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Yep, and sadly that’s one of the few things they picked.

Hong Kong apartments with kennels for domestic servants.

Even that is projection as westoid consumption has ruined the air and they refuse to set up high speed rail and public transportation.

I don’t think it’s stupidity, if you are able to frame California as commeifornia and Canada as commuda or whatever, then you can go even more reactionary and rightwards. At least at the upper echelons that know what they are doing.

The fundamental objection of these people to the system is that when the imperialist US (and notice how I didn’t put that in quotations) robs the global south, it doesn’t distribute that wealth more towards them. It’s always material interests in the end.

Were the Nazis showing such compassion to Soviet pilots?

Edit: genuinely asking.

Oh wow, it’s like the leaders of Japan are bourgeois comprador puppets of the west or something.

Because Hitler brought colonial violence to Europe. You can starve and genocide Asians and Africans all you want, but don’t touch Europe.

Edit: sorry I forgot indigenous Americans and aboriginal peoples, whoever else I missed.

Thanks, the GZD quarantine made a bunch of us join lemmygrad around this timeframe and it worked out great.

Thanks, the GZD quarantine made a bunch of us join lemmygrad around this timeframe and it worked out great.

“Please only do the acceptable amount of racism. I don’t want people to think I am an asshole. I am, but I don’t want anyone thinking that”

When liberals talk about human rights, a clarifying question is who do they consider human?

He is larping. I have encountered this person here before denying/ downplaying the deaths of migrant workers in Qatar as it pertains to the world cup.

I heard cocaine helps with that.

Oh yeah, that is definitely more accurate.

Definitely don’t look up Fallujah birth defects. I am being incredibly serious here. Just let your imagination run because it will be far less horrific than the reality.

He says the quiet parts out loud…

I.e. when he held up the school project board of pictures of fighter jets and tanks they sell Saudi Arabia to do war crimes in Yemen. Put the same pictures in a McKinsey PowerPoint deck with some polite change of languaging Ctrl H “offensive” with “defensive” and “dead children” with “minimum collateral damage” and you have liberalism.

Yeah, the russkies trick us into thinking we are exploited. /S

Just raise interest rates like 1 point and the economy shits its pants. What a stable system.

Millions of tiny little Gorbachevs is just what the world needs now lol

Edit: Zelensky is just a poor man’s Gorbachev.

To these people who have never gone to bed cold and with more parasites in their stomach than food, that part isn’t violence. But when a peasant picks up a weapon that’s violence. The lashes to a slave aren’t violence, when that slave revolts, that’s violence.

These people really do expose themselves.

Lmao, one mad downvoter clown lurking here.

If only the people who he dropped napalm on knew Morse code.

Imagine loving Vaush let alone admitting it lmao.

That’s so fucking gross… Am I wrong?

Holy crap, what a cesspool. Can’t wait for the global south to salt these sweaty leeches.

They have to know the “not” world hates them right? Or do they only surround themselves with compradors from “not” the world.

Lol they don’t even know their own target audience. They would actually think that’s good.

They also did it for 20 years plus to Muslims while saying Islam isn’t a race (but we know what they mean). These are the people that will do Abu Ghraib and then say China mistreats Muslims. The other possibility is they may forget about Russians and focus their hatred on Chinese people soon, or pick a new people altogether. In fact they aren’t too happy with the Saudis normalizing ties with Iran so it might be Arabs.

Libs are creeps.

Also, now imagine those conflicts with someone right across the border. When you live a life of comfort for so long, I think war just becomes some abstract sterile concept. These people have no idea how much suffering this would cause, even to them.

I can't recommend this book enough. It's not just sterile economics language, it also makes you feel some small fraction of the misery of what capitalist economics mean for the downtrodden (emphasis on the small fraction).

I hope Iran wins tomorrow, just to see the copium that would ensue. Every global sporting event I see this story about some sports team, sometimes it's Iran, sometimes it is North Korea, etc... The other story I have seen is that the Iran team doesn't actually like the "regime". One of the biggest and most annoying liberal tropes is that the people of country x, believe what they do. Yeah, the people of Iran want Exxon to have their oil for free.