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  • A person’s sex is science, but their gender is a social construct.

    Even sex is not the black and white dichotomy most people make it out to be. The way we define and dictate someone’s sex isn’t reproducible for everyone. The intersex population is larger than what most people assume, and can vary in ways that defy the way we normally evaluate sex. It can range from someone having different chromosomal pairings, to having a varied arrangement of secondary sexual organs.

    Anyone saying that someone’s sex is scientifically dependent on “x” is either ignorant, or academically dishonest.

  • Well…they tried. What else would you call it when western backed NGOs organize astroturfed protests and violent riots aimed at toppling the elected government because the government is trying to pass a law that would expose foreign funding of said NGOs?

    Well typically a revolution would require a change in the status quo, not a protest against the government rapidly shifting policy.

    They aren’t trying to create a revolution, they are trying to preserve the status quo. The reason they are upset is because it’s the same policy Orban used before cracking down on independent journalism.

    NATO troops have been in Ukraine since 2014

    Lol, invited of course. That’s not invading someone…

    Ukrainian troops have been on Russian territory since 2022 when the new oblasts voted in a referendum to join Russia.

    Lol, and now it’s okay for foreign governments influence voting…

    Color revolution bad, Russia funding and arming separatist groups all over eastern Europe good.

    Them doing so forced Russia to intervene to protect those people and as a result there is now a larger conflict in Ukraine.

    Those people Russia armed and agitated against the government in the first place? How many of Russia’s neighbors actively have armed separatist regions being bolstered by Russian troops? Surely it’s just a coincidence, and surely Russia has a long history of being very empathetic towards minority groups…

    Comparing Palestinians with Nazis who want to commit ethnic cleansing is grotesque genocide apologetics and literally a Zionist talking point.

    My dude, you are literally repeating nationalist talking points. Maybe take your own advice and consume sources that aren’t funded by the Russian state.

    This shows to me that you are not engaging in good faith

    I very much doubt you ever engage with anyone in good faith.

  • So if it’s acceptable for those “communists” to join forces with western backed color revolution agents

    So in your theory, the opposition parties are committing a color revolution…in a country that has had the same government since the Georgian Dream party did a color revolution?

    Do you know what a color revolution is?

    Also, it is quite arrogant of you to assume you know more about what’s good for Georgian communist than Georgian communist.

    that’s what you think is happening you haven’t been paying attention.

    I could lay the same claims at your feet? However, my argument is pretty well bolstered by the fact that only one nation is actually on someone else’s sovereign territory.

    Yes they are the warmongers, they are the ones who purposely engineered the conflict and who continue to needlessly prolong it to Ukraine’s detriment.

    Lol, you don’t think the people ordering bombs being dropped on civilians may have something to do with Ukrainian’s detriment?

    Next you’re going to claim that Palestine engineered their own genocide…

    There is only one imperialist camp

    Only if narrow the definition of imperialism to the point where it looses its inherent meaning.

  • So “communists” are aligned with western backed and funded opposition groups? That’s kind of sus don’t you think? I mean come on, it’s gotta raise some red flags for you about what kind of “socialist parties” these are that associate with liberal NGOs and participate in color revolution attempts.

    Maybe learn about the politics of the state before you make your judgments? The communist party is a small part of the coalition of parties attempting to block the Georgian dream party. I highly doubt they are receiving any help from any foreign NGO, they align themselves with those who do because they understand the threat that ivanishvili poses.

    NGOs and participate in color revolution attempts.

    Lol, you do know that the Georgian dream party is made up by the leadership of the rose revolution, right?

    Again with this word “authoritarian”. Funny how it’s always used against governments the West doesn’t like. It’s a very unserious word used by unserious people.

    Be mad at the dictionary I guess? I don’t control how governments arrange their hierarchical structures. Also, the US is friends with plenty of authoritarian countries.

    Now, the undoubtedly reactionary nature of these governments aside, isn’t it objectively a good thing that they are behaving that way?

    Not for the Georgian people…

    That they are undermining the western hegemonistic order for their own selfish interests?

    I think that’s a highly reductive interpretation that relies on oversimplified concepts of global politics, and political language.

    Hungary for instance has been a real thorn in the side of the pro-Ukraine warmongers in the EU and NATO.

    Have they really stopped anything, has this benefited Russia or the people of Hungary in any meaningful way? Also, I’d hardly call countries defending against an invasion the “warmongers” of the situation.

    Don’t you want dissent and disunity in the imperialist camp? I certainly do.

    Which imperialist camp?

  • Not sure why you always have to specify “conservative”. Would it be better if it was liberals doing it?

    Liberals are conservative, I was speaking about economics.

    How much liberal media have you been consuming? They always love using these terms when refering to Russia but they never actually explain why Russia’s capitalism is so much worse than the West’s.

    It’s just a political term for capitalism but with a more structured hierarchy of distribution and control to a smaller amount of people. I can let you come up with an excuse why it’s not worse.

