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Otto von Bismarck officially passed both Social Security and “Universal Healthcare” into law during the 1880s.

I don’t know enough about the laws themselves to judge though.


Somebody get Dzerzhinsky on the phone, we need a purge

I'm in a rock-y mood today

and copious amounts of methamphetamine

signing his own death warrant there huh

I can take it down if you don’t think it fits though

He’s known for emancipating Russia’s serfs in 1861 and being a reformist. He did do both of those things you mentioned though.

It’s a classical piece from 1876. I posted it because I think it’s cool.

listening to this while downloading digital media off the internet for free

Kharitonov's world-famous performance of the classic Russian folk song. (1965)

On this day in 1816, Eugène Pottier, composer of The Internationale, was born.

grungus does not wish to be magnified

gonna start adding tags to my new posts from this point forward (Party, Military, Patriotic, Anti-War, Remix, Apolitical, etc.)

Praying for my Italian comrades rn. Let’s hope this nazi removed gets flipped upside down.

also I thought the discord was deleted? Is there a new one?

And now for something completely different. (video game fan OSTs count as apolitical music right?)

Pure fabrication. There is no evidence that a coup or, regime change of any sort for that matter, has occurred.

Clip from the 1938 film of the same name

the actual title is Это правда, что был Сталинград (It is true that there was Stalingrad,) but that sounds awfully clunky in English so I made up a better one

the Kronstadt rebellion was a counterrevolutionary act supported by the petit-bourgeoisie and their Tsarist allies.

to be fair, they probably want to study it to figure out its weak points and how to best exploit them.

Wrong; the goal of these people is to convince others that they are the sole representatives of the Western communist movement in order to turn people away from it. It’s a psyop run by the feds, always has been and always will be.

ok maybe just one more

old PBS Kids show from the mid 2010s about a train run by dinosaurs. The conductor was a Troodontid.

“The true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality.” - Ernesto “Che” Guevara

Not entirely sure, most IRA branches ceased operation before 2009 from what I’ve read

Yep. It’s based on the Western propagandized view of the Berlin Wall checkpoints.

I’ve mostly been playing the same games as usual recently, though I started my first ever D&D campaign today. My character is a half-orc named Dingus Megaschlong, because I’m an immature bastard, who wields a big warhammer and a sickle.

this is how half of the US economy functioned until 1865

Mongolian State Honor Guard in dress uniform


I’ve started playing Subnautica again after some time, it’s still a pretty cool experience imho.

As for prompts…

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever played an actual Nintendo game (aside from maybe a Flash remake of the original Mario game,) but I’ve got to say my favorite game I’ve played on any Nintendo console was the DSi port of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. Speaking of which, I was never able to beat the console version of that game, since I was a fairly young kid and couldn’t figure out the Kraken boss fight.
  2. This is more my “area of expertise,” so to speak. My favorites have gotta be CoD: World at War, Borderlands 2, or for a more recent example, Jurassic World Evolution. World at War is arguably the best Call of Duty game of all time, and is definitely my personal favorite. I haven’t played Borderlands 2 in a while, but I remember it having pretty good gunplay and a decent story. JWE is just an all-round fairly good game, probably helps that I already liked Cities: Skylines and that I’m a huge paleo nerd. I’ve kind of been wanting to try the sequel, but I’ve heard it’s rather prone to glitches.
  3. I don’t believe I’ve played many 3rd Party/Indie games, but 2:22 AM is certainly… something? Not entirely sure. I’d play it if I was you. As for not (completely) strange games, Russian Fishing 4 is pretty decent, though you may have severe framerate issues on higher-than-minimum graphics settings.

Caravan Palace makes bangers, some of my favorites by them include Brotherswing, Beatophone, About You (feat. Charles X,) Clash, Moonshine, and the all-time classic Lone Digger.

it’s always the Poles

No. Overpopulation is a racist myth used to justify genocide.

because firing an air-launched anti-ship missile at a ship is not only cheaper, but does more damage than smashing a plane into a ship.

  1. Dilophosaurus, I’ve loved 'em ever since I first saw Jurassic Park. Hell, I even made my fursona a Dilophosaur (scalesona? eh, who gives a shit)
  2. Liopleurodon, they were my favorite animal in Walking With Dinosaurs and are still one of my favorite marine reptiles. Though the Liopleurodon in that show was absolutely gargantuan and waaay too big.
  3. Pterygotus, a huge 6-foot arthropod from the Middle Silurian period found in the oceans that once covered the Americas, Europe, and Australia. Can’t say I’d like to encounter one face-to-face, but they’re cool nontheless.
  4. Helicoprion, they’ve got a cool lookin’ lower jaw. Not much more to say, other than that I’ve seen reconstructions that give it a big snoot like a goblin shark, which is pretty rad if I do say so myself.
  5. Akmonistion, an early shark from the Carboniferous with a weird cheese grater-lookin’ thing on its dorsal fin. Looks pretty cool.
  6. Tyrannosaurus. This one should be obvious.
  7. Appalachiosaurus, a tyrannosauroid found fairly close to my home state with longer-than-average arms for its clade. Early reconstructions gave it really long arms that made it look kinda like the I. rex.
  8. Micropachycephalosaurus, because it’s the dinosaur with the longest name out of any.
  9. Postosuchus, a large bipedal rauisuchid somewhat related to modern crocodiles. It was one of the apex predators during the Triassic period.
  10. Last but not least, Shastasaurus, the largest ichthyosaur ever, which was about the size of a bowhead whale.