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It’s a shame the heels didn’t hit him hard enough

What do you think of the idea of the Basic Popular Congress? I personally think it's something that should be studied and expanded upon for socialist societies. I also think it's something that could be worked towards as we built socialism, because it's a very appealing idea. It could be implemented on smaller levels and then as you develop you could bring it to the national level.

“Smoke this fuckin boof, Lenin”

  • Stalin, trying to explain Dialectics

The struggle is a never ending unfolding of beauty ❤🫂

Massive achievement for my transition
I struggle to see a boy when I look in the mirror now. :) What gives this more importance is that I'm still pre-hrt and I can't do makeup. I'm proud of myself for getting to a point where I can LIKE myself, and when I start hrt and whatever I'll LOVE myself. We are winning <3 I hope nothing but the best for all my trans siblings, good luck and stay safe. Remember to take care of yourselves, it helps in the long run.

High speed rail in North Pole dropping before High speed rail in USA

“Communists, choose your weapon! AK-47 or Large Spoon!?”

Thank you for the great answer <33

Kim family in the DPRK
Could anyone explain why the Kim family has been in power for so long? I am supportive of the DPRK and I like Juche, but I never knew the reason for this. Why them and nobody else? Is it cuz of their historical significance in the struggle, which may have led to them being so involved in the state?

I cannot imagine being a sane human being and having to day in day out make nothing but anti-China propoganda.

Stalin taking a rest after a long day of eating 400 million children

I doubt that’s it, I feel like it’ll be free once it’s highly developed and abundant. Right now, it’s still limited and still developing, I can understand why people still have to pay if that’s the case. The best they can do is try to make it as cheap as possible.

I saw someone say it was some discussion about Huawei but I’m unsure

Critical support to Russia for anti-western imperialism and piracy

On the EFF party from South Africa
So, a while ago I made a post about the South African Communist Party's 100 Year Anniversary and a comrade asked about the state of the South African left. I had spoken about the EFF and I labeled them as populist. Any time a comrade would bring up the EFF, I would immediately feel weird and criticise them. The reason for this is because the socialist communities I've been in label them as revisionists, and sometimes even straight up fascist. What I forget is that the communities that I am part of are mostly anarchist, and so I feel a lot of the time their criticisms are ideological. I would share articles I once read criticising them when I was starting my socialist journey, but looking back I realise a lot of the criticisms I would parrot are actually liberal or just bad. I would allow myself to consume these criticisms uncritically because of my whiteness and growing up I constantly had to hear my peers speak of them being racist and scary. I consumed criticisms uncritically also because of a purity fetish I still had not processed. It is unfair of me to look to countries like China and USSR and critically support them and then hold things in my local country to an unattainable standard. I had the same issue with the SACP. I would judge them from afar without diving into their internal discussions and materials. After going through their documents, my opinion of them has changed. I think they're a good party, however, they are currently in a tough predicament in their alliance with the ruling party, the ANC, and the trade union COSATU. I hope they figure out their strategy so they can make better progress. But back to the EFF. I did the same with them this past month. I had decided to go through their manifestos, watch their conferences, watch interviews with their leader (Julius Malema), and I watched a series on their YouTube channel called "book club" where they discuss Marxist literature. They say their ideology is Marxism Leninism with applied ideas from Frantz Fanon, which is great considering South Africa's history and present. I now admit that my preconceived notions of the party were mostly wrong. I feel I can safely say that the EFF is a committed socialist party, trying not only to establish a socialist South Africa, but a decolonised South Africa. That is not to say they don't have flaws. There's things they may say and do that's wrong, but that doesn't suddenly make the good disappear. That is where critical support comes in. If we criticise blindly and allow ourselves to fall into a purity fetish, we will never have a socialist revolution. Everything everywhere will always be flawed, but the point is to be the best you can be at that moment and improve. There will always be corrupt officials, revisionists, opportunists, flawed comrades, and traitors in a party during the revolution. They must be punished or expelled, but those people shouldn't suddenly make you completely discard an entire movement/party. Admitting they're socialist has also given me much more hope for a socialist South Africa. They're the 3rd largest party in South Africa and they are growing. They are seeking to become more active in grassroots organisation now, which will only increase that growth. They are a party that cannot be ignored, they make their voice heard, and they are introducing genuine radical ideas into the mainstream. Because of their growth and power, they will be attacked by capitalist media, especially white monopoly controlled media, and we cannot forget that. In conclusion, what is for us to learn from my personal experience? 1. Critically consume criticisms. 2. Reject purity fetish. 3. No investigation = no right to speak - MAO 4. If you're confused or not confident about something, dive into the core and explore. 5. Never stop trying to understand and learn, and always challenge your own established ideas or assumptions.

