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  • Hamas has several times been willing to accept the 67 border says a construct for a settlement. In that sense they’re far more palatable to the international consensus than Israel. They would never accept the right of Israelis existence but they do accept the fact of it.

    Norman Finkelstein writes about this quite a bit. Obviously they would never accept the idea that Israel has a right to that land but they have been more open to accepting the international consensus of resolution 242 as the basis for a piece settlement

  • I’m sorry for the delay. I’ve come to really rely on stuff like Nova launcher that’s you slide your finger on an icon down to open one app or function. And slide up to offer another.

    So for each icon you can conceivably open three different apps and save a room on your home screen.

    So for instance if I slide up on the icon I use for kiwi browser it’ll go directly to the YouTube music web page. If I swipe down it’ll go to the YouTube video web page. (Kiwi supports desktop extension so I have the proper ad blockers and sponsor block). So I no longer need to use those two shortcuts to take up space on my homepage. And I basically do this with all of my primary icons.

    My Google keep icon I swipe down for keep voice note and I swipe up for a regular note. On the camera app I swipe down to open the video and I swipe up to look at the gallery.

    They also offered things like customizable gestures which are great bc I use a double tap to prompt my remote control. I’m an occasionally I’ll use the stock launcher on my pixel or a Samsung device but eventually I get frustrated by the limitations. Stuff like Nova launcher or lawn chair just offer more customizations than most stock launchers.

    In fairness I have not tried mi UI So I don’t know the extent to which customizations are allowed but it is very rare for stock launchers to support the varied customizations of third party launchers like Nova. Where you can conceivably make your home screen look like anything you want.

  • Just in general I think we need to associate more with Vaush community who is the only leftist community that recognized the value that landlords and local sheriff’s offices provide.

    You just need to put more leftist in these sheriff offices and in the US military so we can win the Battle of ideas.

    So what if you have to evict your neighbors… At the end of the day you can convince other people at the sheriff’s office to vote for Biden and mayor Pete in 2028

  • I assume they’re talking about it Android. Chinese companies are beginning to really grow like crazy everywhere except the North American market. Some people on North America import them because in some cases they have more advanced camera technology, bigger sensors. Or because for a while the only foldable options outside of Samsung or Chinese brands that you had to import.

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    I think there might be a correlation with higher education and internalizing doctrinal assumptions about capitalism. At least in the United States. But it really just depends on what you mean. You’re talking about formal education versus just learning about class consciousness throats independent study or life experience etc…

    The latter is extremely important. The former can be useful but if anything I think it will funnel more people into further accepting the deeply ingrained ideological assumptions of the elite classes.

    People do seem to inherently understand that the game is rigged but they have been conditioned in a million ways to either do nothing about it or to blame the wrong people. It does require some pretty serious deconstruction to try to avoid internalizing this.

  • Nova, Firefox nightly, kiwi browser

    Those browsers allow desktop extensions. The only two that I know of on Android…

    As much as I hate that Nova launcher was bought by Branch analytics… I just can’t find a suitable replacement that that matches it.

    I just developed a muscle memory to be able to swipe down or up on any app to trigger a specific task. It allows me to really keep my home screen clean.

    I’ve turned off automatic updates to try to limit branches intrusiveness but I’m eventually going to have to move on.

    After that kiwi browser or Firefox Nightly. I need at least one of those. Those are the only browsers that allowed desktop extensions.

    I guess I would choose with Firefox Nightly as it gets updated much more frequently and isn’t chromium.