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What was GamerGate even all about? I forgot lol. Some girl giving a blowjob for a game review or something? I swear, Westerners get all up in arms over the most insignificant things…

It’s because they still have the mental capacity of teens. Arrested development

Why does it have to be nazis taking power tho - why can’t it be us? ;)

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How is it even possible to be THIS naive? -_-

The Men of War games - fun RTS games which often feature a great Soviet campaign. The Vietnam one is the only game I know of in which you can play the NVA and they’re portrayed as the good guys.

Crisis in the Kremlin - It’s an alternate history political simulator of the USSR during Perestroika. You can alter the course of revisionism and prevent the collapse. Excellent game!

The Stalin Subway - Solid FPS game in which you play as an NKVD agent, the plot revolves around a coup attempt by Beria, which you are trying to prevent. You literally go out of your way to save Comrade Stalin’s life here, so it’s pretty much the most tankie/M-L game ever…

I’ve never even heard of that tendency. What do they think of Pol Pot? lol

More like immature - like something a 12 year old would make

Holy shit - the amount of upvotes O.O!!! I want to leave this planet…

This is only the tip of the iceberg of their arrogance, tbh. They’re always like this, usually even worse. Oh well, it’s okay, it doesn’t bother me - in fact, I’ve always found it amusing to see someone be so arrogant and yet so blatantly wrong lol.

Also notice how neoliberal debate tactics are always deceptive and underhanded - usually relying on the changing of definitions and moving of goalposts. Sometimes they’ll even go out of their way to change the definition of capitalism itself just to fit their narrative, which is always pretty funny to see xD .

From the MarchingWith....whoops I mean MarchAgainstNazis sub

I bet they were Americans

More like MarchingWithNazis

This image just gave me cancer

True, I mean remember that “storm Area 51” thing, which was literally just a dumb meme? And then the army responded by saying that they would shoot and bomb all the people lmao - and that wasn’t even any sort of political action, it was just a dumb joke xD. But 'Muricans will still say “No we don’t have a repressive state, muh freedom and democracy ect.”

No, having sex is NOT the same as performing general labour. Do you really need someone to sit down with you and explain why, like are you really that dense?

Is it really that common?? IDK, I’m not a porn watching degenerate anymore and haven’t been for a long time, for years now - it wasn’t common then tho, I don’t remember seeing anything like that haha. So you’re saying porn has gotten even worse? Wow…not really surprised,but yeah…