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Would be nice to have the freedom to retrain as a chef and become a cook in a way less toxic environment

She still may visit Taiwan in an "un"official capacity as is the norm followed by previous yankee politicians

Ima be honest I’m a sucker for pineapple on my pizza - ham and pineapple is fuckin delicious and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise - but I draw the line at banana. That’s weird as shit

You’ve got some good stuff in there comrade. In terms of building your community you should defo look into how to set up community gardens in your area. It helps the proletariat develop skills and systems of self sustenance, planning, and diistribution, as well as building that communal mindset

Man photographer was in a prime position to kick that guy square in the nuts. Can’t shoot someone when your testes are in your throat

No longer retail, but my first job was in a supermarket. We closed at 10 p.m. but weren’t allowed to actually stop people coming in until claoing time itself. I was at high school at the time and my mum would usually pick me up after a shift. In the last 10 minutes I would be at the front door to let people know we would be closing shortly. These old womeen came in one night and I gave them the usual, “Hey, just to let you know we’ll be closing in about 5 minutes.” Got the usual nod and asssurance that, “oh yes, we only need 1 or 2 things.” These fuckers decided to spend the next half an hour wandering the aisles shopping like any normal time of day. Managers tried to usher them out but couldn’t actually force them. Ended up my mum getting out of her car and yelling at the women in the middle of the shop about how all the staff have families to go home to, husbands, wives, kids, and others have school in the morning. One of the most badass things mum done, aalso one of the most brain dead selfish acts of customers I’ve ever witnessed

Something something something the first paragraph of State and Revolution

Hey whaddya know they’re goin for a helicopter ride

Oh mate tell me about it. There is this overwhelming consensus that colonisation is a thing that happened, not an ongoing process. The Treaty of Waitangi settlement process (said to have been designed to redress Crown failings to live up to their duties to Māori) completely destroyed the democratic hierarchy of Iwi(tribes) and replaced it with a capitalist business structure creating the beginnings of a comprador bourgeoisie. I imagine similar things happen with settlements in Canada

I love telling ignorant foreigners that a family with 2 incomes can’t afford to rent a home in Aotearoa New Zealand. Not that I’m proud of how dogshit my country is, it’s just funny to rip a so-called example out from under libs’ feet

Why does it repeat the same statement four bloody times

Have you looked up ways to make asian styles of egg noodles?

Anyone who feels sympathy for a fascist getting punched is dangerously close to becoming a fascist

Much as I’ve outgrown South Park over the years, sometimes Cartman’s hatred of hippies is damned understandable

Karl Marx's birthday
Greetings comrades today marks the 204th anniversary of Karl Marx's birth. Mark the celebration how you will

Engels' quote on historiography
hey comrades I'm trying to find Engels' quote on historiography but google is failing me. It is relevant to a convo I'm having with my e hoa (friend)