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For real, the fact that one of the most popular anime/manga "Attack on titan"s creator is an ultra nationalist or something and nobody even cares. https://www.polygon.com/2019/6/18/18683609/attack-on-titan-fascist-nationalist-isayama-hajime-manga-anime

How would people get paid then? I was under the impression that UBI is not socialism, and would cede a lot of power to the state/whomever is giving out UBI.

Ah, didn’t genzhou existed on lemmygrad mb. To follow up, since most tech/job involving a computer will be automated (looking at current trends), will most of those people be transferred into something like farming instead? If your “specialty” no longer exists, will you be forced into a completely different field?

Question regarding automation under socialism
I understand that under capitalism, when automation happens, workers get fired. But under socialism, I don't see a reason to hire new workers/expand the company. How would a new graduate find a job in the age of automation? Would they just start their own company?

Also Putin: hates communism. 🤔

Why would they hurt nazis? They’d be hurting themselves.

No not ideally, but poor material conditions are the groundwork for radicalization no?

Maybe gpt replacing all jobs involving a computer is what is needed for a revolution in the west.

The thumbnail implies that snow is dystopia.

To be fair, US bad is correct 99% of the time.

Basically the reason why there are so many white male - Asian female couples today.

Stuff like this makes me wonder where Bruce Lee would be if he were still alive today.

Kind of my story, except for the Trump supporter bit. Only difference was I disliked Hillary more.

I also feel like there are some in aznidentity that could be radicalized, the sub is pretty anti colonialism.

Least racist redditor

Why, when they can just TURN IT OFF.

Watched the chicken little one, pretty good.

One guy said maybe the rich will worry about climate change now that they will live long enough, lmao.

Yeah, I was about to hop-off since I didn’t want to be dogpiled and geopolitics wasn’t relevant to the discord topic, but then I got some insane takes and I had to push back a bit.

Stepped into the lion’s den (arguing with liberals online)
I think I did well for being dogpilled? Also, they always don't argue with any backing to their claims, and expose themselves for not giving a crap about other countries. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/58fedcf7-b759-4cd1-8937-0a8059799529.png)


No, I don’t know if any of the artists I studied have studied him, but I guess it’s cause I didn’t go to art school :P

(Insert Perenti quote)

I like to do semi-realism, but I feel like I need to develop my style more. Here’s a part of a piece I haven’t posted anywhere to not doxx myself.

As a person trying to do art professionally, I can relate to your wife’s story. Thank you for your input.

Thank you! I mainly do portraits, as the face was always captivated me the most. Ironically (or not) one of the first things AI mastered.

I think you are mainly thinking about high art, which I also hate (money laundering scheme). I was thinking more about the commercial artists which create all the popular media we see and consume (think artstation artists, which was the inspiration of this post).

Well said, from my understanding, unless UBI is a thing under socialism (which it shouldn’t be?) copyright laws would still be needed for the artist to make a living, no?

Does a person know how to create a new dish or know how to better the flavour if all they do is microwave frozen food? I feel the creation of such a shortcut will destroy fundamental skills in the next generation (same with writing currently, as students are getting AI to write/cheat essays).

However, I want to bring up the counterpoint that under capitalism, art is already being maximally removed from public life and either reduced to marketable commodities, or confined to private spaces as a hobby, and this has nothing to do with any influence on behalf of AI.

I fail so see how artists can get better at art without dedicating most of their time to it (ie; creating bad art sometimes for their job). Sorry if this comes off as dick-ish.

I feel like, artists don’t go into art (a job known for “the starving artist”) for profit. It seems like the artists you are talking about are the cream of the top, while ignoring the masses of artists making little to “average” money.

I just wanna say that I know your type of workflow and it absolutely has my respect, as you would need skills in 2d illustration as well as 3d modelling, and you would definitely need to put in the work to make good art. It’s just that AI algorithms will get better and prompting will also get better, so soon you will just need to type very little to get what you want, bypassing the need for 30% AI, 40% Blender and 30% drawing, and into 99% AI and 1% write a sentence.

Thank you for this uplifting comment.

Thank you, I just feel like why automate something that people enjoy doing? When I think of a utopia, I think of having free time to socialize and to pursue your passions. I wish everyone can be artists (or whatever else you want), instead the only jobs left will be fry cooks (no disrespect to these skilled labourers), since it seems it will be the last thing to be automated.

I agree that this is a worse problem under capitalism, but hypothetically under socialism, would there be UBI? (As I understand it, UBI is antithetical to socialism, as it gives all your power to the state). Or would artists get a cut of $ for every generated image (as it is currently, no artists are paid or part of these AI companies).

While there was controversy about the introduction of Photoshop (and likewise photography) in the art world, we saw/now see it as a tool that can help artists create more/better art. AI Art on the other hand, seems to be a tool for capitalists to forgo the need for artists at all (judging by the wording on AI Art companies statements, like aiming for no revisions on the final product). An example of an AI tool for artists would be a better magic wand tool. I think on an instinctual level, we humans can tell what is a tool and what is meant to replace us.

Yeah, I didn’t expect this to blow up/be so controversial. I guess art is one of those things everyone knows and has an opinion on.

What are your thoughts on AI Art?
As an artist, I think it is a net negative for us. Disregarding the copyright issue, I think it's also consolidating power into large corporations, going to kill learning fundamental skills (rip next generation of artists), and turn the profession into a low skill minimum wage job. Artists that spent years learning and perfecting their skills will be worth nothing and I think it's a pretty depressing future for us. Anways thoughts?

Maybe cause American conservatives are strangely pro Russia? Thus, pro Ukraine means leftist lol.

How is it possible that two branches of government have zero communication with each other?

Yeah, we still need some sort of presence on mainstream websites, like reddit. A small group of communists talking to themselves won’t change anything.