why did lenin kill all those people

anarchists like to complain about how Lenin killed hundreds of prostitutes this is the unfortunate cost of war incidents get hurt and killed. i was wondering if anyone had any arguments for why this had to be or why it happened was it worth it.


It seems this letter was a mistranslation, and it was somewhat common in Russian to call your political opponents “prostitutes” at the time. Then of course you have to wonder – if there’s a mistranslation to the term prostitute, and it was on purpose, is the terms of “kill and deport” intentional too?

It seems the mistranslation might have been intentional to paint Lenin as a mass murderer. But it’s also not entirely proven, so who knows.

What we do know is that we can’t actually point to the time prostitutes or other sex workers were massively deported or killed outside of this letter. Like, there’s literally 0 evidence anywhere else. So there’s some credibility towards a mistranslation.

Felipe Forte

You assume Lenin “killed” those people based on a single letter? That’s uncritical of you to assume that. And you created your account less than 20 minutes ago to spill the same bullshit infantile leftists spills at us to portray Marxists-Leninists as bad? Quite suspicious, I’d say, considering this is a very specific question, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

I’m not sure whether “prostitutes” should be taken literally, it seems Lenin had a little habit of using the word as an insult towards his political opponents. Also, the phrase “political prostitute” is widely known in Russian language, means “opportunist” and is often misattributed to Lenin himself.


You assume Lenin “killed” those people based on a single letter? That’s uncritical of you to assume that.

how should i go about it in the furture?

Felipe Forte

If you study the events of that time, and read some of the stuff the man has written, you’ll see it’s completely out of character to promote the killing of sex workers.


thank you


thank you i just read about this on the anarchist library it seemed dogmatic to oppose this without any reason or good argument

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