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Check out Antonio Gramsci’s theory of cultural hegemony.

Essentially, those in power (i.e. in capitalism, the bourgeoisie) establish norms and values to justify/rationalise the current power structure. In other words, the capitalist class use all their available assets (primarily the media and state) to create a sort of mythos that keeps them in power. If everyone believes “hard work = success” , “capitalism is the best system we have” , “communism is good in theory but always fails” and other rhetoric I’m sure you’ve heard before, then they will essentially “consent” to capitalism. Think how many working class people you know who whole-heartedly believe they will ‘make it big’ if they just work hard to see the point I’m getting at here.

On to your question - simply put, the minds of children are considered far more malleable than adults with strongly-formed opinions. Why do children believe they will be rich? Because of cultural hegemony. Any interaction they have with economics likely amounts to their parents telling them “hard work pays” or similar mantras. Depending on the ages of the children in question, perhaps they have already experienced this kind of inodctrination in school, being told “inspirational” stories about the “hard work” of billionaires that got them to where they are today.

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Currently, there are no rules to that end in /c/lgbt

Think it’s about time we made some. Would you like it if I transferred the community to you? I only made /c/LGBT because there wasn’t already one when I signed up for Lemmy, and you’re definitely a lot more active here than I am. While I’d like to continue as a mod, it seems to make much more sense for you to be head moderator or whatever you want to call it.

“Sure but what they did to MLs on raddle suggests they have no intention of learning or reading history”

They’re not a homogenous group who blanketly agreed to ban MLs. So long as they aren’t allowed to spread CIA propaganda, it’s far better to try and convince them to learn about Marxism. Remember that we don’t all start as Marxist-Leninists, and I suspect most of us were at some point anarchists, succdems, etc.

Welcome! Please read the rules before posting.

See title. Follow the rules, and you’re welcome to post to your heart’s content!..

Absolutely, comrade! No harm in it :)

Shame there’s no PM system yet so you could ask without making a public post!

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You know what, I kind of just assumed that PMs were possible on Lemmy, but have no idea! Can’t figure it out myself either. If y’all wanna reply with a Reddit, discord, whatever, username I can get back to you happily ^^

Я тоже, товарищ!

Feel free to shoot me a PM, and that goes to anyone, if you want some help. I’m not fluent by any means, though I speak enough to have survived my trip to Russia, but I’m armed with course books - and teaching is the best way to learn :D

Ah yes, Modlog, the sex number.