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Sorry, I used the wrong word. I meant to use “calques” instead of “loanwords”

it’s “je partage admirablement”, monsieur. Gardeis ces neologismes dehors de ça filetage!

While some expressions find obvious translations – “pro-gamer” becomes “joueur professionnel” – others seem a more strained, as “streamer” is transformed into “joueur-animateur en direct”.

I can try to imagine a similar situation in Italy. I would rather get fired than call streamers “giocatori-animatori in diretta” or cloud gaming “videogiochi su nuvola” because “anglicisms could act as “a barrier to understanding” for non-gamers”. “giocatore-animatore in diretta” is no less confusing than an English word, and definitely more prone to misinterpretation - because these words already have meanings people will instinctively attach to them. Loanwords Calques would have been more effective and less chaotic, no idea why the Academie Francaise decided to go down this road instead of making words up, as they usually do. The French are getting a little taste of neocolonialism and they just can’t swallow it

You’re right, I wanted to open it or post a suggestion in some meta community, but after setting up the filter I totally forgot about that box and ended up never doing it

Agree. I’m currently using an uBlock filter to hide it :)

Yes, the mechanics are the same. pixialcanvas.io itself might be one of the many r/place-like sites that popped out after the event’s success

Reddit's most successful April Fools community game, /r/place, is back after 5 years
A little bit of context: 7 years ago Reddit introduced an April Fools event people could play by interacting with each other from within Reddit itself. The first event was called [The Button](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Button_(Reddit)), but the most successful one was 2017's [/r/place](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Place_(Reddit)). During the 3 days the even lasted, users could change the color of any pixel in a 1.000x1.000 canvas (with a 5 seconds cooldown). Communities from all over reddit (and beyond) organized to collaborate and draw something meaningful on the canvas, be it their community mascot, some meta joke, or anything else really. I personally participated in the game, and it was one of the funniest community-based events I've been able to experience online. Apparently, after 5 years, [they decided to bring /r/place back](https://redd.it/tqbf9w). I'm posting this because I was thinking that, as the Lemmy community, we could organize to draw a lemmur on the canvas :) I wonder if other communities in the Fediverse are going to organize and put some effort into it btw, if anyone knows anything about it it would be cool to gather a list of communities who are going to participate to represent the Fediverse in the game

It looks like someone messed up the instance title and basic data. “DS9” used to be a test instance, as far as I remember it was used when federation was first tested

I’m currently using FlorisBoard on Android (I’ve been using it for the last ~7 days, so not much), and it doesn’t have words correction yet - so yeah, I’m constantly looking up words online (or briefly switching to OpenBoard). If I went back to high school, my English tests would be such a mess…

I can fit an entire medium-to-large sized slice of cake in my mouth using my bare hands without the aid of chopsticks

In my experience, OpenBoard has the best auto-corrector with fuzzy word finding

“This has been a long battle”, said Dr Johnny Ryan of the Irish Council for Civil Liberties. “Today’s decision frees hundreds of millions of Europeans from consent spam, and the deeper hazard that their most intimate online activities will be passed around by thousands of companies”.

This comment kinda implies that things are going to change, but it’s not outlined how they are going to change. The article mentions how the framework fails to inform users which data will be collected and how it will be used, but also that it “fails to properly request consent, and relies on a lawful basis (legitimate interest) that is not permissible because of the severe risk posed by online tracking-based “Real-Time Bidding” advertising”. This suggests that the framework must be reworked to be more accessible/friendly to users, and that some of options that usually fell under the “legitimate interest” category maybe shouldn’t be enabled by default.

My main issue with the cookie consent popups is that many of them are ridiculously long to configure, and are very clearly designed to be misleading and ambiguous. Sometimes they even take you to a new page or need to load additional stuff when you decide to disable non-essential cookies. People have just given up on mangling with these toggles and just click on “accept all” as soon as the cookie alert pops out.

