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Looks like we might have a bot?

The user Argonaut has posted nothing but seemingly random and nonsensical content into a new and otherwise empty community, the description of which strikes me as rather bot-like. …

I didn’t know printers did that. That’s kind of unsettling.

Posts mentioning China instantly downvoted?

I’ve noticed that anything that so much as mentions China very quickly ends up with at least one downvote, sometimes more. As far as I can tell, they’re just downvoting anything related to China as a matter of principle. They’re certainly not bothering to ask any questions or investigate further. Sh…

What do you mean by eclecticism? Could you elaborate?

I think after a certain point, it doesn’t matter a whole lot what her intentions are, when her actions are consistently in support of neoliberalism.

People can just say things, you know. Regardless of if they’re true. And sometimes, a bunch of people get paid to say the same thing, and when that happens, you have to be a bit skeptical of what they’re saying, especially when they have provided no evidence of what they’re claiming that wasn’t just them citing each other in an endless loop.

Possible to require giving reason for downvotes?

I’ve noticed a lot that people will downvote something, but there’s no mention in the comments of why it was downvoted. If someone sees a genuine problem with something, then just downvoting without saying anything is unhelpful, so would it be possible to implement a system that would require commen…

Seems like we lost a few posts/comments, too.

Wait, those thing can attack people? Aren’t they pretty slow?

And I’m not sure this should be too heavily relied upon as a method to disable them. It’s possible they might do something to cover it or otherwise prevent it from being used, especially if it starts to be used frequently. Plus, it requires getting very close to it, which doesn’t seem ideal.

If power is decentralized, then how do you enforce that?

Could something like this be useful for that last idea? You’d still need to go home afterwards and run the stuff you collected through a program to try to decrypt it, but with a coordinated effort you might be able to find something.

In addition to trapping it, it might also be possible to get something tangled in the wheels. Might make it fall over if it doesn’t have any way of sensing that?

I seem to recall that they were often hired for union-busting purposes? Don’t remember where I heard that though.

Thoughts on propaganda and advertising

After reading this article that was linked on here a few days ago, there was something that occurred to me. The same tactics that are used for advertising here (in the US, probably most of the imperial core but I don’t know enough to sa…

I don’t care about karma or whatever, it’s more of, you’d hope that if something got downvoted, it would be because there was some issue that needed to be addressed with it, and then said downvoter would hopefully post about what that was. Which was definitely not the case here. Though maybe I have my expectations too high in general? I never really used reddit, just glanced at some stuff on occasion.

Can we do something about that chronic downvoter?

Doesn’t seem like there’s much of a pattern to the downvoting, and they’re not leaving any comments about why they’re downvoting, so it makes it hard to tell if someone has a legitimate problem with a post, or if it’s just that one (presumably) person again. Is there a way to block them somehow, o…

…Apparently it actually is an anarchist slogan, taken from some book or something. Supposedly it makes more sense in context, but given that the context is apparently quite niche even among the left, I really can’t understand why they would use it there. It’s just begging for it to be taken out of context and used as more fodder against the left.

Would the ability of the NSA and possibly the police to decrypt phones be due to a backdoor, and if so, could installing a different OS on the phone help prevent that?

I know this is off-topic, but what was it like growing up there?

It looks like in order to decrypt it, they need access to a key that’s stored somewhere on your phone. Does anyone who has a better understanding of this know if encrypting your phone would be enough to prevent that (assuming they’re not able to get ahold of it while it’s unlocked)?