I’m in this instance just because I can’t recover my password in, I don’t care about communism and politics

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they’re using the essentialist argument of what makes a woman a woman and a man a man

biology, lol

ubuntu, better support, best forum for newbies, easy to use, good repos

Uh, this game is quite popular in italy even among young people, we mainly play the “scala 40” variant:

install it everywhere and say it’s Windows 12 Update

c/drugs would you also delete it? because they spread drugs propaganda, deleting a comunity helps people? people will stop using drugs because you are censoring them? nope you just created the streisand effect

because I really like the technology and because it is a niche thing that feels like internet of many years ago, no coorporations, no one tries to sell me shit, it’s just about the community

you could just connect it to a server with static IP, or you could use free services like no-ip if you don’t wanna pay, I used to use no-ip for a minecraft server when I was a kid and it was alright

What are the FOSS alternatives to google translate that you use?
Is there any cool project that uses GPT3 or other AIs?

why would it work better without encryption? I don’t see any loss in having client side encryption tbh. common security practices are cool but there are new security vulnerabilities everyday.

a legit honeypot

I’ve been using it for a while and is usually good except for when you actually want to find something really specific. another option is use google via a selfhosted proxy like searx

What is the best software for a self-hosted file cloud service?
I want to store files on my server to avoid google cloud and other services. I'm looking for FOSS software. I want all the files to be encrypted client side with a masterpassword via an app or a web interface, the server must not have access to them. An included android app for uploading and downloading would be nice. I guess what I'm looking for is some kind of FTP server?

Well, they do it because they have to, they have no choice, it’s not that they care about it.