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I text my best friend earlier after i make my acct I hope he join too!!!

I saw a commercal a long time ago tat said $1 can feed a child for 1 month and no iphones cost $1000??? i bet whoever invent the new iphone could just fix everything if they werent so greedy!!!

When i was in high school my english teacher was a bigit to he always give extra hard questions to just the blafk kids and the easy ones to the white kids I didnt know it was also that bad inside China?

When i was in school one time the teacher called security n they came and pepper spray a kid in the FACE FOR NO RESON all my friends were mad af so we put a walkout FIRE THAT COP


we need to build a stronger comunnity together n thats why i made this account!!! Ppl need too start thinking for themselfs

YES!!! My conseler use to tell me if I had better teachers i would of done so much better but then no one does anything but help the bullys!! In China they would stop the bullying rigth away

when i was in highschool this one black kid brought a gun to school n showed me and a friend it look like a glock 40 with a loaded clip he pointed it at my friend so he told a teacher and got him suspecnded we thought he was gonna shoot us

Indoctranation is like dye you just put in whatever colour you want the masses to be

very smart i never look at it that way before. My teacher use to tell us all the time "if you want something done right your better off doing it yourself’ but then al the kids in the back got mad n she was fired.