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An excellent reminder about how these things work. Another question for thought: how many arms do humans have?

largely because they were born in Germany I imagine

They may not be downvoting the actual leftist content of the article or meme, but something else, especially the plethora unrelated subjects that have been tied to leftist ideologies.

I’ll be on Librewolf as soon as I can get my password manager extension to work on it ;_;

Lol I know, it was just the first hypothetical situation I could think of that could change the answer to this question.

Generally yes but it depends on several factors. If there were only one piece of food left in the world and you took it from someone else who also needed it, this would be a different question than lifting something from a multinational corporate-run store that is insured out the ass.

Cowboy Bebop is very important to me, and I’ll end up watching this without question. So far I’m cautiously optimistic but Netflix could just as easily still ruin it.

Submitting bug reports, helping other users switch to free software, advertising free software, advocating for it, helping others with issues they have regarding free software

This article is about communities that shut down their forums to move to Discord. Generally speaking, running an instance of say, Vboard or whatever isn’t very much harder than running a Lemmy instance, or something like that, so that might be one reason why it wasn’t generally considered a desirable alternative for them.

1: SumatraPDF is for Windows.

2: They were asking what epub reader I’m using in the screenshot.

They absolutely could. I’m hardly a barber but I cut my own hair with some proficiency. I’d assume a master barber would be even more prepared to do this than I am.

Thanks! Me too. My favorite thing about Xfce is how customizeable it is. I can make Xfce look like any other DE, pretty much, if I want. I can even emulate Windows or macOS if I so wished. People have an idea that Xfce is really old or looks bad, and I disagree.

I don’t really listen to blackbear, but I do keep a station on Pandora for contemporary stuff so I don’t get too far behind on what people are listening to, lol. This is just what was playing at the moment.

I get your point but it does exist, yet all these op-eds just sort of shrug their arms and say “well if ONLY there were something better!” after having done exactly 0 research (or perhaps directly maliciously)

Everyone always acts like the Fediverse doesn’t exist for some reason

I’m using the word “liberal” in the way it is generally understood in the United States right now. I’m not referring to “classical liberalism.” And deplatforming may work for getting certain kinds of speech off a platform, but ensuring these people interact solely with each other only ensures their right-wing ideas fester in private and bubble up to the surface later, much worse.

Yes. The liberal tendency to excommunicate people from polite society and shove them into underground spaces where these horrible rightoid ideas fester has created this type of thing. It’s like a teenager trying to cover their acne by letting their long hair cover their face. It’s making it worse.

The Fermi Paradox

This game looks pretty kickass, actually…

Steam Group for Lemmynauts

Hello all, I’ve made a Steam group for Lemmynauts to find one another and play games together. Feel free to join!..

Gemini Link Aggregator? (Hypothetical)

I was wondering today - would it hypothetically be possible to create a Lemmy/Reddit-style link aggregator completely in Geminispace? It seems like it would be an interesting project!..

In other news, I’m old…

I discovered this excellent performance of Silly Wizard’s “The Queen of Argyll” today and figured I’d share!..

I have created a new community as I recently saw there isn’t an existing community for go, the ancient Chinese board game of strategy. …

How to cope with lack of IRL friends/acquaintances on the Fediverse?

So, I completely switched to FOSS federated social networks toward the middle of 2020. I love the Fediverse, but nobody I know IRL seems to care at all about it in any capacity, so I’m basically just screaming into a void full of other FOSSheads. How do I reconcile this? How do we get our IRL peeps …

Spotted on Diaspora today…

Hey everyone, I figured I’d just share some guitar videos I’ve put up on PeerTube…

What are these cats I'm seeing everywhere as avatars? [SOLVED]

I feel like every third person has that same cat as their avatar. Some are like different colors and some just have an overlay or whatever but it’s the same cat. What is it??? …

Best Places to Meet New People Online?

Hello everyone. So this year has me feeling very isolated and I’m thinking about how easy it used to be to meet people online and how difficult it’s become to do so. There used to be tons of good places to meet people but internet culture has changed so much that now it’s virtually impossible. Even …

My previous PeerTube instance is down. Which one should I join?

As the title states, the PeerTube instance I had previously been using is down with no warning. I didn’t like it that much anyway. I’m looking for a good instance with anti-nazi moderation that has local content but also federates with many other instances. I’ve been thinking about framatube but is…