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I know Paul has gone full 180 on the People’s Republic, but did he actually call DPRK and Cuba imperialist???

Well I’m crying now. Revolutionary fervor intensifies

Always recommend reading over watching, there is a lot of bias in just absorbing others’ takes via youtube or lectures if you want to get a true idea of someone’s philosophy. As for recommendations, wage labour and capital and engels’ synopsis of capital are great starting points before dipping into some left wing communism an infantile disorder

Yaaay now we can continue extracting unsustainable amounts of resources from the earth and everything can go back to being totes fine

Yeah it is pretty active, not like spend all day browsing active (probably for the best because there should be at least a little bit of organising being done irl). Speed was probably just good timing between posting and me popping on before bed

Lol wut, that bit at the end, “there’s no poor people in America.” Apparently those tent cities are uninhabited 🤔

Isn’t this already a thing? I have a vague memory of one of the Disney parks being granted municipal status or something similar.

That’s an interesting strategy I wonder it’ll work out for them

What do you reckon are the odds this person doesn’t actually have a girlfriend

Of course. You aren’t going to organise the working class by being a recluse, you have to meet people where they are. Plus, you know, social needs and all that jazz

That was a damn good read, cheers comrade

Honestly no. Like comrade Stalin said we need to build socialism in our own countries. As much as I would love to live and work in Cuba, there is more work to be done at home. The proles here need a massive helping hand, we got whanau with two working parents being forced to live in cars or garages, me moving overseas ain’t really gonna help those folk

I always loved jingle all the way and the santa clause movies as a wee’un. But if you want peak christmas cringe you can’t go past santa claus conquers the martians