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We had an 80s revival and a 90s revival, it’s time for a 2008 revival!

U know who other has glasses?

Dats right, KAUTSKY, that’s the proof that glasses are an urbanite bourgeois thing

Bakhmut already lasted more than Stalingrad, if he was a reasonable man he would do something, flee or surrender

I just hope all their nukes malfunction and we avoid the worst

Meme folder on my hard disk, have a separate folder for Anglo and Italian memes, also a separate one for OC ones.

Really should do a backup on an USB though

It’s over, the east has fallen, millions must die

With the 1848 revolutions the European monarchies that survived became constitutional/parlamentary monarchies, aka the king is still there and still parasites from the people, but he has way less real power, in the 1700s the king had life and death power over everyone, even over the capitalists, but with the french revolution and then 1848 the capitalists curbed the power of the monarch.

In some countries (most of them, in the years following 1848, many monarchies died after 1918 and 1945) the monarch compromised with the capitalists and gave a constitution.

edit: also, the 1848 revolutions started in Italy (sicily) hehehehee

I hope China sanctions the US for their human rights violations

i’m out of the loop on this one, what happened with the athletes?

Literally, at least make an NGO and get paid for it.

i made a twitter pro-russia account and now recieve 2500 Putinbucks each week

my country’s resident maoist party (that ironically calls them marxist-leninist) openly supports terrorists like ISIS only bcs they go against the US, without counting that the US created them…

Maoists are just 21st century kautskysts and kautskysts are just the 20st century version of people marx argued against at his time

too hard to find pirated games, i’ll switch when my mathusalem PC finally decides to break (and by then i hope to have some more coin, PCs really became expensive in the last six yeas!!!)

My lawyer advised me not to finish this joke

Healthcare in Europe still costs a lot and while cheap but low quality one is readily aviable on ebeery street corner, good but expensive one is scarce

(my medicine is weed BTW)

Oh yes, people don’t get paid

in money

Unbiaesd / biased on the good side documentaries about the Russian revolution and or the Russian civil War?
I'm a fan of history and looking about getting into theese topics, what documentaries can u comrades suggest?

The city state of ANDORRA has 15.6 MILLION slaves!!

Did Uzbekistan nationalize industries or made the USA mad in other ways?

The azov regiment owes me a pizza

Yugopnik is for transcended leftists that reached enlightment

Unfortunately, that mixed w other stuff means I needed a week and more to read wage labor and capital.

People on Yt literally accusing hakim of being an amerikkkan kkkrakkka, those are serious accusations bruh

The Japanese didn’t bring flowers to nanking after they did what they did

Will the French protest achieve something big? As far as I know they started when the government decided to raise the retirement age, so, i think they’ll achieve it, but could theese protests perhaps achieve something better?

Full support to them obv

I can moderate it if u want, I’m up for it

Japanese army:

10 young people

3 members of the weeb foreign legion (the others couldn’t fit inside a plane)


Sons of imperial Japanese officers who partook in the rape of nanjing

How did they make money?
So I wanted to buy a copy of the manifesto (I had just a pdf till now) I know it ain't necessary but I'm building a library so it would've been nice, so anyway I went on the ebay and found this copy for cheap, just over 1 euro plus shipping. On the front of the book, as clear as day, there was written "100 pages, 1000 Lire" So I investigated So there was this publishing house in the 90s that had this scheme "100 pages 1000 Lire" at that time 1000 Lire were worth about 60 euro cents today, sooo how did they make money? Its a normal paperback made of normal paper, its 100 pages and the necessary commodities would have probably costed more. I can't sleep till I find the truth Edit: if there's something to take from this deliry is that: 1)I got shafted because the book costed less in the 90s 2) buy books local if you can, local used books can be real cheap, real story ive seen them as low as 35 cents for entire tomes, shipping can be a real hamper expecially when your government gifted your postal service to private oligarchs (but that's a rant for another time comrades 😁)

looking for victoria 3 1.2 for windows
i looked on the 1337, but i only found a linux version, should i wait or are there some already updated versions up there?

I happen to encounter this issues on posts with a longer title, the title gets cropped like that.

Are there any positives in our material contitions are Marxists leninists in the first world?
I don't want to write an essay (I probably will though, it's in our red blood😰) but still, I was thinking about the recent labor movement revival and..... Though my opinion is positive.... Like really so, I still think about the fact that without a vanguard party, this is little less than a dent in our super globalized neo imperialist system, then I thought about the recent tragedy in Syria and Turkey, we didn't manage to get the criminal sanctions lifted, the aid has to come from friends of Siria (non aligned countries and socialist countries) then I thought about the fact that after 1959, no other socialist revolution succeeded (viet-nam revolution succeeded before, in the North) so, our vixroires are all in the third world and glory to our comrades in there for that but, am I a doomer for thinking that we are doomed over here in the first? The situation is dire in my opinion but I hope is a little bit brighter than I imagined.

Is there a way to bypass Facebook subscriptionwall?
Is there a way to bypass Facebook's subscriptionwall? I swear I'm not a boomer, there's this really famous historian where I live (he's also a comrade, funnily enough) his lectures are very Interesfing and popular but unfortunately a lot of them are only accessible through Facebook, only thing is I don't have an account nor an intention on creating one, yet it is forcing me to create one to access content, is there a way to bypass it?

How do I ban evade on reddit?
You may think I'm crazy to want to go back on that hell, and maybe you're right, but there are some communities I want to interact with, yet I am perma banned from there (no fault of my own, but another story) soooooo, how do I circumvent my ban? I already tried but I think they ipbanned me because the new account got instabanned

This balloon stuff is becoming really funny, I hereby ask xi Jinping to fly one over Central Italy so I can use it to escape to China

The caption on top reads: the PCI (Partito Comunista ďitalia, Italian communist party) for the freedom of joint

Bonus ![](

(hoxha is a redditor)

I had my first dental operation yesterday, dentist fear is kinda overblown.
I had my first serious dental operation yesterday, it was a devitalization, they needed to kill one of my teeth because it got infected. I was scared af before goijng there (you know, I was, until yesterday, very phobic of the dentist) I sat, they anesthesized half my mouth and proceeded with the operation. It lasted two almost uninterrupted hours, they put some kind of hooks, syringes and other stuff inside my tooth (and obviously they used the Drill) then they closed it all with some kind of molten wax. God, Allah, historic materialism or whoever rules this world bless whoever invented anesthesia, I can't even imagine how much it would have hurt without it.

We should make a weekly thread for stuff that doesn’t deserve/belongs to a thread
Lets vote/discuss and let democratic centralism do its thing

the publication is "is s/he an informant" from the anarch*st library.

Today I made a post about an hexbear rule I found strange, many comrades agreed but shortly after a debate ensued, the thread is still up, although locked, so anyone who wants can take a look and judge. One of the people I was arguing with is a moderator of lemmygrad, I got banned shortly after for being "disrespectful" and a lot of my comments were removed. Anyone who wants to judge should look up the post on the community "leftist infighting" they called me stupid, they strawmanned me and yet, who was banned? Me! I will leave some pictures in the comment so you can judge