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I like the federation and hope that isn’t too trigger-happy with de-federating from instances. You only see by default anyway (at least on the web browser and PWA), and have to change to the “all” view to see the federated content.

Unlike in TF2, nobody gets to respawn after death.

Getting real “sorry sweaty” vibes. It’s gotta be satire.

Slashdot: where old racist tech workers go to bemoan the loss of the good old days.

It stems from a fundamental unwillingness to engage with material conditions. “Force is always bad” is the mantra. And if the material conditions say otherwise, then it is not the mantra that is wrong, but the material conditions. Such an approach to engaging with reality is doomed to fail.

You’re right. They should just let terrorism run amuck instead. Or take the American route and bomb the region into the stone age rather than re-educate those that can and imprison those that can’t.

The monopoly wannabe asks the actual monopoly for help becoming a monopoly.

I feel like I have to choose between a capitalist dystopia and “communist” authoritarianism.

Those are the choices. And if you choose capitalism, you choose wrong.

The number of grade-school kids that study differential equations is vanishingly small. So far as I know, only the IB program has the option for that.

I’m almost done with this thread :) gotta add the last two chapters.

Edit (2022-08-10T14:28:00-05:00): Thread complete now.

Join the SRA. It’s a young and imperfect org, but it’s the best one we have so far for socialist education and advocacy of community defense and firearm rights.

And they’ll never be enough:

Trades Unions work well as centres of resistance against the encroachments of capital. They fail partially from an injudicious use of their power. They fail generally from limiting themselves to a guerilla war against the effects of the existing system, instead of simultaneously trying to change it, instead of using their organised forces as a lever for the final emancipation of the working class, that is to say, the ultimate abolition of the wages system.

Karl Marx – Value, Price and Profit (International Publishers p. 62)

Up until you need yourself some IO ;)

Just wait until they have to deal with inheritance hierarchies.

A peek at how the United States viewed Xi Jinping back in 2009, courtesy of Wikileaks. >It was an "open secret," the professor said, that it was through the "worker-peasant-soldier revolutionary committee" that Xi got his "bachelor's education." The professor said Xi's first degree was not a "real" university education, but instead a three-year degree in applied Marxism. I'm honestly curious what a three-year degree in "applied Marxism" looks like.

![]( Happy Bastille day, comrades :) Below is a single-use redemption URL for one free year of digital+print subscription (within the USA) to Jacobin: If it's already been redeemed by the time you read this, then maybe another comrade will have come along and dropped another link.

"Today’s report underscores why I have made fighting inflation my top economic priority. While it is good to see critical “core” inflation moderating, it is not coming down as sharply and as quickly as we must see. **Putin’s Price Hike** hit hard in May here and around the world: high gas prices at the pump, energy, and food prices accounted for around half of the monthly price increases, and gas pump prices are up by $2 a gallon in many places since Russian troops began to threaten Ukraine. Even as we continue our work to defend freedom in Ukraine, we must do more—and quickly—to get prices down here in the United States."

Happy Victory Day, everyone. Endless thanks to the millions of communists who gave the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that we would say "never again" to fascism and nazism. May their sacrifice not be in vain. Punch your local fascist and join your local socialist organization today. #victoryday #communism #communist #ussr #socialism #neverforget #fascism #nazism #fascist #nazi

Howdy folks. My name is Preston Maness. I'm a socialist --a card-carrying member of DSA, member of my local Austin DSA chapter, card-carrying SRA member, Bernie Victory Captain back in 2020-- and a software engineer in Austin Texas, mostly writing back-end C# code. I graduated from Texas State University with a BSEE (computer engineering emphasis) back in 2014. Though if I could go back in time, I'd probably change that emphasis to power engineering; computer engineering is very difficult to break into, and ultimately, I think Texas in particular will need more power engineers, given its flakey electrical grid, than computer or electronics engineers. I have a number of identities across the fediverse: - **Lemmy**: - **Peertube**: - **Mastodon**: And my Keyoxide (decentralized alternative to, which is rapidly atrophying in the wake of its acquisition by Zoom) can give you an idea of where I can be found elsewhere: My interests are varied, and can be sampled from this list of tags: **Locality**: #atx #tx #austin #texas #austintx **Software**: #grapheneos #firefox #debian #sysadmin #rockylinux #almalinux **Hardware**: #riscv #openpower #powerpc #ppc **Politics**: #socialism #communism #cyberpunk **Gaming**: #haloinfinite #celeste #stardewvalley #nintendo64 #n64 #deusex #zelda #ocarinaoftime #botw If you consider yourself a socialist of any flavour, I recommend checking out or Both are Lemmy instances with left-wing flavours. Lemmygrad in particular has seen quite a bit of growth in the wake of reddit quarantining /r/GenZedong.

<iframe height="510" src="" class="mastodon-embed" style="max-width: 100%; border: 0" width="400" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe><script src="" async="async"></script> Zelensky brought a Nazi Azov fighter before the Greek parliament? Not according to western media.


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1000 Words
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![]( Reddit really dislikes the hammer and sickle, but leaves the anarchist circles and syndicalist flag nearly completely unscathed.