Amerika’s strategy when dealing with extremists is to kill them until there are none left.

That’s their strategy for everything. Just bomb the problem until it goes away.

They are doing it in the Middle East, they are doing it in the Philippines even. They tried it in Vietnam, they tried it in Korea.

This is generally how any imperialist power deals with their problem. Then they wonder why they keep getting attacked by terrorists.

China meanwhile is investing money into teaching marginalised people, to help them integrate, support themselves, get out of this rut they found themselves stuck in. Show them another life is possible.

I eagerly await the day the empire will fall for good.


One thing to note is that the position of bombing the middle east to counter terrorism (which is essentially a product of Western actions) is in part only a rhetoric and the decision of permanently having troops there to exert geopolitical influence is a conscious tactic. That really makes their accusations for the sake of what they call human rights that much more decrepit. Many liberals and self-proclaimed leftists don’t find it at all problematic that their worldview is in completely alignment with someone like Pompeo who is a sworn enemy of the international working class. Extremism and separatist forces are completely wiped out from the narrative regarding Xinjiang to make it look like the CPC just wants to kill off the Uyghur people. It’s a very doomed situation in the West regarding the dissemination of truth but China seems to be holding up well and the international community has backed it too. This is one of things that makes me optomistic despite liberals and sinophobes screeching about it left and right.


I used to think that I would be a Maoist when I first started out on my journey through Marxism. And it has been a hard journey. But almost from the get-go, I saw a lot of Maoists regurgitate arguments that, at least to my mind, are not only repeats of Western media propaganda, but are also “left” deviationist and right deviationist.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my thoughts down below as well.


China seems to be holding up well and the international community has backed it too

CGTN’s Liu Xin recently said on twitter: “China is used to the bad press and can live with it.” in response to someone saying that MSM did not report on the Pfizer vaccine deaths and that line struck me even though it’s completely unrelated. It struck me that that’s the reality of power. Sure the western left can hate you all they want, but at the end of the day, your people are safe in their homes. The western left loves Palestine and rightfully so, but their adoration alone cannot stop the killing of Palestinians by Israel. Better to be hated but powerful than to be loved but bullied.

This is why Blacks say they want power. Sure, at a certain level it feels good to be the underdog, but it’s not even close to having your people live free or hell, just live at all sometimes.


I’ll give my 2 cents as a comrade that’s only been into Marxism-Leninism for about 2 years (well, we’re nearing the anniversary, anyways).

I think that most communists in the West should organize as much as possible, get used to armed protest to practice carrying a gun just in case, and really, just get involved in their local or national organization in general. There’s no such thing as a “perfect” organization and I feel that comrades do make the mistake too often of bailing out of an organization when the going gets tough or not joining an organization at all because it’s not up to their very precise standards. I think we need to have a bit more discipline than that.

So why’s this relevant to your post? I feel that if one is going to sit back and argue online about socialism/communism, one should at least make sure that their facts are straight and that their grasp of theory is correct. The fact that China is a DOTP should be dawning on most of us right now. It is a socialist nation albeit in a “primary” stage (according to the CPC) of it, usually translated as being in an early stage of it.

And while I agree that there are flaws with the system, it is so far more powerful than the Soviet Union during its heyday. I think, in my opinion as a junior Marxist (obviously, I could very well be wrong) that if one is going to “fight the communist culture war” for the, well, the communist side, let’s… actually talk about and acknowledge the modern-day socialist success story that is China, Laos, Vietnam, the DPRK, and Cuba (or the five remaining AES states, if we don’t include maybe Nepal and Angola).

I’m just saying: if one is not in an org, then at the very least, maybe try to convince others by telling the truth. China is socialist, otherwise it wouldn’t even be able to do half the shit it does to its billionaires, which are treated more like helmsman for certain industries that ultimately answer to the government anyway. Yes, there are class contradictions, obviously, but that’s a thing under socialism. Yes, markets or perhaps we should say market mechanisms are NOT intrinsically “capitalist.” And yes, there are issues, but so far it’s doing better than even the Soviet Union during its existence.

So… I guess what I’m saying is this: there’s nothing wrong with being a “keyboard warrior” for communism sometimes (though you really should get organized as soon as you’re able) but let’s not hold back on the truth when it comes to AES states: they are socialist, whatever their flaws, and no amount of hand-wringing about “revisionism” will change that.

lol I hope I didn’t say anything that people will disagree with; I’m still a junior Marxist-Leninist, but maybe I got it right this time.



Since joining a party, I think more and more that it doesnt really matter what people think about faraway countries like China. Because at the end of the day, whether you “support” China or not doesnt make any real difference. Its much more important that you organize with other people in your neighborhood and your city. And as long as you have local comrades who are willing to put in the work, it doesnt really matter whether you disagree on on topics like China.


We’ve never talked about China in my party because… it has no bearing on our work. There’s no official line but probably most comrades are supportive. Individually I will try to promote China when talking to people but there’s no party line on them; we have our own revolution to build.

I think it’s good to promote the PRC because you can give people proposals. You can go, “Look here at this good thing they’re doing! Let’s do it in our country too.” If you let the hate fester instead people will just go, “Ew, China’s doing it? Let’s not do this good thing then because it is evil by association.”

I agree that “support” doesn’t really matter. However, the propaganda still has to be challenged anyway since it will have real impact on people. Asians in the US for example. Even the whole propaganda about PRC’s authoritarianism has in a way ended up biting the imperial core in the ass. Lockdowns were made fun of as draconian things that the evil, controlling commies in the PRC do. The US believed that their supposed freedom could win the day for them and it failed spectacularly. You and I know the result: 400k deaths.


If your party in the US decides that it is a priority, then by all means. But here it just doesnt come up in the media that much, and we have way more important work to do.

Yeah, then in your case it doesn’t really matter. I was talking more in a general, if-it-comes-up sense. I mean I don’t live in the US and I too don’t have to deal with that problem in my daily life. I still speak up when people in my immediate circle says some shit on some random day. I’m not saying make it a party program or anything.

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