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Maybe you are misunderstanding me.

I point you to that because what you mentioned as “Not for all my messengers” was meant like it was Matrix fault which is not (this meaning was also supported because you mentioned later that some are commercial which is not true for any listed in the Matrix.org list).

Manyverse cannot be bridged easily (it is p2p), same for Jami (unless is used by a SIP account) and Wire doesn’t allow it in their main instance by its ToS (there is an issue asking to allow it even).

Is not a server, is a network of service nodes but almost all of them are in the same country.

It is non-free in both client and server side.

I prefer MetaGer.

When I mention the walled garden features, I am exactly making reference to the ones promoted by Google phones which set the base for that environment.

Mailing lists can be specific of an instance since it needs direct access to the email infraestructure (direct access, not an account) in order to work.

Consider them as as a “plugin” to your email server.


promotes the Android walled garden utilities by Google (Trustlets, etc)

promotes Google phones

I have been using this successfully to track my devices online and share it for 2 years already.

I was thinking in just the redirector itself so anyone could select the instance they considered from there.

I understand that, don’t worry. This is why my proposal was for suggestions at least (not implementing translations as that) and reviews.

Other users should be able to add suggestions though.

I am a native Spanish speaker but also know English.

While translating in both sides I use to commit errors and, as I know that, I use to make suggestions from most of my translations or submit proposals to be reviewed.

That doesn’t make me less capable of helping with translations.

When they load, the comment in a browser tab, they just see that.

They has no account or anything.

Have you commited any error choosing products by obviating some ingredient or confusing it?

I know that a lot of people buy certified ones but I am also concerned of buying food or any other thing without the certification just by checking ingredients (mostly food which is easier). …

Wrong URL termination in several posts in Lemmy

I don’t know if it is a tendency in Lemmy but I have started to see that several new posts in Lemmy finish with the “?” symbol without sense, like when you make a request in a form…

I would like to ask your help to move Tenacity project to SourceHut, being the primary option preferable (has more votes) and then option 2…