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how do i stop being suicidal

autism sucks it is a disease that should be rid with eugenics is what i think sometimes. i suck at being social(i fear social rejection) this makes me depressed which makes suicidal which makes me order a rope. unfortunately i have told people about this in the past and they take away my means to ki…

how do you change things in society under Leninism

in terms of legalizing same-sex marriage that sort of stuff laws that would be hard to pass because of homophobia within the party…

You assume Lenin “killed” those people based on a single letter? That’s uncritical of you to assume that.

how should i go about it in the furture?

thank you i just read about this on the anarchist library it seemed dogmatic to oppose this without any reason or good argument

why did leninists use secret police

why is it after the revolution of the proletariat the Marxist-leninist party’s enforce secret police …

why did lenin kill all those people

anarchists like to complain about how Lenin killed hundreds of prostitutes this is the unfortunate cost of war incidents get hurt and killed. i was wondering if anyone had any arguments for why this had to be or why it happened was i…