    Don’t western states have police that they use to crack down on serious dissent? (Have you not been paying attention to the Palestine protests?) Don’t their capitalists bribe the government and steal from the working class?

    I’m not defending “the west”. If it’s bad when america does it, it’s also bad when Russia doesn’t. Not everything has to happen in the vacuum of a false dichotomy.

    This isn’t “authoritarian kleptocracy” (or whatever other newspeak liberal media comes up with next so they don’t have to reveal their orientalism/chauvinism and just say what they mean which is “eastern barbarism”). It’s just capitalism doing what capitalism always does.

    Lol, as an Asian person it’s kinda hilarious that you think Russia is considered an “eastern country”, when they and anyone actually in the east consider them a western nation.

  • Correct. The natural progression of late stage capitalism is a move further towards authoritarian capitalist kleptocracy.

    How do we tell if a nation is antithetical towards western imperialism, or if we’re just witnessing the beast eating its own tail?

    I would argue that we should look at the material motivations, and how capital is distributed within the nation. But I guess the enemy of my enemy is more catchy…

  • Im not sure, if they do would you eat your hat and support it?

    If ivanishvili has actually changed his stripes and this wasn’t a conservative ploy to establish an authoritarian kleptocracy, I would gladly eat my hat and yours. But that would be as likely as bill gates donating all his money to Linux developers to create open source programming.

    Do the communists in Hungary support removal from the EU also?

    Hard to tell since Orban has basically done all he can to remove opposition parties. I don’t have a problem with nations decoupling from NATO or the EU, what I have a problem with is empowering social and fiscally conservative political parties who claim to want to decouple as a way to consolidate an authoritarian kleptocracy.

    Breaking up a bloc that was setup to counter communist infulence, is in fact good.

    Right, but who has actually broken away from the bloc? Kinda seems like they’re just utilizing that as a scapegoat to consolidate power without ever actually breaking up the bloc.

  • Someone already told you that this is a sign of larger geopolitical reorientation; even if only briefly for a “bartering chip” that shows how the overall world reacts under U.S “international law” and how those reactions are changing compared to even five-six years ago.

    I’ve been told that, but I haven’t seen any kind of evidence supporting the theory.

    So far the only governments outside of China that just so happen to be “reorienting” their geopolitical alignments are led by authoritarian conservative governments.

    That this was likely shared here because we support any chip in the U.S empire and global hegemony

    And how do you determine what’s a chip against the global hegemony, and not just a legal fiction used to further entrench conservative governments?

    The Left" is a completely disingenuous statement which tells me you likely aren’t a regular here and think we give a shit about people politics.

    And yet you are ignoring the innate economic motivators leading to the shift in geopolitics to begin with?

    No one here is defending them and multiple people have tried to point out their actual positions to which you just reiterate that we’re supporting X and must believe X.

    You don’t know what you are supporting because you aren’t interested in the regional political history. I get what you want to support, but you’re blind to the motivations of the person who is pulling the strings.

    Are you trying to be a wrecker or something?

    No, just worried for friends in Tbilisi. Ivanishvili has been trying to put the last nail in the coffin for communist and socialist in Georgia for a long time, and allowing him to shut out opposition parties is probably going to be dangerous for them.

  • The enemy of our enemy is our friend, it is as simple as that.

    I mean that’s a nice saying, but I’d hardly say it’s been proven over the course of History. It didn’t work out very well for the native Americans.

    When the west focuses it’s resources on fighting Russia, it gives the rest of the world breathing room

    Or it just empowers the capital holders of the military industrial complex and makes America even more aggressive. I hardly think America would be a more agreeable nation under a wartime economy.

    we have seen progressive movements grow in many places that would’ve been immediately crushed under other circumstances.

    Examples? Because in the last 2 decades we’ve seen a huge upswing of conservative authoritarian governments being established across the globe.

  • Yeah… How did that turn out?

    I don’t particularly believe that Russia is anything but the first western state to evolve from capitalism to an authoritarian kleptocracy. They aren’t trying to end western hegemony, they’re just trying to change where they’re at on the ladder.

    How does it materially help workers if Russia does fight off NATO? It’s just exchanging one capitalist hierarchy for an even more authoritarian capitalist hierarchy. Their resources and labour are still being extracted from their country into the hands of billionaires.

  • This is greviances from the 90s, im taking the actions as they are now. We can agree Putin, this billionare are likely opportunistic captialist butchers while still seeing this as a move that benefits communists.

    How? The communist/socialist parties in Georgia are part of the opposition groups opposed to the Georgian dream party.

    I don’t buy into the false dichotomy that anything that seemingly opposes western imperialism is automatically a win for communist. Nothing is as black and white as theory supposes it to be, and we have to be vigilant about empowering the kleptocracy that are so common among political bodies run by the rich.

    breaking up the EU further and moving towards a direction that communism is permitted

    Right, but what makes you think they are actually going to leave the EU? He’s just emulating countries like Hungary, turkey, and India, who are utilizing geopolitical schisms to consolidate authoritarian regimes while staying plugged into the western capital apparatus.