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  • He kind of is? He got dishonorably discharged for assaulting a commanding officer, who had ordered him to fire on a crowd of civilians. He was stationed on Phobos as punishment. After fighting his way back to Earth, he stays behind allowing all of (what’s left of) humanity to escape. He later closes the Portal to Hell from the inside. Trapping himself but ensuring humanity (his universe anyway) will be safe.

    In Doom (2016), you literally spend the entire game hunting down a CEO and attempting to kill the remaining UAC leadership.

    He might not be a ML necessarily, but he is DEFINITELY NOT a capitalist. And especially not the patriotic conservative god fearing American certain Doom fans make him out to be. The Doomslayer would hate Amerika and most of his fans…

    This opening sequence from Doom 2016 perfectly encapsulates the Doom Slayer