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lets make a list of the worst things liz has ever done

I don’t think he’ll be meeting Stalin in hell. Stalin isn’t in hell

I have orthostatic hypotension which causes very similar symptoms and this was the first thing that came to mind. worst case scenario I’m sure they’d have accessible seats for disabled people that we could use, however I highly doubt these would ever make it past marketing. luckily safety in aviation is still taken seriously and these would be awful in a crash so it’d never be approved by EASA/FAA etc

they’re a company that profits a lot off war since they make a lot for the us millitary

We should coordinate this on reddit really, theres more of us there. You should copy this post over there too

I use Jami personally, it seems to tick all the boxes

authoritarian is a meaningless buzzword, the info from the DPRK is 10000x more accurate than the info from NATO

This is too much for me to read right now, but i appreciate how in depth it is and that you gave links. I’ll look into it sometime soon

edit: so i just read it, and the only thing i can think is will we have enough time to actually switch to renewable energy? Most of the biggest polluting countries are capitalist and are they really gonna invest in public transport and solar panels etc when its not profitable? even if its theoretically possible to switch to renewable, i’m sure capitalism will get in the way and make it harder or impossible in the time we have

nuclear has the potential i think under capitalism to be adopted, especially because its exportable (in the case of thorium molten salt) and it would buy us time we need. the alternative being switching to communism but we cant rely on that as a main solution since its so hard/unlikely

plus more people die from pollution than in nuclear accidents right? i mean pollution kills so so many people and a reactor in the middle of a desert is only gonna be able to kill a handful, its not a permanent solution but its better than what we have and its realistic in the timeframe and system were stuck with for now

What do you think to the thorium molten salt reactors that china is developing/building? They’re better for the environment, significantly safer than old designs, and their waste cant be used to make weapons. I understand renewable green energy is the goal but dont you think that any effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is good, even if its not a sustainable alternative? Moving to renewable isnt something we can do easily and buying ourselves time with the technology we have right now is only positive imo

I know this, I think you misunderstood? I was referring only to mainstream media

I’m not familiar with China’s government system, but how do they allow that? surely they can overrule Shanghai since their incompetence will cost lives

I was an anarchist then, then I became ML in like 2017

Western media may have freedom of speech but it’s ran by large companies who’s interests ultimately are imperialism, capitalism etc. you’ll rarely find an msm article that goes against the status quo, there may be a couple examples but ultimately those are rare in comparison to how many awful things are happening that they dont talk about and how many lies they tell to push their agenda

you dont buy the things i say but you buy everything the mainstream media says? even though neither of us have gave any sources? i’m not expecting you to believe me because i did not provide any evidence, but you should think twice about the double standard

I like the Linux ones on Lemmy

조선민주주의인민공화국 만세 🇰🇵

ah okay, it’s just that there is no evidence of that happening. all these news stories come from anonymous sources and other non-credible ones. the main thing we have to go off is things like books and movies from the country, people who have visited and those who have lived there. the only sort of credible source against it is defectors, but as soon as you scratch beneath the surface their stories and credibility fall apart. theyre paid to lie, get their passports taken off them, imprisoned etc in South Korea and so they lie for money because it’s all they can do. there’s thousands of Koreans living abroad and none of them actually dislike their country

do you believe what you said is accurate to reality?

why do people have to make some 1894 shit up in the comments of any post that vaguely mentions the DPRK

What's your favourite meal thats easy to cook?
Share the thing you make when you're hungry, but dont have the energy to make something complicated I think it'd be nice to have a thread for people to share food ideas, also i'd like some ideas myself

I belive this is a russian translation of a korean song, but i couldnt find the original. The korean title is "벼가을하러 갈 때"