comparison, there were hundreds of millions of Covid vaccinations sold over the past year. Iirc each one costs about 10-20€ based on leaks. So you can calculate how much money they earned.

You might be healthy, but you shouldnt think only about yourself. Pharma companies made record profits from vaccination programs (for which governments spent billions of euros of tax money). If people stop getting vaccinated, the profits will fall, and stock value will decrease. It could even be the trigger for an economic crisis.

So you should definitely get more booster shots, and tell others to do the same. I hope this simple economic argument can convince some of those egoistic anti-vaxers.

You can setup an instance and see how well it works. Of course js is required for now (but you could use a mobile/desktop Lemmy app over Tor). For federation it would probably be necessary that peer instances also have Tor installed, to resolve .onion Urls. Or use a clearnet domain for federation.

That one is probably harmless, it just means that the activity was already received and processed before. It is strange though that Lemmy on your instance would send the same activity twice.

Earlier I changed lemmy.ml logs to warn in docker-compose.yml and ran docker-compose up -d. Since then it has collected some better logs:

$ sudo docker-compose logs lemmy | grep midwest.social


I suggest you follow the same steps for logging (with grep lemmy.ml), and see more useful log entries. In this case it looks like midwest.social is sometimes unreachable. And there are some weird public key errors, which should have more information in your logs.

Because the EU is not democratic at all. For example, the Comission president (von der Leyen) wasnt even running in the election, but still got the post, probably because Germany decided it. Which is the next problem, Germany has way too much power in the EU, and is the main country that benefits from it (along with France, and other northern countries). But conditions in the south and east of Europe (Spain, Italy, Greece, etc) have become worse and worse over the last decades.

sudo docker-compose logs -f --tail=100 lemmy

You might want to change the log level for Lemmy to warn or error. I also checked the logs on our side just now, but there were no errors for midwest.social.

It could be this issue, but hard to say. Do you notice any errors in your Lemmy logs?

Looks similar to Quake, very interesting! But based on the videos, it seems to be very early in development (placeholder textures everywhere).

Pretty interesting video, if you stop watching at 21:10. After that its just “china bad” scaremongering and other nonsense…

Common Elements of Fascism

The term fascism gets thrown around a lot, as if it were simply a synonym for “right-wing extremism”, “political violence”, or “antisemitism”. So it seems useful to look at an actual definition. This one was written by Umberto Eco, who analyzed the development of the first fascist movement, under Be…

Signups for weblate.yerbamate.ml are working again

The domain was included in a spam list, which meant that confirmation emails couldnt be delivered, and signup was impossible. Now the problem is fixed, so if you would like to translate Lemmy into your language, register an account and get started. …

Do we really need self upvotes in Lemmy?

I never really thought about the automatic self upvote on Reddit and Lemmy. But after reading this article Dont let me like my own post, i’m wondering if we should just get rid of it. Its not really adding anything, or does it? Plus removing it would slightly si…

Reddit integrates cryptocurrency

Do they want users to switch to the fediverse? …