> "We hope that within the next few weeks we can have a breakthrough" on what has been a bone of contention for months, WTO leader Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala told a press conference. > > "We believe there could be a sensible landing zone, a sensible compromise solution that would allow developing countries more access to technology transfer and IP whilst protecting innovation and research, not discouraging it," she added. > > While a deal could be reached soon, it may not happen before the EU-African Union summit on February 17-18 in Brussels, said Okonjo-Iweala. This wobbly opening comes more than one year after India and South Africa's [request](https://docs.wto.org/dol2fe/Pages/SS/directdoc.aspx?filename=q:/IP/C/W669.pdf&Open=True) to temporarily lift TRIPS agreements on pandemic-related medical technologies

Two years ago they said it was going to be ready by the end of that year, but there has been no news since then (afaik). My personal guess is that they’re waiting to finish the rewrite of the app, and don’t want to spend resources on the current version besides bugfixies

i think that kind of forum would be onto something interesting

anonymous boards can be a pleasing experience. I’ve been active on 4chan for a few years (and on 8chan for a few months), the comfort of anonymity and the impossibility to develop bias toward specific online identities help people to express their mind openly and without fear of being judged or having your shit takes stickied on your front head for the rest of you online persona’s life - which is something I’ve always liked about these places. Forming a bond with the board’s hivemind and having a place to vent without the fear of being judged is truly a weird and unique experience. If it wasn’t for all the trash it attracts. These spaces were totally ruined by the nazis and hyper-libertarian shitting all over the place. I stopped hanging on there for the vitriolic, racist, bigoted posts popping out every two threads, who luckily didn’t radicalize me, they rather had the opposite effect. Every now an then I still have a look at what some anonymous Telegram bots are up to, they’re the only place that offer an image board-like experience and that are moderated. I too wonder what 4chan would be like without all the alt-right and hyper-libertarian trash

Unless you use secret chats, Telegram can theoretically access all your conversations, as they are stored in their cloud. It should be a no-brainer, but there’s a couple of cool privacy/anonymity-related things that Telegram has over Signal:

  • you can chat with people and join groups without having to share your phone number
  • in private chats, you can delete messages for both sides, anytime, and even those that were sent by your chat partner (or directly wipe the entire conversation for both the involved parties)
  • in group chats, you can delete your messages without time limit (some forks of the Android app allows to delete your entire messages history, for all members, in one click (eg. Forkgram, it’s on f-droid)). As far as I remember, Signal has a 3 hours threshold
  • it’s not based in the US, and it has a good record when it comes to protect their users’ data from governments attempts to sneak into their inbox

“Also active in /r/JordanPeterson, /r/JoeRogan”

Hunter-gatherer before behavioral modernity /s

Scrambled tofu with spring onions. It takes 10 minutes and only requires a pan and a surface where to cut the vegetables. You need one spring onion, 300g of tofu, nutritional yeast, turmeric, salt, oil, garlic powder, soy milk (sugar-free), any vegetable (I usually use peppers, but also broccoli, spinach or any other vegetable, or beans are good too)

  • cut the spring onion very thinly (just the “white part”). I usually cut a few of them and then freeze (or put in the fridge) the rest
  • also cut peppers in cubes. Again, I usually cut 3/4 peppers at time so I’m good for a week or more. You can freeze what you don’t need right now
  • scramble the tofu (I do it with my hands, I usually cut it in smaller blocks first)
  • pour one spoon of olive oil on the pan and heat it for one minute
  • add spring onions and tofu, and cook the thing for 3-4 minutes or until the tofu starts to gain a darker color
  • add two spoons of nutritional yeast, one teaspoon of salt, 1/4 spoon of turmeric, a sprinkle of garlic powder, add the vegetables
  • cook it for 4/5 minutes
  • turn off the fire, add 4/5 spoons of soy milk, and mix everything

I've noticed this mostly from Quentin's posts, but some other people from that instance posted here on lemmy.ml and their posts had 0 as score. You can tell it's not because downvotes, otherwise the downvotes count would show up. Is it normal? Is it a bug? Or are OPs removing their "auto-upvote" to their posts on purpose?


From the [DDoSecrets wiki page](https://ddosecrets.com/wiki/Epik): > According to the hackers, the contents include: > > Domain purchases > > Domain transfers > > WHOIS history > > DNS changes > > Email forwards, catch-alls, etc. > > Payment history > > Account credentials > > Over 500,000 private keys > > An employee's mailbox > > Git repositories > > /home/ and /root/ directories of a core system