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  • ghost_of_faso2toGenZedongLeftypedia imploded.
    3 days ago

    first article, near the top I made the mistake to read this shit

    It is important to note that the Soviet Union and Eastern bloc, with the exception of Albania, beyond the year 1956 will not be accounted for, as that period contained the abandonment of the construction of Socialism, de-Stalinization, and other economic, political, and ideological deviations.


    All I can say is

    lets just ignore one of the most sucsesfull era of soviet communism (space, showing american hegemony can be challenged, eliminating the gender pay gap, rent being 2-3% of a workers wage etc)

  • Right, but what makes you think they are actually going to leave the EU? He’s just emulating countries like Hungary, turkey, and India, who are utilizing geopolitical schisms to consolidate authoritarian regimes while staying plugged into the western capital apparatus.

    Im not sure, if they do would you eat your hat and support it?

    Do the communists in Hungary support removal from the EU also?

    I don’t buy into the false dichotomy that anything that seemingly opposes western imperialism is automatically a win for communist.

    Breaking up a bloc that was setup to counter communist infulence, is in fact good.

  • He is one of the “seven bankers” employed by Yeltsin to destroy and sell the communist government… He literally has made billions destroying communism.

    This is greviances from the 90s, im taking the actions as they are now. We can agree Putin, this billionare are likely opportunistic captialist butchers while still seeing this as a move that benefits communists.

    And who do you think was the person most responsible for Georgia joining the EU?

    Im taking the actions as they are now, even if for cynical reasons breaking up the EU further and moving towards a direction that communism is permitted, and of which the most powerfull member of that bloc is a communist country is progressive.

  • You absolutely should be against chain suicides, like any good person is.

    ‘Chain suicides’ you’re inserting a bunch of nonsense no one has argued for. Lenin absolutely sent people to commit acts of violence on his behalf, and there have been many examples of suicide protest during occupied nazi europe having an impact.

    You judge these things as not being impactfull the literal day after it happens, this is ridiculous. Its had enough of an impact we’re sitting here talking about it, this can be said to be more than most are doing.

    Because it shouldn’t be copied, by anyone. There were many dozens of people that did this during Vietnam, of similar ages. Did that cause America to stop? No. None of the protesting did. Military defeat at the hands of Vietnamese communists did.

    It pressured people to come back to the table, of course it did. Your ignorance of the impact of those protests doesnt make them not impactfull.

    ‘Inspiration’ and nonsense does not make a change in the world. All it does is add another sad headline, of which there are plenty to be had.

    It likely sounds like nonsense because you’ve already accepted defeat.

  • Not if you are a socialist or communist…you should really look up who founded, funds, and runs the Georgian Dream party.

    Why wouldnt a socialist or communist at least tactifully support a man who was alive during the USSRs soviet era, who wants to normalize relationships with a country alligned with communist ones? (Russia > China)

    The EU is clearly not friendly to communists, half the countries there ban communists from running!