President Macron gives Muslim leaders 15 days go agree to a “charter of republican values”.

Filthy France.

Tbh, I feel that if you know that you are going to cause such issues by insulting Islam, then don’t fucking insult Islam. Don’t put your hand to the fire. Is this unmarxist?

It’s a very French attitude to feel that their republican values are the best and make them free to shit on you. It’s highly idealistic to require everyone else adhere to your limited vision of the world.

I think I spoke about this before on Lemmygrad, but in French society, you have to “integrate” – which is just the assimilation that went on in the colonies but downplayed. You have to speak French, you can’t show your religion in public spaces, basically you have to act French if you want to be in France.


Is this unmarxist?

It’s definitely not. I don’t think they should be normalising insulting a religion of the oppressed people in the name of Republican values. Do they really think this will mend the anti-France sentiment in Muslim people? I cannot imagine any scenario where it can. Maybe these people are just fash as fuck.

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