#03 - New link, much cleaner.

Cleaner domain

Fuck subdomains. Unfortunately, this means you should refrain from translating to other languages, because it will all be lost in the end.

The idea is to have one database, to make backups easier, and to make translating as modular as possible.

This would mean an article, i.e., “Marxism-leninism”, could have this link:
https://prolewiki.org/wiki/Marxism-leninism ,
and its portuguese version,
https://prolewiki.org/wiki/Marxism-leninism/pt .

This makes more sense, as both articles and books, documents and descriptions, transcripts of videos and podcasts, these documents would all be centralized, and could easily be translated to a new language by simply adding a slash and an ISO code. This structure essentially means every piece of page could be translated, even templates if needed.


However, to make it work with the whole wiki, I’d have to add the option
AllowEncodedSlashes NoDecode
in the server’s Apache configuration. This is not possible in a shared hosting server (chosen due to affordability), because shared servers have no access to the root account. It’s possible to change the plan and migrate to a VPS, but it’s hard to believe a society under a profit motive would ever do it for free, so this means more expenses. And considering I’m unemployed and over-exploited, that’s something I’d rather want to avoid.

I live with my petty-bourgeois parents, so they are a stable home for at least one year, but I will be desperately in need of financial help in the near future.

Towards social ownership of ProleWiki

That is to say there will be the option to add languages easily in the future. And there also will be a way to financially contribute to ProleWiki. However, considering this is a collaborative, and especially marxist-leninist project, it makes no sense for me to benefit from it individually.

Which is why I propose a scientifically established compensation of work, based on Marx’s law of value. He addresses it in Critique of the Gotha Program. Workers, in socialist relations of production would be compensated according to their contribution. This essentially means contribution of labor-time.

We can query the data the MediaWiki engine API gives us, to calculate, initially, how much time was spent editing the articles, and use the number of bytes altered in the resulting article to refine the resulting number: the proportion of compensated value. This value is what we receive from donations, and such. We can organize the details collectively, reinforcing our internal democracy, establishing hierarquies when needed, adapting to the circumstances.

With that being said, I do not propose a formula, I propose a direction towards which we can move. An organized effort. We could start by creating means through which we can receive funds; Patreon, Open Collective, Monero, etc., etc., QR code, as many platforms as possible.

This is not something I, alone, will do, it’s a shared task. Any comrade up to the task of creating a funding platform for ProleWiki will be in charge of taking care of the finances of said platform, and will earn administrative rights related to this task on the website. This is a task we will do collectively, and this means the more people working together, the more reliable our internal democracy becomes.

We hope that in about a year or so, ProleWiki is able to exist without me individually and becomes a valuable resource to revolutionaries from all over the world, socially owned by all contributors. This system I described somewhat resembles Huawei’s mode of governance.

I hope you are able to see the revolutionary potential of ProleWiki at this point.


Thanks so much for setting this up. As someone who’s been in the hosting industry for many years, I can help out with anything hosting-related where the needed configuration is not an issue. With you keeping ownership of the domain and automated daily external exports that we can set up, I believe we can make this work out really well without any compromise.

Camarada Forte

Wonderful, comrade. What’s your username on ProleWiki?


Front page looks beautiful BTW, nice job. Once I get some time I’ll try to contribute.


What if someone used a separate program for writing/editing articles? Wouldn’t the time spent editing be inaccurate as a result?

Camarada Forte

Of course!

“We can organize the details collectively, reinforcing our internal democracy, establishing hierarquies when needed, adapting to the circumstances.
With that being said, I do not propose a formula, I propose a direction towards which we can move.”

If this happens to be the case, we’ll eventually adapt to it. The system I proposed has one obvious flaw: it measures work done within the website only, it doesn’t count work like forking and developing a Wikipedia app to work with ProleWiki, which is highly valuable work, considering access to the internet in over-exploited countries, where the need for revolutionary theory is urgent, is mainly restricted to smartphones.

Of course we can combine the features of both objective and subjective assessments when deciding how to share fairly between contributors the value received through donations. It is ultimately up to us, and democratic centralism can help us with that.


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