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+1 AntennaPod. Great FOSS app.

For recommendations, I only listen to two tech/opensource podcasts but I like them both a lot

Darknet Diaries. It’s about hacks and cyber security, especially cyber security fuckups.

This Week in Linux. Weekly news show about what’s going on in the Linux/FOSS world.

And Orwell was a traitor

“If I don’t agree with a socialist, he doesn’t count as one”

Well if the most used instances all seem like echo chambers that’s obviously going to drive some people away

I’m using both. Trying Lemmy out of curiosity and because FOSS. Seems alright, some weird China apologism here though even from admins. It’s weird as fuck and definitely a putoff

I doubt anything major will come out of this. Reminds me of those “everyone should skip school on X day” texts we used to send around.

It’s not a good look for admins to get involved in politics this directly, makes the whole place look like a hugbox

Same setup for me, keepass database synced with Syncthing and of course backed up to a few locations. It’s great because there’s a lot of great apps for it. I use KeepassXC on my computer and KeepassDX on my phone.

The great thing about keepass databases is that you’ll have plenty of options on all platforms for a password manager and you can use a different one on all devices or even two programs on one device if you want to do that for whatever reason

Categorizing people as parasites doesn’t sound good

In addition to using goddamn Marvel movies to illustrate their point, the central point of thinking that authoritarianism is good when done by the “right people” is just same sort of justification for the oppressive authoritarianism that many communists purport to fight against. “It’s good if we do it”.