Libs with their sinophobic drivel have made it so that it’s impossible to tell what actually happened with Xu Xiaodong. Does anyone know the story?

For people out of the loop, Xu is an MMA fighter in China who, about 4 years ago, made it his life mission to expose fake martial artists by fighting them. Then, according to libs, the Chinese government disliked that because it showed traditional Chinese arts (kung fu for one) in a bad light, and has been going after him since then. I’ve heard tons of weird stuff like he was supposed to wear clown makeup for one of his fights (but got away with it with creative war paint), he’s not allowed to take public transport anymore…

These stories are so ludicrous, like, they paint a CPC that is both powerful enough to impose sanctions on Xu, while also being incompetent enough that they think his facepaint counts as clown makeup (and they would have him wear clown makeup), or that they somehow can’t or haven’t banned him from fighting altogether.

So anyone got the actual story about this guy?

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