Emerson Media

You may think that these inconspicuous trams are merely, well… trams. But the truth is, they are hiding nuclear weapons within their walls, and the Australian government is trying to hide this fact from the public. …

The Norwegian Regime has been putting Gamers into concentration camps. The term “Gamer Genocide” was recently dubbed by the World Gamer Congress to refer to the ongoing persecution of Gamers. …

We’ve always wanted to cook popcorn without using a microwave. But with this hip new trend called Climate Change, it’s now possible! …

The French have long been harassing the legitimacy of Corsica, but the current Corsican FM wants to make sure that this resistance against French Authoritarianism won’t go silently into the night. …


Some say it’s karma for the Bengali Famine, but that isn’t the case. …

Emerson Media is a satirical news site that mimics the treatment of third world nations by Western media and flips it against the West instead.

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