I am a 22 years old vegan nyanya, SysAdmin and WebDev student.

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I use the TDE backup tool (Keep) when I use my Devuan OS with TDE for automatic differencial backups in an external hard drive of my ~/Documents/ directory.

I use Déjà Dup when I use Debian with GNOME for the whole user directory in a Nextcloud account.

The backups are made daily in both cases.

More than: “considering individuals of other species with consciousness to deserve same or equivalent rights as humans (considering them people) needs more personal sacrifice than not hating day people”.

The Partido Vegano here in Spain was an attempt 2 years ago to do that with Veganism which is not a diet (or ethical veganism for people who still think that is a diet).

https://derechosanimalesya.org’s author was one of the main members.

The maim problem was that supposed vegans who wanted to help, didn’t want to vote a political party or even preferred to vote to some other which were not centric on that or were saying untrue things.

What do you mean by fork? Light fork or hard fork? (dependent or independent of the main project respectively)

You are responsible if you take care of them as you would be for your direct descendants while they are minor or cannot live independently.

If it is in your possibility avoid animal slavery to feed them, then you should take that path.

If you are unsure, there are veterinarians that can make a vegan specific diet for them.

Veganism is not a decision, it is an ethical principle and is the bare minimum we can do for other animal species.

“Carnivorous” is a biological condition but doesn’t determine what you can eat.

In the parragraph before I tell you safe steps to ensure that they have nutrients enough as if they were taking their normal diet limited by their biological condition.

There are also specific food for them. It is not like there is no research but a lot of veterinarians could tell you that there is not when it is completely false.

I tell you based on experience.

The work is only needed at Lemmur side in your first parragraph such as is done by NewPipe.

Community list of public instances for that?

I saw 15 years old students in my old high school doing worse things so I think only the first word can apply.

If I want to consider someone terrorist, maybe I would start with the teachers that did nothing to stop fights and similar issues.

I self reply myself: it seems that it is.

Is Gigablast being maintained again?

I don’t agree using the speciesist expression “treated as dogs”.

Must haves:

  • To check by you if my history is enough
  • I connect to Lemmy.ml three times a day at minimum to read mostly.
  • Yes, I have. I use to try to even promote Lemmy here but it is difficult given the main focus in English content (by now).
  • To check too.
  • No


  • To check as I don’t track myself on that since recently.
  • I think I can say that I did and do.
  • No, never thought on applying until now. I was not sure if I could hold the responsibility.
  • I am not in Lemmy Official Matrix room(s), I only helped to mount the unofficial spanish one ( https://matrix.to/#/#lemmy-es:mozilla.org ) and my Matrix account is @echedeylr:mozilla.org.
  • A little but my account is https://github.com/EchedeyLR.

Timezone: one less than Nutomic’s one

Languages: Spanish and English (not native, B1 certified)

Puedes practicar con alguna persona en la sala de Lemmy en español situada en Matrix.


What if we send you (or pay) a compatible one?

What does a person need to apply as admin or moderator? (this last one in general communities driven by admins or thought at site level like asklemmy)

I never said you could not.

I tell you what is a complete definition of what a Desktop Environment is.

You could prefetly just install the Shell and the WM.

Desktop Environment = Graphical Shell (GUI) + Apps.

Thank you for sharing cutie.

Lemmy Matrix room in Spanish

I recently created a Lemmy room in Spanish for the people who use Lemmy and speaks Spanish as main language…

How many people here has Spanish as main language?

I was interested in creating a Matrix room for Lemmy in Spanish if doesn’t exist already. …

Have you commited any error choosing products by obviating some ingredient or confusing it?

I know that a lot of people buy certified ones but I am also concerned of buying food or any other thing without the certification just by checking ingredients (mostly food which is easier). …

Wrong URL termination in several posts in Lemmy

I don’t know if it is a tendency in Lemmy but I have started to see that several new posts in Lemmy finish with the “?” symbol without sense, like when you make a request in a form…

Entrevista periodista uruguayo en Cuba

The audio is only available in Spanish…

I would like to ask your help to move Tenacity project to SourceHut, being the primary option preferable (has more votes) and then option 2…