Hi, My Name is ComradeChris or Chris and I’m a fledgling Marxist-Leninist

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Definitely Season 1, its just so good.

I’ve been watching Nope by Jordan Peele again, its funny but I actually watched it twice on a flight in and out of Africa. I’ve been watching the Expanse again and I’ve really began to enjoy it more.

Some silly names there were either Continental or Usonian. lol

Same here. Probably the most insufferable of all of the presidents.

I agree. Say, what do you think of a successor’s name for the United States of America and tbh. I think if a Socialist US or something would ever exist. It would have to be different from US. American as a demonym should remain up to the people. One of the more sillier names I had was Continental from Altverse II. https://wiki.conworlds.org/wiki/United_Commonwealth https://i.redd.it/gt7kvhysln191.jpg

I’d much rather have something resembling the USSR than straight up just giving up territories.

I honestly wish I could take the commitment to helping spread avocation for Socialist Revolution but I just don’t have the strength and self-esteem, perhaps in the future.

Thanks for the tip, tbh. I kind of think the same. If America is to change it must die and be rebuilt, one of my favorite interpretations of this was the Atlverse II’s United Commonwealth of Continental States (UCCS) which is the USSR but in North America and had an interesting take. I really liked its flag and so on.

Very stupid question, what would a post-revolution US/America look like?
I've been having some rather awkward feelings about the Lemmygrad community and have lurked for a while but I have decided to do something interesting for now. What if the United States had finally undergone a successful socialist revolution through general revolution and civil war for socialist cause. What would it look like? A federal republic or something different?

I really wish I could be of better help, since I don’t have much of a positive streak right now.

That is fucking disgusting and sad.

I remember playing Company of Heroes 2 and realizing how they portray the Soviets as worse than the Nazi Germans though the Nazi Germans in the cutscenes had POA patches. Treating the Soviet commanders as unsympathetic who treat their own soldiers as cannon fodder, backstabbers to allies and so on. Putting in Soviet “atrocities” in text on the load screens. Its greatly disgusting…

That is a Sad one. I used to enjoy Stranger Things but I’ve now just lost interest in it. Not because of the politics but because it kind of feels stale and some of the characters are rather annoying.

Really agreeing with that, I wish I had the dedication and capacity to work forward to be a dedicated Communist but I’m unfortunately not and I’ve been growing tired of the horseshit going on in the United States. At times I feel like moving to South Africa which is technically my second home country and ethnically apart of but like what you’ve said about wanting to be apart of a Communist country, I honestly wish I could immigrate to China and adapt there but I’m ill-equipped as expected.

He’s insecure about his Chicken so he has to flash it around.

Wow, this is just absolutely disgusting and exploitative.

I want to go back to 2010 or something

Watching old Movies, trying to make creative stuff…

English, sorry…I should be studying other languages like Spanish and Afrikaans.

I think Cynic was mostly upset at Disney thanking the Xinjiang region’s “Propaganda” arm and other stuff.

Why must this be real…I wish it wasn’t.

I’m a black gay guy

Yeah, okay guy with White middle-aged man in Profile picture.