Governance of China V4 by Xi
Does anyone have the pdf for us to download?

Fuck pack it up guys, Tiktok user #345 (not Vietnamese) has decided Vietnam isn't socialist enough

Quick thought on western censorship
((Slight doomer mindset ahead)) I feel like the reason western media doesn't go too hard on censoring socialism like they used to is because western capitalism and its culture is so meshed with western consciousness that the fate of western capitalism has been secured. They don't have to struggle against socialism anymore when everyone's liberal and don't actually want the change in the system (even if they wanted, the working class isn't united and thus can't really threaten capital), they know most people only want bare minimum social welfare. Capitalism has been cemented and will probably never be threatened for a few years. I give it until climate change starts really fucking the world up, but for now they don't care too much. On the other hand, western capitalism is basically imperialism first. The imperialism is the main driving force of western capitalism right now. That is why they've been much more unforgiving of anti-imperialism, and it's much harder to cement something so global (especially during times like these) compared to your local capitalist system. If you're anti-imperialist, you are going to be blackballed in media. Look at Jeffrey Sachs now, bro took one stance and all of a sudden he's being fucked over. There's a reason why when we speak of western censorship in the modern era, the people being censored are those who oppose imperialism and imperialist narratives. Being a socialist or Communist in the west doesn't mean shit to me unless you're actually anti-imperialist. Like all socialist struggles, it has to be anti-imperialist at its core. What are your thoughts?

Chinese Leaders
When we speak of Chinese leaders, why do we only mention Mao, Deng, and Xi?

Marxist Ecology
Hello comrades, I was wondering if there are any scientific books you guys could recommend if I wanna study ecology from a Marxist POV <3

This Method of Verification
We literally use this same method to verify claims like the Xinjiang genocide accusations. Check the funders, check the names, check the orgs etc. When we do it we're crazy redfash tankie tho, it's not investigative journalism, it's conspiracy theorist

Socialism gives me so much hope
When you look at the state the USSR or China was in pre-revolution, it's truly astonishing what they accomplished. No matter how terrible things get, socialism will always shine. The DPRK always gives me hope. They've been through so much shit and continue to go through a lot, but they manage to stay strong and progress at their own pace. We're on the side of the oppressed. We're on the side of humanity's success. Edit: when someone calls you utopian or insane, just remember "if they could do it, we can do it."

Ok guys I have read one page of Hegel and I already want to rip my eyes out of their sockets. How can I read Hegel in a way that is easier? Is there a method I can apply while reading? I refuse to die without understanding this fucker.

🇿🇦☭ The only way forward is, of course, socialism! Reorganisation, transformation, direction, and planned development! Eco-socialism! ☭🇿🇦

We are Ultra Liberals o7

Struggling with being Myself
How do you combat dysphoria in order to be yourself? I find myself struggling to dress the way I want to, love the way I want to, and even try makeup because I constantly get a sudden overflow of dysphoria. I can do things for an hour at most until I feel completely shattered. I struggle to combat internalised transphobia too. Idk, I just feel so stuck and alone in this battle to liberate myself sometimes. I know I have so much potential but my dysphoria shuts me down completely. There's also some dysmorphia that may be at play. Not being able to really know what I look like fucks with me to an immense level.

🇿🇦☭100 Years of the South African Communist Party☭🇿🇦
Hello comrades! I thought this was a pretty good piece by our Communist Party. I've been thinking about joining them soon but for now I want to analyse them and understand their positions before I make a final decision. This is a good help when it comes to understanding the current economic and political climate of South Africa.

Entrepreneurship in the USSR
cross-posted from: > Did people create their own businesses within the USSR? How did they have to work inside the planned economy?