Ching Chong, 24, is today sharing his experience of how he escaped from the authoritarian dictatorship we know as “China”.

“When I was in China, everyone was poor,” said Mr. Chong. “We had to eat dogs and our babies. Between you and me, the one child policy was really just the evil ccp getting us to do evil stuff like eating babies, because why not.”

“When I was 5, my sister disappeared. The government people tortured and killed her and punished us for having 2 children. Soon my parents disappeared on a train going to the Beijing National People Killing Plant. That’s a place, right? If you go on google maps and see a big building in Beijing, that’s the BNPKP. Anyways, I had no choice but to run.”

“I ran from my hometown in Chinaman’s Cave to Beijing, where only the wealthy and elite and corrupt Xi shills live and visited the place my parents were. They were on life support, it was horrible, the government was harvesting every organ out of their bodies, and they were tortured every day. I was going to rescue them, but the red guard started shooting at me.” Mr. Chong paused, and wiped a tear from his eye after squeezing out five packs of eye drops into them.

“I swan across the ocean. Chinese fighters, which were obviously stolen technology from the Mighty and Glorious America, began firing at me. But I swam, and I had a conviction of freedom, and with that conviction, I swam across the pacific and landed in Miami.”

Mr. Chong is one of the lucky few who managed to escape the iron grip of the regime. Please support him and others like him by donating to the CIA: 👉 Donate to save Chinese refugees


Xi out there chilling with 21 million rich homies

i wonder how many type of shitlibs will fall for this…


gonna have to rethink my planed visit to China


“Corroborating this story is local artist Gu Sano of the Shen Yun dance troupe.”

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