I was browsing Lemmygrad some hours ago. I opened the thread on ‘_____ a liberal and a fascist _____’. As I was reading I forgot the exact words of the OP so I scrolled back up. The post had changed to the one on prominent communist parties. I happened to be looking at the modlog this morning and noticed that the post on prominent communist parties was ‘unfeatured’ about 11 hours ago. The time corresponds to when I was last online.

So I’m wondering if the bug that we’ve seen, where people post comments in the wrong post, is related to the featured/unfeatured tool. Maybe it happens when, just before they’re about to hit reply, someone somewhere else features or unfeatures a post and the head thread switches from one to the other.

If it was not this, it may be worth asking whoever unfeatured the relevant post whether they did anything else to that post just before or just after unfeaturing it.

  • 🏳️‍⚧️ Elara ☭
    1 year ago

    Yes, it’s the same bug. It’ll happen whenever someone changes anything about a post. If Lemmy sends back a PostResponse, that will replace the text, title, etc. of the current one, but the effect is only visual. If you actually post a comment, it’ll go to the correct post, so what I think is happening is that people are leaving their tabs open, going somewhere else, forgetting what they had open, coming back after the text has changed, and then replying to the post they were actually on while thinking it was a different post.