I went out to dinner the other night with a family friend, and he spent the entire dinner talking about some right wing conspiracies. I feel like my brain is rotting oml. Does anyone else have to sit through conversations like this?

  • @linkhidalgogato
    41 year ago

    yup got a really close uncle who fucking worships trump literally has him as his background on his phone and his a flat earther, those are some interesting conversations in family reunions. It extra sucks too cuz his had it really difficult finding a stable job and just having enough money to live and just doesn’t see that the right is against us you know one of those people who see themselves as a temporarily impoverished future billionaire.

    • @DoghouseCharlie
      21 year ago

      I’ve had family like that. Working 80 hours a week with two hour commutes and still suffering a level of poverty no one should have to go through. And still worship the right and blame everything on immigrants.