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link isnt working for me

Under the current capitalist system, should people who self identify as anarchist, should they not take out loans for houses/cars? Afaik, capitalism would prevent a lot of people from being able to afford to buy a house without a loan.

afaik anarchism is in favor of housing being a, (whats-the-word) service, rather than a, uh, capitalist good.

Anarchism is in favor of subsidized/free/i’m-not-sure-what-the-word-is education, transporation, health care too?

Transportation as in private vehicle or like buses? Buses i can easily imagine being ‘free’. Private vehicles my imagination isn’t returning anything.

They have a discord but not a matrix bridge :(

If i cannot figure out how to use recoll better, i will look into those, thank you

this method works for me, but libre_warrior’s alternative method doesn’t work for me. It errors

I’d guess they wanted more network effect. So they went back to proprietary apps., tldr; more users = good.

Weird, i omitted the first @, but I still get:

“Error Cannot fetch information of this remote account”

Hmm maybe the subscribe it’s down right now, but “On peertube go to a video, press subscriube. Under subscribe with remote account, write in your mastodon address. Press subscribe remotely.”

Isn’t working. At least on the 2 peertubers I tried to do it on. I put in, , but that didn’t work. The other method works though.

We can subscribe to peertubers using lemmy or mastodon accounts? How?

69% (not a meme) of the population is not able to complete the task “Find all emails from John Smith.”

Six degrees of separation. At least a handful of us on lemmy are friends with some known tech journalist or have in-laws who are tech journalists

The fediverse page already mentions lemmy. Someone can try to find a way to get join-lemmy there, but i think it’ll be removed

They rarely accept social medias like reddit as sources. They will accept twitter as a source if it’s relevant,

example: trump toots: “I like vegans”. Wikipedia: “trump reported that he likes vegans”[source here]

Personally, it sounds easier for me to get my nephew on matrix then to fund the cuban network infrastructure :p. Though, it there is an easy/cheap way to help build up infrastructure in poor countries, I am willing to help.

[Matrix] used to allow phone number registration when it was called i believe. They removed that feature. Anyone know why? = 2 clicks = why is the “try now” in a corner? It took 1s for me to find the button, which is 1s too long for many ppl. Otherwise, also 2 clicks.

America #1!


Ideas to promote the fediverse/privacy/anything

BTW do we have any subs about fediverse/lemmy/privacy promotion? …

“Steve Ballmer has seen his wealth grow by $20.1bn this year alone.”…