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He was as based as non socialist leaders get ☝️

Oh yes, I think he is the best leader in Europe as of now, if only Belarus didn’t suffer this much from the fall of the USSR

I had this issue too on another site when I generated a long ads password with kneepads, solved changing pass tho

So technically and obviously speculating someone could 3d print a money printer? No EURion constellation if you build the thing urself

Strawmanning so hard the crows got scared

I think he is close to being a socialist, just like Gheddafi

A space to talk, discuss and shitpost about all Paradox games and Paradox in general

Lmao I think some butthurt lib is down voting all ur stuff checking ur profile, whanmt not enough sunlight does to a mf

He wanted to nuke Korea and thought East Asians were sub humans, among many other despicable things

😢I have a revisionism in my eye

Oh god I hope they don’t defederate bcs I’m on Lemmy by error lmao

What happened lmao I’m on jerboa and can’t see tha modlog

i wanted to make a post like this for weeks, cheers!

Everyone is saying ¿who is comrade Rose?
No one ever ask: ¿how is comrade Rose doing?

lets watch,comrades

this world doesnt deserve us.

At least I saw waaaay more pro CPC people that I expected, it was a meme about how California high speed rails cost a lot and don't exist and in the meantime China built tens of thousands of miles.

How will Crackerstan militarily defend a country they don't think exists?
How will the US and other "international community" countries defend Taiwan if they only recognize the PRC? Can I declare to defend Texas if the US invade it?

Please give me socialist hopefuel
Title, I'm in a "international community" country and There are no communist Ws here, can someone give me socialist hopefuel?

rare half-based bloomberg video idk if it was already posted, but its based af for bloomberg

how will be hosting paid for in the future
i mean when and if we will have lots and lots of new users